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Organic, vegan, all-natural, edible healing balms; perfect for healing dry noses, ruff paws, wounds, & funky skin folds! 🐶 🌎 International Shipping ♥️

Dog paw health is more important than people think! It's a common misconception that paws are supposed to be rough. While paw pads are naturally thick to walk through nature, they are not supposed to be overly dry or chapped.
When paws are too dry, they are more prone to injury from splitting and cracking, while healthy, moisturized paws, are flexible and allow dogs to get a better grip!
Heal exisiting damage FAST with our all-natural healing #PawSoother. Keep them healthy and protected from damage with organic #PawTection.
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"I heard about the Natural Dog Company through various Instagram accounts. My corgi Fritz had rough paws from running on the pavement and I did a lot of research to try and find something to smooth his paws. He is only 4 months old and loves to run and play. He was constantly biting his paws and licking them after we went for long walks.
Since we began using the #PawSoother, he hasn't been chewing on his paws and they feel smooth and healthy. It only took about a week! The Paw Soother is the only product we have tried but we plan on trying them all! I have already recommended the product to many of my friends and family, and will continue to be an advocate for the company! Fritz and I thank you for your great products!"
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"I am so pleased with the results of #PawTection. It is very easy to apply, and I see a big difference on Cleo's paw pads. The right Paw feels very soft and smooth after using the Pawtection. The left Paw that did not have Pawtection is very dry, rough, and scratchy. This is a product that I would definitely recommend to all pet parents. Especially those with active lifestyles as we have. If fact, we are so pleased that we have signed up to be in the affiliate. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this challenge." - @Cleopatra.luna_therapypup
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Our newest all-natural shampoo bar - #SensitiveSkin! This gentle bar is all-natural, soothing, moisturizing, 🚫FREE OF: chemicals, fragrance, dyes, additives, parabens, etc.🚫, and won't leave you with that wet dog smell! PAWFECT for any pup with sensitive & delicate skin ❤️
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We challenged pet owners to apply #PawTection to only the right paw to see the difference, here is @bubba_the_stink's results & testimony:
"Pawtection worked amazingly on Bubba's paws to make them less rough and look healthier. At the first application I saw the difference, they immediately looked less chapped. After a couple days of using the difference was undeniable. I felt terrible at Day 4 as it was making such a difference in his right paws, I felt like a bad mother leaving the left chapped!
I would definitely recommend Pawtection to anyone looking to solve the issue of dry paws. I can't wait to try it in our Canadian winters and see how it holds up to snow and salt. .
Thank you so much for an amazing product and for letting us be a part of this experiment. The product works and Bubba is very thankful his paws are feeling better."
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