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Photo by @jodymacdonaldphoto // A Vezo fishermen paddles off the coast of Madagascar. The Vezo (the word means the “people who fish”) rely entirely on fishing, who for the past 2,000 years have been navigating the stretch of the Indian Ocean that separates Madagascar from the African continent in hand carved pirogues like the one seen here. #Followme @jodymacdonaldphoto to see more photos from around the world. #madagascar #africa


Photo by @renan_ozturk
Moonset over Iceland’s Northern remote coastline. 🇮🇸


Photo by @FransLanting There is a primeval appeal to gathering around a campfire under a Kalahari night sky with a Milky Way glowing overhead. The flames fuel friendships and the immensity of the space surrounding you draws everyone closer together. Nothing else matters except being there and sharing stories. I share this image in the spirit of the holiday season and send best wishes to all our friends around the world. Follow me @FransLanting for more stories and images from wild Africa. @thephotosociety@natgeocreative #Africa #Safari #Kalahari #Friendship #Storytelling #Gratitude


Photo by @babaktafreshi
The World at Night project
In a typical moonless night deep in the Atacama Desert of Chile you are under an ocean of stars. Here you look all around the horizon and there is no prominent sign of city lights. Not many locations left on this planet where you can still experience a dark sky like this. I have been to greatest dark skies in other continents from the heart of Sahara to Himalayas or islands in the Pacific. But what makes Atacama even better is being dry and clear for so many nights per year.
Photographed in 2011 on assignment for European Southern Observatory (ESO), here the southern sky appears above hill-top cactus in a high altitude area of the desert. Canopus, the second brightest star in the night sky, is near the center, next to the Magellanic Clouds (Milky Way’s satellite galaxies). They appear here as visible to the naked eye. The iconic Southern Cross, the smallest constellation in the sky, is right above the hill.

Read about my favorite dark sky location on “World’s Best Stargazing Sites” published on (google natgeo stargazing) and follow me @babaktafreshi for more.
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San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Photo by @mattiasklumofficial
Landmannalaugar, Iceland in afternoon light. My fantastic heli pilot on this shoot wasn't very eager to fly me where I wanted to go but for a photographer foul weather in a distance can be a blessing.
Please go to @mattiasklumofficial to check out a charming giant panda that I photgraphed in Foping Nature Reserve, China. Looking forward to going back to this amazing place in Iceland with @irisalexandrov for @alexandrovklumofficial #mattiasklum #iceland #landmannalaugar #protectbiodiversity @mattiasklumcollection @irisalexandrov @natgeo @thephotosociety


Photo by @CarltonWard // A healthy male Florida panther walks through one of my camera traps at Babcock Ranch, an important part of the Florida Wildlife Corridor near Ft Myers. The panther population has rebounded from as few as 30 to nearly 200 today. The breeding population has been isolated to the southern tip of Florida since 1973. Without access to to their historic territory throughout Florida and the Southeast, panthers may never reach sustainable numbers. The good news is that a female panther was documented in the Northern Everglades last year for the first time in 43 years. This is a big step for the revival of the last big cat surviving in the eastern United States and an important opportunity for large landscape conservation. Please follow me @CarltonWard as I find l follow the #pathofthepanther through a storytelling grant from @natgeo. @fl_wildcorridor @ilcp_photographers @natgeocreative

Babcock Ranch Eco Tour

Photo @ladzinski / A pair of young sibling #cheetahs stealthily on the hunt in the #Kalahari desert. In this brutally hot environment it takes tremendous effort to hunt, working as a team is an effective strategy for survival. To see more photos of Africa’s Kalahari, please visit @ladzinski


Photo by @taylorglenn // Dawn alpenglow on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro reveals the incredible textures of the summit glacier. Mt Meru, the second tallest peak in Tanzania and the fifth tallest in Africa, stands guard in the distance at 14, 968 ft (4,562 m). Mount Meru is sometimes referred to as Kilimanjaro's little sister, and is often used as a training/ acclimatization trip before attempting Kili. Both peaks are actually dormant volcanos, and at 19,340 ft (5,895 m), Kili is the tallest peak in Africa. #kilimanjaro #tanzania #glacier // Follow @taylorglenn for more imagery around the globe


