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The ozone layer is our lifesaver. #OneStrangeRock


The truth is in the brushstrokes. #Genius


Take a closer look at volcanoes and their impact on Earth. #OneStrangeRock


Our sun is a planet killer… #OneStrangeRock


Our planet is even more gorgeous when seen from above. Later today former Canadian astronaut @colchrishadfield will be joining us LIVE in our Instagram story to discuss what it’s like to photograph our pale blue dot from the International Space Station.
Start thinking of questions now and be sure to catch him on the first episode of #OneStrangeRock, March 26th at 10/9c.
PC: Chris Hadfield


This is the story of Earth told by the only people who have left it. #OneStrangeRock


Rediscover the woman you thought you knew. Don’t miss #JANE on National Geographic Channel tonight at 8/7c!


Turn up your 🔊 to hear Dr. Jane Goodall’s impressive chimp call, and don’t forget to tune in for #JANE, tomorrow evening at 8/7c!


SNEAK PEEK: New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu discusses the long, controversial process of removing Confederate monuments—and how jazz great and childhood friend Wynton Marsalis inspired him to begin it.

What do you think? #KeepTalking and learn more on #AmericaInsideOut with @KatieCouric, premiering Wednesday, April 11 on National Geographic.


How did a fearless 26-year old change the world? Rediscover the story of #JANE this Monday on National Geographic at 8/7c.


Jane Goodall and wild chimpanzees on the cover of Nat Geo Magazine December, 1965 #FlashbackFriday #FBF


We wouldn’t be here on Earth today if it weren’t for 3 key elements. #OneStrangeRock