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Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo @jasonedwardsng Photography is as much about looking as it is about knowing what to do when you see something. Always scan forward, behind, left-right, up and down because you never know what will pass you by. If you come across a mermaid watching you from the depths, grab the shot and then chase her down for a model release! Spotted on our National Geographic Expedition to the Pacific along with pristine coral reefs, primordial islands and welcoming people. @natgeoexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by Nat Geo Explorer @mlejackson. Kayaking in Antarctica! My happiness knows no bounds. We took advantage of the last day of gorgeous weather and the National Geographic Explorer dropped anchor in Falls Point, south of Vegas Island, so we could literally play in the pack ice. #natgeoexpeditions #antarctica


Nat Geo Expeditions

Video by @save.our.plankton. Though they are birds, king penguins-Aptenodytes patagonicus-are creatures of the sea. These animals have been recorded to dive to the extraordinary depth of 1,000ft and feed on squid, krill, and lanternfish. Notice the bubbles streaming behind the penguins as they swim. By pulling down their unique filamentous feathers, penguins trap air and create a water-tight barrier around their body to insulate them in the polar water. By releasing some air (the small bubbles we see) at the end of a dive, penguins regain loft and easily surface. #natgeoexpeditions #kingpenguins


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by #natgeostudentexpeditions leader @alex_basaraba. Our hearts are full after this incredible two-week journey through #Nepal. Travel is a vehicle by which we can emerge from our cocoons, challenge our perceptions, and find connection to this beautiful puzzle that is humanity. We are left with new friends, a renewed inspiration, and a deeper understanding of the world around us.


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by @charles808. Red leaf langurs are one of the most entertaining primates to watch in Borneo. Full of energy and highly social within their family group, they always look like they are just having fun. Protecting Borneo’s forests means protecting red leaf langur, and how could you not want to do that? #borneo #natgeoexpeditions


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by @KristaRossow // The Torres del Paine massif is stunning beyond words. This past spring I fell in love with #Patagonia while on assignment for @NatGeoExpeditions and @LindbladExp.


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by @save.our.plankton. This stunning sunrise at Gold Harbour on South Georgia was definitely worth the 4am wake-up call. Elephant seals were rolling in the shallow water as we landed on the beach, making the perfect foreground. Elephant seals, along with many other animals, use this beach for breeding. What a special morning! #natgeoexpeditions #nationalgeographicorion


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by @charles808. The agility of gibbons and the speed that they move through the canopy is one of the more impressive things to see in nature. #borneo #natgeoexpeditions


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by @jasperdoest while #onassignment @natgeoexpeditions in #southgeorgia | Due to very calm conditions last month while making the crossing to South Georgia, we spent many hours at the bow of the MS National Geographic Explorer, during which we encountered many different cetaceans, including this enormous pod of southern right whale dolphins porpoising at high speed.

The southern right whale dolphin (Lissodelphis peronii) is a small and slender species of mammal found in cool waters of the Southern Hemisphere. The species was named so because like right whales, they lack a dorsal fin.

These animals generally travel in pods of less than 100 animals but may be seen in herds of more than 1,000 individuals. They are energetic swimmers that feed on a variety of fish species and squid and are often seen associating with dusky and hourglass dolphins, and pilot whales.

For more images from this assignment and other wild places #followme @jasperdoest
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Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo @jasonedwardsng We landed on the dusty airstrip in the Serengeti and within minutes our National Geographic Expedition were witnessing an Elephant stampede across the savannah. Nearby lions were a bit startled by all the trumpeting and commotion. Note how the herd is protecting the small calf. @natgeoexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions


Nat Geo Expeditions

By National Geographic Photographer @massimobassano
Riding a dromedary on dunes can be very exciting even with all the difficulties for shaking the camera. But photographing and taking video of the shadow its an amazing creative challenge. These dromedaries have special telescopic legs. Getting longer when needed.
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Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by @alex_krowiak. With the National Geographic Venture as our base camp, we cruised along the Big Sur coastline on our way south to Baja. #natgeoexpeditions #bigsur #catalinaisland