Photo and caption by @petekmuller. The vast plains of Kenya’s Maasai Mara come into view as we descend from the Angama lodge, high on the adjacent hills. At the end of heavy seasonal rains, the Mara is green and lush, attracting large numbers of animals. It’s my first time to stay on the hills above and in so doing, I find myself considering what it must have been like for our distant human ancestors to leave the relative safety of the forests and venture out onto the savanna. While teeming with life and possibility, one can imagine that such landscapes were daunting for early humans, a species that possessed little in the way of competitive skills. We were comparatively slow and weak and lacked claws or large teeth. In those early days as we tested life on the plains, we were squarely in the middle of the food chain. For me—and I suspect many others—visiting the Mara touches something deep and primal within us, connecting us to the human story in ways few things can. Follow @petekmuller for more images and observations from Kenya and beyond. #MaasaiMara #Mara #TheMara #Kenya #savanna #Angama #safari #wildlife #nature #adventure #Africa #green #animals

Maasai Mara Conservancies

Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // The view from the Torre atop the Serra da Estrela mountain range, which means the “Star mountain,” in Portugal. The peak is a wide, flat spot that also has a ski area. At an altitude of 1,993 metres (6,539 feet), it was quite cold on this morning - around 2 degrees Celsius. The view looking down at the surrounding mountains in the range, with fog built up between the mountain layers was gorgeous. This image is a 200-megabyte panoramic image file from ten separate images taken with a 46 MP camera. The detail in the file is insane. #portugal #serradaestrela #torre


Photo by @renan_ozturk
Middle of the night still life from a precipitous camp atop Castle Valley, Utah with @taylorfreesolo and @baloointhewild. #utah #castlevalley

Castle Valley, Utah

Photo by @amivitale.  Monks sit in a Ladakh monastery surrounded by paintings of ancient Buddhist teachings as they prepare for the Hemis festival. The isolated area of Ladakh first opened to tourists in 1974 and is the home to one of the last surviving authentic Tibetan Buddhist cultures. Follow me (@amivitale) for more stories from around the world.
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Photo @stephen_matera // Lake Mackenzie along the Routeburn Track, South Island, New Zealand. The Routeburn is a popular 20 mile trek through the Southern Alps. There are four maintained huts along the Routeburn, including one right next to Lake Mackenzie. The trek crosses through both Mount Aspiring National Park and Fjordland National Park. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from New Zealand and around the world. #routeburn #wilderness #lakemackenzie #newzealand

Routeburn Track

Video by @bertiegregory. A big male jaguar takes a drink at sunset. During the dry season in Brazil's Pantanal, the jaguars stick close to the rivers. Not only do these rivers provide drinking water, they also concentrate the jaguar's primary prey- capybara and caiman. As a result, the best way to observe them is by boat. This gives an added benefit for filming as you can use the boat as a giant camera slider to create movement in the shot. Using a gyrostabilised rig and an electric motor, my boatman and I were able to smoothly (and almost silently) glide past giving the shot this rotation. Shot for a new jaguar show on @natgeowild premiering December 10th in the US (other territories coming soon). Also check out @stevewinterphoto 's jaguar story in this month's issue of National Geographic Magazine. Follow @bertiegregory for more jaguars!


Photo by @max.lowe // The tiny village of Gokyo, one of the highest settlements in the world at nearly 16,400 feet, sits on the edge of a uniquely sand bottomed glacial lake near Mt Everest. The sandy bottom, gives the lake its amazing sapphire hue, adding to the epic view from the hill above, of the highest mountain range in the world that looks down on the little valley from all sides. Follow @max.lowe for more #TravelPhotography from across the globe.


Photo by @danielallenphotography // #sponsored by @hennessy // Kyrgyzstan's Seok (meaning Bone) Pass on the ancient Silk Road connects Kyrgyzstan to China's Xinjiang province via the Tian Shan Mountains. The new Silk Road Odyssey by Hennessy X.O. follows this celebrated route on a journey into seven countries with seven local artists. Seven facets of the blend make each drop of Hennessy X.O an odyssey. #HennessyXO #SilkRoad. Please drink responsibly.


Photo by @babaktafreshi
The World at Night project
The Home Galaxy from the heart of Australia. Pointed towards the galactic center, this single-exposure photograph shows the Milky Way rising above Uluru, the most iconic landmark in Down Under. Sacred to Aboriginal culture this massive single weathered sandstone is 3.6 km long, known as an inselberg or island mountain in geology. Uluru extends ~ 5 km beneath the desert.
In the sky bright star Antares in the heart of celestial Scorpion and planet Saturn appear at top center. Follow me @babaktafreshi for more photo stories connecting Earth & sky.
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Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park

Photo: @emilypolar We circled our glider above the terraced fields of the small village of khilong looking for a good spot to land. After twenty minutes of searching we managed to pull off a landing about a kilometer out of town. All the villagers knew of Sano Babu Sunuwar (the famous Nepali paraglider) and some of their children came running to help carry gear and proceeded to give us the warmest welcome by throwing us a party. Here's to finest of welcomes. To see more images of Nepal follow @emilypolar #Nepal #travel #paragliding #himalayas


Photo by @renan_ozturk
Traversing the 20,000ft summit ridge of Lobuche peak in the Khumbu region of Nepal, with the highest point on earth looming in the background.

