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Hello Saints, guess what? We must be ready to suffer for righteousness sake. A young lady whose spat shot I have just shared is at the risk of losing her job because she won’t succumb to her Boss’s advances to sleep with her. THESE WEAK MEN take advantage of their positions and roles in the work places to use and exploit vulnerable ladies. But guess what? There’s always pay day for them. But as for you dear christian lady, don’t bow to Baal. Keep your self, even at the expense of losing your job. It’s better to suffer for righteousness sake. Don’t mind the hunger afterwards, it won’t last for long. Don’t mind the hardship, it won’t last your life time. God shall come through BIG for you. And to such men, especially the one in question, if you don’t repent, let it be known that we have authority to bind things on earth and they shall be bound. If you do not desist from such, YOUR HEAVENS SHALL BE LOCKED. And that source of income that is now a tool of oppression SHALL DRY UP in Jesus’ name. So you may come to know that THE LORD rules and reigns in the affairs of men.


Have you ever experienced the strong word and prophetic ministry of Bishop Francis Wale Oke? If you haven’t? Then you have an opportunity this week. His ministry is always CONFIRMED with Signs and wonders. Will speak on this shortly.


Have you ever experienced the WORD and MUSIC ministry of PASTOR CHRIS DELVAN. If you haven’t, you have got an opportunity this weekend. IT IS ALWAYS LIFE CHANGING. Will speak on this shortly.


####I received the divine touch of God from the 1st day of the halleluyah challenge. I was suicidal for weeks and was looking for the best way to kill myself. I am an intercessor at my church but I still gave the enemy an opportunity to consume my heart and thoughts. After praying that day, I felt a sudden rush of things I need to do to change the world and the suicide thoughts disappeared. I have been so happy and at peace ever since and nothing else matters to me other than to fulfil my purpose.###% Every voice asking you to kill your self is drowned right now in Jesus’ name.


Shalom Saints.
Please join me at 10 am this morning. LIVE ON INSTAGRAM. As I share some important info about today and other events coming up in Lagos, shortly after the Hallelujah Festival in Abuja. These are destiny shaping events happing in Lagos this weekend.


Isaiah 61
We declare: the Heavens are open over us & in this season God pours His Spirit upon us.
Therefore, we will proclaim good news to the poor & bind up the brokenhearted.
We resound the year of God's favor & proclaim the day of His vengeance.
We will be God's Vessels; comforting those who grieve & freeing those in captivity.
God will use us to bring beauty for ashes, joy where there has been mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a failing spirit.
The formerly bound & broken will be called Oaks of Righteousness, planted by the Lord for His Glory.
Instead of shame, will we have double honour. Instead of disgrace, everlasting joy!
Responding to the ruins, we will rise & rebuild & families, institutions, cities & nations.
Even foreigners will come to tend our flocks & fields and all who see us will acknowledge we are blessed by God.
Indeed, we are priests of the Lord, clothed in His Salvation, robed in His Righteousness & Heaven is open over us.


Better is the end of a thing and the beginning thereof.
Today marks the beginning of the best days of your life in Jesus! name.


Tomorrow. 21 st November, 2017. 10pm prompt. National Christian Center.


If you are coming say a big OPEN HEAVEN!


The Abuja Halleluyah Festival is going to be held on the 21st of November at 10 pm

The location of the Festival is at the National Christian Centre by Central Bank of Nigeria Headquarters

Admission is free but please register on Eventbrite by searching hallelujah festival or Nathaniel Bassey

You can also register for the event on Facebook through RCCG Jesus House Abuja.


Shalom Saints. We plan to stream the HALLELUJAH FESTIVAL TOMORROW. But first, we’ve had to open a new YouTube account. And to get it started we’d need subscribers to begin streaming. So hurry to this new YouTube to subscribe. NATHANIEL BASSEY - OFFICIAL channel on YouTube. Shalom.


Day 20. Haggai 2:9-10.
Greater Glory and Peace in His Temple.



###Good evening pastor. I'm shaking, I'm leaping for joy. Last week u said we should write a list of what we wanted God to do for us. I did, every night during this hallelujah challenge I usually dance with my list in my hands. The most pressing issue on my list was my sister's broken marriage.., Infact her husband had gone to court already to file for a divorce, he even stopped sleeping in the house twas Dat bad. We were planning to go get her belongings from the house. Suddenly, on friday
Things turned around swiftly... We changed suddenly, started apologizing for all the wrongs, started providing for the children. We all are still in shock. We just know in our hearts that. ..this indeed is God's doing.. Can you imagine that he even wants to buy her a car? Heaven truly is open oooooooooooooooooo.###


Day 19. Bottom Pot. Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof.


Thanking God for what He has done and what He’s doing is gratitude. Thanking him for what He’s yet or about to do is prophetic. And it has the power to bring to manifestation that which God is set to do. If we get this truth, we’ll THANK more and grumble less.


