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Weird as it may be, wild dogs make group decisions by sneezing in each other’s faces.


Photo by @FransLanting This young orangutan at a sanctuary in Borneo’s lowland rain forest made maximum use of its hands and feet: Hanging onto a vine with two limbs, it tried to intimidate me as it swung past, its mouth open in a gape--which was actually more play than bluff. Check out @FransLanting to see an image of an adorable baby orangutan testing her climbing skills and follow @ChristineEckstrom for more intimate encounters of the animal kind. @ThePhotoSociety #Orangutan #Nature #Rainforest #Wild #Borneo #Orangutanalliance


@filipe_deandrade | While on assignment in New Mexico, we teamed up with local falconers and took to the open plains. I wanted to learn about and document the culture of working with predatory birds. Falconry can be a sport where people keep and train birds to hunt, but it can also be a conservation tool where birds are taken in due to injury or abandonment, or sometimes both. We worked with a falconer who takes in birds of prey that are unable to make it in the wild. Sometimes when the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish have attempted to release a bird under their care and its unable to survive, they call him. It was interesting to observe the bond and trust that a bird of prey could have with its keeper. The origins of falconry may date back to 2,000 BC, so this relationship between human and bird of prey is not new. While attempting to capture a close-up, wide angle photo, this beautiful Harris’s hawk deemed me a better perch spot than photographer. Photo by @mckenziebarney | For more wildlife adventures follow @filipe_deandrade


Photo @ladzinski / If you’re an #alligator it’s all about patience and opportunity. I photographed this beautiful reptile here deep in the Florida #Everglades on assignment for @natgeo - To get face to face I was free-diving with an underwater housing and an experienced couple of friends @andy_mann and @gatorboys_chris. This was an incredible encounter we had and a highlight of the shoot. To see more encounters from this beautiful part of the world please visit @ladzinski


Photo 📸by @alexbraczkowski
Two tree-climbing lion cubs balance on the branches of a large Candelabra tree in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda. Do you know that lions can live in a variety of habitats ranging from deserts, moist savannas and grasslands? But they need prey and big prey! Lions usually snack on species such as zebra, wildebeest, Cape buffalo, kudu and even giraffe. That’s the price you have to pay for being a big cat – you need a lot of food! In Queen Elizabeth National Park lions mainly feed on Uganda kob antelope, Cape buffalo and warthogs. We need to protect African lions and other big cats because they are the apex predators in ecosystems. Did you know that if we lose apex predators then populations of prey animals can increase, plants can be over utilized and this can even de-stabilize river banks! Remember everything in nature is interconnected 🦁
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Photo by @joelsartore |
This is a male and female green junglefowl, age 5 and 6 at the @houstonzoo. This species is only found in Indonesia in the wild, sharing their range with the Komodo dragon, Bali mynah, and Java sparrow. Songbirds native to the islands within their range have been threatened with extinction due to excessive and culturally-rooted consumption of wild birds for trade, pets, export, traditional medicine and food. Fortunately, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria has been working on an awareness campaign called “Silent Forest” in an effort to save songbirds by increasing knowledge, awareness and commitment to action within and beyond the zoo community. To learn more, visit the link in @joelsartore’s bio.


Photo by @FransLanting If this photo had been made at Loch Ness it might create a sensation. But instead of a sea monster it shows an elephant swimming across the Chobe River between Botswana and Namibia with only the tip of its trunk visible above water. This boundary area is a crucial corridor for multitudes of elephants migrating between these two countries across fertile river floodplains and into the dry woodlands beyond. More than 100,000 elephants congregate in a region which many experts believe to be the last best place for elephants in Africa. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more close encounters of the elephant kind.

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Photo by @amivitale. Happy World Elephant Day! Elephants are among the world's most intelligent species. They express a wide variety of behaviors, including those associated with grief, learning, altruism, use of tools, compassion, self-awareness, memory, and language. Researchers recently discovered that elephants can distinguish differences in human gender, age, and ethnicity purely by the sound of someone’s voice.

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, in northern Kenya, is the first ever community-owned and run elephant sanctuary in Africa. The sanctuary provides a safe place for injured elephants to heal and later be returned back to the wild.
Learn more about how you can get involved and help support this vital initiative by following @amivitale @r.e.s.c.u.e & @conservationorg.
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Photo @ladzinski / A #lilacBreastedRoller coming in for a landing a top a branch in the African savanna of #KrugerNationalPark. These vibrantly decorated birds are highly territorial among their hunting grounds, often seen chasing away birds of common size anywhere in their jurisdiction. They prefer perches with a high vantage point to scout for insects and small reptiles that they prey on. Always a beautiful sight to see, especially in flight.


Photo by @joelsartore |
This #WorldElephantDay, let’s take a moment to celebrate all elephants, like this beautiful mother and daughter pair that calls Singapore’s @wrs.ig home. Two-year-old Neha and 32-year-old Sri Nandong are part of a collection of four female and two male Asian elephants that live under human care in the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. Neha, which means love in the Hindi language, is constantly encouraged by the love of her family. The little one’s favorite pastime is playing with her aunt and oversized playmate, Tun. The two spend hours happily splashing about in mud and water. Unfortunately, not all Asian elephants in the wild are lucky enough to lead such carefree lives. Across many parts of Asia, the greatest threat to this endangered species is us! With huge increases in human population and development comes a surge in habitat degradation, deforestation and pollution. To help curb human-elephant conflict @wrs.ig works through the sustainable operation of the Elephant Response Unit in Way Kambas National Park. The project aims to effectively mitigate and further reduce human vs. elephant conflict and its damaging impact on the surrounding local communities. Follow @joelsartore for another photo of these elephants & more amazing animals!


📸 @filipe_deandrade | Violet Sabrewing, a giant in hummingbird standards. This brilliant acrobatic ninja really tested my patience. I stood in the same exact spot for almost 3 hours while other birds came and hit the abundant flowers I was framed up on. He was weary, only feeding for a split second and then falling back to other flowers. I took over 500 photos and this is the only decent one. But in the end, it was worth it. Look how striking he is. I find bird photography more rewarding for the actual observation of the creatures over any frame I can capture. #puravida #costarica


Photo 📸 by @alexbraczkowski

It's world lion day so let's celebrate it with a shot of one of Uganda's incredible tree-climbing lions. African lions have declined to a point where there may be as few as 18-30 000 of them left in Africa. In Uganda there is a population of lions which have developed a culture of climbing fig and Candelabra trees. Moms do it and cubs learn from them. This 9 month old cub is one of 7 and is now a master of climbing trees. Catch this cub and it's brothers and sisters on a new @natgeowild tv show premiering this year in big cat week! Let's help lions live!

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