Mt Everest

Photo by @FransLanting A dusting of snow and the sun’s low angle enhance the spectacular contours of a landscape in Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument that has been tortured by eons of geologic upheaval. Now this scenic natural region—which is culturally significant to several Native American tribes—is engulfed in political turmoil after the current White House administration’s decision to reduce the monument's size by 85%, including this red rock landscape I photographed from the air on a winter morning. Follow me @FransLanting for more images of precious places.

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Photo @Chrisburkard You tend to find more prominent textures when viewing landscape from above, and it all depends on the direction of the sunlight. Alberta, Canada is one of those regions where the light exposes the extremities of the landscape. You can find these turquoise lakes on the way to mount Assiniboine. In the distance you can spot the peak otherwise known as the ‘Canadian Matterhorn’. The famous turquoise water comes from the runoff of glacier silt. This happens when the rocks underneath the surface are grinding together by the slow movement of the glacier, making them into a fine powder.. Sunlight is a huge factor when viewing landscapes in moments like these, and once you see a place illuminate you will look at every moment very differently.


Photo by @hellokrisdavidson // #sponsored by @explorecanada // Mount Royal Park in Montreal rewards those who make their way to the summit with a wonderful view of the city.


Photo by @renan_ozturk
Dark skies over #bearsearsnationalmonument with a golden lining shining through.

Bears Ears National Monument

Photo @stephen_matera // Panther Creek Falls in spring runoff, on the lesser known Washington state side of the Columbia River Gorge. The Oregon side has a well deserved reputation for it's beautiful waterfalls. The Washington side doesn't have as many, but it has its share of waterfalls which are sometimes more remote, requiring a hike to reach. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Washington and around the world. #columbiarivergorge #waterfall

Columbia River Gorge

Photo by @taylorglenn // Early twilight lends a beautiful pastel hue to the Snake River and the Tetons. The light here this time of year is exquisite. I love how the beautiful magentas and blues seem to saturate more with the wintry landscape. Cold, clear mornings like this in Grand Teton NP are simply wonderful. #jacksonhole #tetons #winter // Follow me @taylorglenn for more imagery around the globe

Grand Teton National Park

Photo by @jodymacdonaldphoto // Discovered by Portuguese explorers in 1461, Santa Luzia is the only uninhabited island of the Cape Verde Arichipelago. Nestled between the larger islands of São Vicente and São Nicolau it was once populated by an industrious people who tried to get the best out of the dry and barren land. However, they bled the soil dry and deserted the island more than 200 years ago. I love knowing that beautiful uninhabited islands like this still exist. #Followme @jodymacdonaldphoto to see more images from around the world. #capeverde #africa

Cape Verde

Video by @ladzinski // #sponsored by @windows // Bearhat Mountain stands guard, watching over Glacier National Park’s Hidden Lake. Reaching this viewpoint takes of bit of hiking, but once you trek out, the massive peaks and valleys of this area prove why it’s one of the most popular hikes in the park.


Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // Old houses in front of the Douro River in Porto, Portugal. On a tour of Portugal right now checking out the northern part of the country. The people of Portugal are incredibly warm and hospitable. The port wine in this region is also quite nice! #portugal #porto #douroriver


Photo by @babaktafreshi
Acacia, Kilimanjaro, and a bright blue African day near the equator line. This is Mawenzi, the smaller peak of Mt Kilimanjaro, reaching 5,149 m (16,893 ft) high, photographed near the border of Kenya and Tanzania.
@natgeo @natgeocreative #kilimanjaro #kenya #tanzania #amboseli #acacia

Mount Kilimanjaro

by @drewtrush // Have you ever traveled through the 1.3 million acres that is Bears Ears National Monument? Embroiled in controversy, recently President Trump ordered the size of this National Monument be reduced in size by 85% setting off what is sure to be many lengthy legal battles determining the future of these public lands in southern Utah. #publiclands #utah #bearsearsnationalmonument

Valley of the Gods