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A moment of #genius can be inspired at any moment. Share a photo using #FramingGenius and you could be featured on our Instagram!


An artist must be willing to get his hands dirty. Tune in for a new episode of #Genius tonight at 10/9c.


Former astronaut @lelandmelvin describes the craziest ride of his life. #OneStrangeRock


Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! Get a behind the scenes look at the preparations for the big day in #OperationRoyalWedding, this Wednesday at 9/8c.


Real love lives on in art. Artist Bijou Karman beautifully captures Pablo's first love, Fernande Olivier. A French artist and model, she won Pablo’s heart before his fame and fortune, ultimately documenting her time with the passionate genius in her memoir.


We made plastic, and now we depend on it. Now we’re drowning in it. It’s up to us to decide, #PlanetOrPlastic ? 🌏🌍🌎 .
photo by: @renaeffendiphoto | While photographing in the Balkans I came across this appalling scene of human waste thrown into the streams of Erenik river in Kosovo. It seemed as though a parallel river of plastic was flowing along the banks of Erenik. #PlanetorPlastic


“They say that every new technology has some potential military application, but I like to think that most new technologies seem to have musical possibilities also.” Sculptor Andy Cavatorta works with #robotics to discover new ways to create meaning with #sound. #techart #genius


Is political correctness a matter of sensitivity or censorship? #KeepTalking and join the conversation during the finale of #AmericaInsideOut with Katie Couric, tonight at 10/9c on @natgeochannel. Following the episode, join us for a live conversation with @katiecouric and @elainewelteroth on Katie’s @facebook page ->


How do you talk to someone with a different point of view? Little kids tackle big questions from #AmericaInsideOut. #KeepTalking and don’t miss the season finale of America Inside Out With @katiecouric tonight at 10/9c.


Artist Morehshin Allahyari is redefining what it means to be a #genius. Her work challenges gender-norms while exploring the intersection of #technology, #art, and #activism through #3dprinting and #sculpture. #TechArt


Are we at a turning point for gender equality? #KeepTalking and don’t miss #AmericaInsideOut tonight at 10/9c


Are boys and girls equal? Little kids tackle big questions from #AmericaInsideOut. #KeepTalking


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