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I first met @chicanasusie at a protest here in Pasadena and was inspired by her amazing spirit and after following her on Instagram I am even more taken by how she translates it into art. Just look at this beautiful painting. Gives me liiiife. Follow her work. Trust me. 🔮 “The Princess and the Pea.”


The rope is what makes a well more than just a well made hole. If you are creatively stuck then focus on the now and create the next step that connects instead of trying to rush to the water. Be where you are to get to the next place. It’s a relief to realize movement comes from acceptance. Let me know if you try it.

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In the middle of prepping for today’s book sale @apoetschoice and my new phone case finally arrived! Just look at it. 😍😍😍 Little beautiful things make all the difference.


Also, don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh your ass off often. 💃🏼


I don’t know the artist but I do know that this is what inspiration feels like.


I just watched a hybrid documentary/performance art film called Narcissister Organ Player downtown @redcat. This film not only moved me. It firmly planted me elsewhere. A must watch if you can keep a very open mind. The second photo is a zine Narcissister made of her mother’s poetry. I feel so lucky to have been here tonight listening to the Q&A. Release date is in November.


You guys... 💔 My dear friend @aliciasteyn’s cat passed. This photo is of her and her other cat dealing with their broken hearts. Can you go show her some love? I would so appreciate it. 😘


Sensuality | Dictionary Series


Feedback from previous students of the workshop. Click #OVfeedback for more reviews. Thank you to @garlan.jude, @emtabsf and @that_guy_from_iowa for their thoughts. 🔮


Currently acepting new students for the workshop!

It sounds nice, doesn’t it? A voice that is exactly yours. It’s not what we’re after at first. We just want to sound like the ideal person we wish we were. We are convinced our original voice is boring and there is another one we have to somehow locate within ourselves if this whole writing thing is gonna work out. We want that one voice. The one that is interesting enough to carry someone from the beginning of a poem to the very end and leave them wanting more.

In essence, we want to be captivating.

The truth is, we are captivating. It’s when we pretend we are something other than who we are that we lack depth. Writing is shallow when it’s not reflective of your psyche. When it is, it has depth because it reflects something that has depth.

Each workshop consists of four weekly one-on-one on-line meetings. Each meeting is for two hours via Google Chat. (This is on-line messaging. Not video chat.) This is the meat of the workshop. It is where you will share your writing from the week, engage in free writes, and receive detailed feedback. We will walk through every step of the creative process. This includes writer’s block, an influx of ideas, writing habits, and goals (personal and/or professional). It is two hours a week dedicated to your voice. These meetings are customized based on your level of experience, your needs and your desires.

Lectures are e-mailed weekly. These are full of writing advice, poetry prompts and in-depth lessons about how to cultivate your voice in your writing, how to establish writing habits, the importance of honesty in the craft, how to edit your work and more.

Reading recommendations are provided throughout the workshop and one book is mailed to you after completion. This is chosen by me with your specific needs in mind.

Join me in pursuing your best work as we access your truest voice. Experience the ways in which this impacts other areas of your life as you begin to discover the power of writing more authentically. Let’s travel down a journey that extends far past completion of the workshop. DM me to enroll. 🔮

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