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there are sirens in the beat of my heart 🖤

*#youngblood thumps heavily in the bg*


shoot 2/5 of 2018 is complete ✨🎉 neon lights with the brilliant, lovely @mariacarmeitta and @josephardhianto 😍


librarian by day, racer chick by night (if i was hannah montana)


hi @valerialipovetsky! 💕 i’ve been watching your videos since the beginning of the year and i’d like to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. becoming a mother is one of the biggest, most constant sources of my anxiety. i’m an ambitious, creatively-driven person, who follows my passion like a compass. and as a millenial, being career-oriented is expected—something to be proud of. but as a woman, especially from my cultural background, success is defined through a more domestic(ated) lens. you are expected to marry and have children by 25-28 years old, and the thought is suffocating enough to keep me up at night. i do want to raise my own children one day, but i’m afraid of losing myself in someone else’s orbit. i’ve seen and heard stories of moms who are... just moms. who do not stand on their own two feet and slowly disappeared into their children’s or partner’s lives. but i also know a handful of successful women who are constantly chided for failing to build a family, or for having children who are left neglected because of their busy schedules. however... you’ve taught me that it’s possible to excel in both worlds. the way you treat Ben and Jake with love and respect, how you challenge but remain gentle with them, is the kind of mother i’d like to be. the way you maintain a balanced life, stay authentic to your soul, and advance your career with perseverance, humour, and grace is the kind of #ladyboss i strive to be too. you’re leading a life i never thought possible, and for that i will always be grateful. so thank you for your wisdom, kindness, and magic. i adore you ✨


in case you can’t see it on my face, i was about to burst into happy tears 🙃


Hogwarts, Hogwarts, hoggy-warty Hogwarts, teach us something please 🎼


when you’re switching poses but she keeps snappin’ @nadyahertanto. i call this Le Goldfish Lips 😗


not sure what I was laughing about, but it must’ve been pretty hilarious


expectations v.s reality 😂




get you a mate who’s willing to fly to bali after 10 minutes of planning 💚


THE BOOK I'VE BEEN WORKING ON IS OUT 🎉🎉😍😭 I'm so blessed to be part of an incredible team, and I'm excited to hear what you guys think! Let me know which Match type you got. (Mine's Diplomat 😬) •

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