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Photo by @ralphleehopkins. Sometimes I think my dome port must look like a big eye to the California gray whales. This friendly #whale calf came close to our boat, then rolled on its side and looked straight into my camera. Gave me chills when I first looked at this image on my computer. So much emotion. Photo expedition on board the National Geographic Sea Lion with #natgeoexpeditions. #bajacalifornia #mexico


Photo by @tswalu private guide @kosie_lategan. While on safari, we spot a group of giraffes making their way to a water source. #natgeolodges #southafrica


Photo by traveler @malin.hanning. I am still thinking of this early morning landing at St. Andrews Bay, in #SouthGeorgia. Five king penguins pose against the sunrise. #natgeoexpeditions


Photo @jasonedwardsng Laughter is crucial on our National Geographic Expeditions. Sharing moments that give us joy and wonder, and then there are those times when nature puts us in our place. What’s that saying about working with children and wildlife! @natgeoexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions #cheeky


Photo @jasperdoest #onassignment in #Svalbard for @natgeoexpeditions

Hi everyone, my name is Jasper Doest and I’m hoping you’re enjoying my #IGtakeover as I am currently onboard the National Geographic Explorer as we are making our way up North in the waters of Arctic Svalbard.

The current icemaps show very unusual ice conditions around this part of the world where no sea ice seems to have formed around the North of Svalbard.
The Arctic is the thermometer of the Earth it tells us how much environmental pollution and global warming the planet is able to tolerate. And from what we’re currently experiencing up here doesn’t look good.

#natgeoexpeditions #arctic #svalbard #ice #environment


Photo by @davidvargasphotography. Clouds settle over the “Lost City of the Incas”. #machupicchu #peru #natgeoexpeditions


Photo by @erikaskogg. We were warmly welcomed to the Kasbah du Toubkal on our #natgeoexpedition through #Morocco by Fatima, a Berber woman who spent the afternoon teaching our photography group the secrets behind their delicious handmade breads baked in traditional wood fired kilns. #natgeolodges


Video by @tswalu field guide @barry_peiser. A male cheetah on the move west of Tarkuni in the last light of the day. #natgeolodges #southafrica


@jaydickmanphoto On a recent National Geographic Expedition, “South Georgia and the Falkland Islands,” we came upon some stunning icebergs, hiding in the fog. In the Southern Ocean, near South Georgia, the gorgeous palette of blues was quite beautiful. @natgeoexpeditions @natgeotravel @natgeocreative


Photo by @charles808. Say hello to Kong. He is a wild dominant male orangutan hat lives in Danum Valley in #Borneo. He showed up last year to the area surrounding Borneo Rainforest Lodge. #natgeoexpeditions #orangutan


Photo by @kristarossow. Today we began our #Morocco photo expedition in Casablanca. We knocked on the door of the Royal Palace, wandered through the Habous Quarter, and ended with a tour of the third largest #mosque in the world, the Hassan II. #natgeoexpeditions #natgeowomen #casablanca


Photos by @ryderred. This was a special moment in which we were able to see a Gray Whale breach in the Hull canal. The deepest spot in 45 ft, so imagine the power of that tail driving 40,000 pounds out of the water Witt only a couple thrusts! Rarely do we get to see a breach like this. #natgeoexpeditions


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