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Forward is forward no matter what the pace. And everyone has their own pace.... @hardnockssouth


still standing... and smiling!!!#unbreakablemonday 🖤💕🐈 HMU: @mrs_lindysue


She’s one of my toughest opponents and one of the most athletic girls I’ve ever competed against... but she’s also a true friend who I love and respect so much. Thanks for pushing me to my limits at #MITB @trinity_fatu 💚


Took this pic yesterday afternoon ... I missed my Naka-meowa! #unbreakablemonday 🐈 🎻 @shinsukenakamura


it meant the world to have this beautiful girl there for us last night at #MITB ... I know @realpaigewwe is the General Manager of #SDLive and all but it doesn’t mean I can’t steal her away from time to time! 🖤🖤🖤😽😽😽


Only a handful of people in the world can do what we do...It’s so much harder than I can explain but so damned cool to be a woman wrestler. I wish everyone could experience the rush of it all. I feel so lucky. I’m beyond proud of the women I work with ... tough as nails, perseverance, determination, dedication and grit. #MITB 💚 #womenswrestling (the first photo is credit to @joshyg27 🙌)


Excited to watch @rondarousey show everyone AGAIN that she was born to do this. All of your hard work and dedication in the ring will pay off tonight, Ronda, when you become the new #womenschampion ... I’m proud of you! ♥️🤼‍♀️🙌🥋 photo by @layziethesavage #MITB


I had no idea growing up just how hard my dad worked to make it all work. And I’m so grateful that my dad and I share the same passion and have an incredible bond in our careers. The road wasn’t always easy, but that’s where I’ve learned the most... the bumps in the road have given us our best lessons.
Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all of the dads around the world! 💙💙💙💙


Remember... Diamonds are made under pressure! I’m so excited for tonight! #MITB 🤑🤑🤑


Made it to Chicago! 💙 @tjwilson711


I’m excited to watch the women tear it up tonight at #NXTTakeOverChicago! @nikkicrosswwe is beyond talented and tough in the ring, but you know I’m rooting extra hard for this girl ... show them what you’re made of @qosbaszler ♠️


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