Remember the Bottom Pot Blessing! 12 mid night.
@nathanielblow on Instagram. Spread the word.


Ni Oruko JESU....


Day 18 donel’s are you ready for DAY 19 Tonight?


Wow wow wow! Reconciliation and Restoration.

###Good morning pastor Nathaniel from AUSTRALIA , God has done it again... I have lots of testimonies right from day one of 2017 hallelujah challenge. I HAVE JUST HEARD A NEW SOUND AND EVERYTHING IN ME IS LEAPING FOR JOY. My elder brother whose wife has left him for about seven years has returned back to my brother. I was praying this morning and then decided to check my whatsapp messages afterwards,and this is what I saw, ",Hi, my wife has come back oooo".. Pastor pls praise God with me and help me share this testimony.God is indeed crowning this year with goodness!! Hallelujah eh!! Let the sound of rejoicing.... fill all homes... Regards

In the name of Jesus, every broken marriage connected to this project shall be restored in Jesus’ name.
Kai ! I’m so happy 😀
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####Good morning pastor Nath. Our God is truly too good ooooooo.i have testimonies from the last hallelujah challenge but let me share this recent one. 10/11 years ago my husband was about to travel out of the country to further his education,he gave someone his fees to pay for him but the person never paid the fees and he didn't hear from the person in a while. When he finally got in touch with the person,he kept promising to pay back but did not. After the first day of this hallelujah challenge (
. After the first day of this hallelujah challenge (open heaven) the person called him and said he wants to start paying back. Not just that,from on the 2nd till now he has paid twice and also promised to complete payments. I just want to thank God for all he has done.all he's yet to do. He's a wonderful God. How I wish we could always do this challenge. Thank God for using you pastor Nath. May God continue to bless and keep you and your family. More testimonies to come.Please keep me anonymous####


PLEASE REMEMBER NO HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE TONIGHT. We meet at the Night if Worship, currently ongoing. We resume tomorrow. Meanwhile join us on line. Connect via YouTube. Just search NIGHT OF WORSHIP 2017.


Prison doors open!

####Good evening sir, God is faithful, Great and wonderful after d praise and prayers of dis morning d lord has open the heaven gate first was my niece got her Nysc to kwara state and d gate of prison was open for an innocent guy friend he was set free dis evening. I give God all d praises. Thanks sir
Sir he was locked up since apirl dis year of what he did not know about###


Glory to God!

####I have been waiting to give this big testimony 🙌🏻 Hallelujah thank you sir for this opportunity, I am pregnant and last month I had a scan and the doctor said they found something in d pregnancy abnormal and a growth. I only laughed and said ok but that’s not God’s report. So I keyed into this challenge and lastnight I said today I must hear a new sound and also give glory to God. When I entered the scan room today after it all the doctor told me there is actually nothing to worry about.
Baby is doing just fine and well and fine, I am leaping for joy already God be praised always🙌🏻🙌🏻💃🏻💃🏻 please kindly post as Anonymous I appreciate you sir. God bless you for all the prayers####


24hrs... things

####Hello Pastor... Even though I am still believing in God for my own testimonies which I am certain will manifest soonest. I am testifying to the glory of God in my sister's family. I keep saying to you sir that this theme "You shall hear a sound of victory that will cause you to leap for joy" was really ordained to you by God. It is not a mistake. My sister and her husband did some contracts years back and ought to have been paid since two years ago, every time the payment gets to their turn a
story always comes up. Things were really bad but one thing that really amazed me was how they kept their faith and believed in God's time. When we heard the theme for this month of Open Heavens. My sister messaged me and said "this is our season... Everything is sorted". We are thankful to God. Please keep me anonymous. God bless you as you continue to do His works amen.####


As for me and my house, we would serve the Lord.

###Thank you Pastor Nathaniel, my testimony came later but I am glad it is finally happening one by one. You said we should write things we wanted to happen to us in a jotter & it is coming to pass, my dad gave his life to God he converted from a muslim to a Christian though he died last week Monday. Then my brother is becoming responsible & breaking away from drugs & the family is at peace gradually. I just want to thank God for his grace & thank God for you Sir###



###Goodday Sir, God did it JUST LIKE THAT for me today Halleluyah!!.I have being in the USA for close to 2years without working becos I have no papers to work with. l have been afraid of America Immigration,so am always indoors feeding by whatever l’m given to eat and babyseating for free without pay.
This afternoon while I was sleeping I felt a hand waking me up, the voice said I should go check my mail box..behold I saw my Work Permit from the immigration!!!🤣 I am leaping for Joy Pastor!!!###


Hallelujah ooo


OLUMIDE IYUN will be ministering at the Hallelujah Festival. And guess what, His album - UNLIMITED GOD volumes 1 & 2 will be our that same day. See you in Abuja.


Tonight the heavens are opened ! Join us @ the night of worship. 8pm.


Day 17. We will dance in the rain of God’s blessings. The RAIN. THE FORMER RAIN. THE LATTER RAIN. All in one month!