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I'm creating an image based narrative timeline of my life by collaging emotional landscapes. 4 down. Roughly 17,391 left to go. 🌌

Do you ever create just to process? I am curious how this shows up for you guys. Comment below. 🔮

Edit: The idea of making a visual narrative isn't mine. ♡

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Sitting here outwardly calm and inwardly happy dancing. @karbohemia

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Vroman's Bookstore

"This is my second workshop with Nairy. The first opened up my mind to alternative universes. The second time around I felt like I had a world of support and encouragement. I felt like I was made aware of my gift and I had a magical companion who gave beautiful feedback and constructive criticism, pointing out moments I would have never imagined and asking me to dig deeper when I didn't see anything. I highly recommend a workshop with Nairy." -G.J.

I am so moved by this feedback. Thank you @garlan.jude @asylostheater. I enjoyed our sessions so much. ♡
To read more on previous student's experiences, click #OVfeedback. DM me to sign up for The Original Voice Online Poetry Workshop. Four weeks dedicated to your voice.

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"Art is constantly at work educating the spirit of the age, conjuring up the forms in which the age is most lacking. The unsatisfied yearning of the artist reaches back to the primordial image in the unconscious which is best fitted to compensate the inadequacy and one-sidedness of the present. The artist seizes on this image, and in raising it from deepest unconsciousness he brings it into relation with conscious values, thereby transforming it until it can be accepted by the minds of his contemporaries according to their powers.

The normal man can follow the general trend without injury to himself; but the man who takes to the back streets and alleys because he cannot endure the broad highway will be the first to discover the psychic elements that are waiting to play their part in the life of the collective. Here the artist's relative lack of adaptation turns out to his advantage; it enables him to follow his yearnings far from the beaten path, and to discover what it is that would meet the unconscious needs of his age. Thus, just as the one-sidedness of the individual's conscious attitude is corrected by reactions from the unconscious, so art represents a process of self-regulation in the life of nations and epochs." --On the Relation of Analytical Psychology to Poetry, Carl Jung

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Feedback from @amaranta__isyemille. I was honored to witness your writing unfold. Thank you for including me in your process. ♡
To see more from previous students, click #OVfeedback. DM me to sign up.

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Feedback from @eheiserwriting. I so enjoyed workshopping with you! Thank you for your words. ♡
To see more from previous students, click #OVfeedback. I have 2 spots left for March. DM me for details.
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I'm often asked what book is the best to start with for someone who has interest in Jung but is new to his writings. I really recommend June Singer. She does a phenomenal job. Then, you can dive into the various rabbit holes. 🐇


A house is not yet a home if my books are in boxes. First thing's first. Everything else is in boxes but the essentials are organized. 💘🏡


Feedback on The Original Voice Poetry Workshop from @fungisayi_sasa. Thank you, love! 💜

Accepting students for March. DM me for details.
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"Affective linkage to the cosmos, nature, and the community was once available via tribal creation stories, heroic legends, and transformative rituals. With the loss of these connective rights and mythic images, the problem of identity and the task of cosmic location, or spiritual grounding, becomes an individual dilemma."
"When the gods left Olympus, Jung suggested, they went into the unconscious and reign now in the solar plexus of the individual, or are projected into the world via the sundry sociopathies of a fragmented civilization."
--The Archetypal Imagination, James Hollis
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Saturday morning reads. 👓📄 I have a never-ending love for the study of temperament. Do you know yours? INFJ here. ✊

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