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Photo: @andy_mann // The #Crystal Mill or historically known as the Sheep Mountain Mill, is one of the most beautiful, picturesque and most photographed locations in all of #Colorado. Still, even after seeing photos of it for years, it immediately took my breath away. If you’re traveling in the mountains of Colorado and are looking for an adventure, 4x4 up and see it for yourself. It’s located above the Crystal River between the towns of Glenwood Springs and #Aspen. It’s not camera shy. 😉. #followme @andy_mann for more photo locations and insights in my home state of Colorado.

Crystal Mill

Photo by @babaktafreshi
Babak Tafreshi Photography
The Grand Canyon in moonlight. Stars in constellation Auriga appear above the high cirrus clouds in this peaceful night. The longest Canyon on Earth, on Arizona-Utah border, ranges in width from 6 to 29 km and attains a depth of ~ 1.6 km (a mile deep). Explore more of the national parks under stars and the world at night @babaktafreshi.
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Grand Canyon National Park

Video by @andy_bardon /// Skier, climber, and mother of two @kitdski leads the way off one of the highest summits in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge after successfully measuring the summit with a survey grade GPS device (bulky and HEAVY!). If you look closely you can see it sticking out of her backpack. Bulletproof ice, corn, pow, and slush conditions were all encountered on the descent. Kit's been doing some amazing work in collaboration with Dr Matt Nolan in Fairbanks, AK. Together, they have teamed up to study the rate of glacial recession, measure the highest peaks in the Arctic Refuge, and document the topography so future generations can look back at current conditions. Pretty rad collaboration of adventure and science 🙌🏽 Check out @kitdski 's book #HigherLove or new documentary #LikeAWolf from @montageprodllc to learn more about her journey. /// Our expedition to the #arcticnationalwildliferefuge supported from a @natgeo grant /// Thx to my partners @kitdski @avyinstitute & Tako

Coldfoot, Alaska

photo by @andrea_frazzetta // Feeling the emptiness is one of the strongest things I've ever experienced in my travels. Leave the gaze float in the void is a purification for the spirit.
It is not just the reminiscence of a lost purity, it’s a horizon where everything can still happen.
The Danakil, a land made of fire, salt and lava close to the Rift Valley, is a ghost ocean.
It is from the retreat of the sea, evaporated twenty thousand years ago, that the Danakil has gained its peculiarity: to be a spread of evaporitic rocks that gives rise to the Great Plain of Salt - a desert which stretches for about 600 kilometers.
This is one of the most vulnerable places of our world: the fire is just below our feet, five kilometers away. There is a crust that is subjected to stresses of all kinds, a part of the planet where you feel the throbbing heart of the Earth.
This Friday the Danakil exhibition will open in Rome .
If you around join us: Friday 23 February at 7pm at Officine Fotografiche.
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Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - Mountain regions respond sensitively to climate change. Taking advantage of Alpine caves, a team of scientists led by Swiss Paleoclimatologist Dr. Marc Luetscher from the Swiss Institute for Speleology and Karst Studies (SISKA), is working to understand how permafrost has evolved through time. Ice caves form through a combination of snow intrusion and/or congelation of water infiltrating a karst system. Often up to several centuries old, the climate record of this ice remains largely under-studied. Today we are also able to tell if a cave was an ice cave in the past. This is achieved by looking for cryogenic cave calcites. These form when water enters a cave, and freezes and turns to ice. In this process, the water becomes progressively enriched in ions to the point that it becomes super-saturated and precipitates calcite.

Pictured here and in freezing cold temperatures, an explorer is dwarfed by a giant ice formation inside the Halle der Circe in Eiskogelhöhle, Austria. Ice caves like these are common in the Austrian Alps but are seriously under stress due to climate change.


Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz
A sea of yellow #rapeseed #flowers is the big money maker for the villages near Xinghua, #China. The wetland was excavated into a network of fields and canals long ago, and now the locals make more money from agro-tourism every spring that they do from the oil-rich seeds. As China’s youth flock to cities for a better life, there are fewer people to farm labor-intensive landscapes like this, causing a shift to industrialized food production. To see more of China’s changing #food supply, follow @geosteinmetz


Photo by @max.lowe // The seasons are one of the things that keep me coming back to Montana. Traveling to Glacier National Park this last spring to catch the wild flower bloom was the first time I’d seen that landscape in such vibrant color and life. The fact that we walked for miles with mountain goats happily munching the fresh shoots of springs giving was a bonus. To see more from #photography from #montana and beyond, follow @max.lowe


Photo by @renan_ozturk
A passing self portrait during a recent trip to the melting edge of Europe’s largest glacier with @timkemple @brandonjosephbaker and team. See @renan_ozturk @timkemple for more from this landscape! #northernlights #iceland

Skaftafell - Vatnajökull National Park

Photo by @amivitale. Ramla Sharif roasts coffee inside her home in the village of Choche, Ethiopia. Legend has it that this is the birthplace of coffee. The region is home to the largest pool of genetic diversity of coffee in the world, more than all other coffee-producing countries. Ethiopia is also one of only two countries in the world that consumes over half of what it produces. Coffee permeates the fabric of Ethiopian life. Follow me @amivitale for more stories from around the world.
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Photo by @taylorglenn // A break in stormy weather a few a days ago revealed Sheep Mtn as the Jackson Hole elk herd foraged in the meadows below. The National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the wintering grounds for one of the largest elk herds on Earth. Also known as Wapiti, these animals come from as far as southern Yellowstone to wait out the depths of winter snows in the high country. Bison, bighorn sheep, mule deer, trumpeter swans and sometimes wolves all can be found here periodically throughout the winter. Follow @taylorglenn for more images of #Wyoming and beyond. #wildlife #travel #jacksonhole

Jackson, Wyoming

Video by @bertiegregory. A hungry gentoo penguin chick chases its parent through the colony. These comical pursuits are very common once the chicks are mobile. As the chicks repeatedly beg for food, the adults slowly reach a threshold at which point they suddenly bolt off! It's easy to anthropomorphise and assume the adult is just running away in frustration. However, there are theories that suggest there's more to it. Gentoos often have multiple chicks. It's thought that these chases could ensure that only the fittest chick keeps up with the adult and subsequently gets fed. Shot on Sea Lion Island in the South Atlantic Ocean as part of a new online series for National Geographic. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife videos!


#Sponsored by @visit_arizona // Today’s #UnRealAZContest featured photo from @seanparkerphotography captures the moon hovering above Cathedral Rock, one of the state's most spectacular sandstone formations. For a chance to win a trip to Arizona, upload your best awe-inspiring shots that play on both the authentic feel of Arizona and the unreality of its experiences. Tag with #UnRealAZContest and include a caption with the location and a short description. The contest, sponsored by @visit_arizona, runs through March 5. For more information, visit