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Photo @jasonedwardsng There are times when it’s difficult to find peace, to find oneself. Then there are those moments when the world forces you to stop, breathe and be happy with where you are in Life. .

Please join me @jasonedwardsng. .

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Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by @kikeo. A family of Peruvian night monkeys is spotted on our expedition in the upper Amazon. #natgeoexpeditions #peru #peruvianamazon


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo @jmadler | Thank you for following along with my water-themed takeover for #womenshistorymonth! Signing off with one final post to celebrate #worldwaterday today. A lot of my work is in Florida’s freshwater springs, and although the water pictured here is also fresh, it is about 70 degrees F colder than Florida’s springs! The almost-frozen waters of Silfra, fed by glacial runoff, left our lips frozen and our eyes mesmerized. We hovered between continents, dwarfed by the sheer rock walls plunging deep into the dark blue below. See you soon, Iceland! #underwater #thingvellir #silfra #iceland #natgeoexpeditions #frozen


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo @jmadler | Continuing with the water theme during this
#womenshistorymonth takeover, but moving back to more northern places, this time to Alaska. Here, an Alaskan brown bear takes a lazy morning snooze mid-river in Katmai National Park. #katmai #natgeoexpeditions #alaska #🐻


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo @jmadler | A southern stingray (Hypanus americanus) soars off the coast of Caye Caulker, Belize in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve during a @natgeo Student Expeditions trip focused on marine conservation and photography. The students worked with the local marine nonprofit @maralliance to learn to identify different species of sharks and rays swimming in the shallow, clear waters and get a taste of what it’s like to do field work as a marine biologist. #Belize #holchanmarinereserve #natgeostudentexpeditions #underwater #conservation


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo @jmadler | For our next expedition, we travel south and into saltier water, from the glacial waterfalls in Iceland to the ocean off Belize. Here, students on a @natgeo Student Expeditions trip snorkel around the rim of Belize’s Blue Hole. Shoutout to our two amazing guides Monique and Veronica for leading us on what started as a very bumpy boat ride out to the Blue Hole, then to Half Moon Caye to check out the Red Footed Boobies, and finally to The Aquarium for one last snorkel. #Belize #BlueHole #natgeoexpeditions #natgeostudentexpeditions


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo @jmadler | In honor of #womenshistorymonth, I’m excited to take over today and share photos from expeditions to Iceland, Belize, and Alaska. My name is Jennifer Adler and I’m a conservation photographer and @natgeo Explorer based in Florida. Most of my work revolves around communicating about water, so let’s starting off the day with a photo from a powerful waterfall in Iceland. Really looking forward to returning to this incredible country to be the Nat Geo Expert aboard 2 “Circumnavigation of Iceland” trips this summer. This is Selfoss waterfall, a few kilometers walk from the iconic Dettifoss. #iceland #selfoss #natgeoexpeditions #waterfall


Nat Geo Expeditions

Phot by @alex_krowiak. We’ve been having some incredible close encounters with gray whales in Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, on the National Geographic Sea Bird.


Nat Geo Expeditions

Video by @kikeo. Kayaking in Peru’s upper Amazon will easily put you in awe of this massive jungle. #natgeoexpeditions #peruvianamazon #peru


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by @footloosefotography. The National Geographic Explorer arrived into glorious #Ushuaia. #natgeoexpeditions


Nat Geo Expeditions

Photo by @erikalarsen888 //NatGeo Explorer //
I feel most at home in Arctic where I have had the opportunity to encounter a world full of gems. This past summer I accompanied a National Geographic Expedition to Svalbard. Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole and one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas known for remote terrain of glaciers and polar bears, reindeer and Arctic foxes. #Land Of The Ice Bears: An In-Depth Exploration Of Arctic Svalbard #natgeoexpeditions


Nat Geo Expeditions

@jaydickmanphoto Recently in Tanzania,visiting both Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti on the “Tanzania Photo Safari” for National Geographic. Worked with the incredible Andrew and Sandy from “andBeyond”. Here, while doing a crossing of the Grumeti River, saw this croc waiting patiently for anything flowing by it in the fast waters of the Grumeti. A slow exposure hopefully gives the photo a feel for the rushing water of the river. @natgeoexpeditions #natgeoexpeditions @natgeocreattive @thephotosociety