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ANDREY GUDKOV | Churchill National Park, Canada | "Today, the climate on the planet is changing very quickly. This leads to a change in the ice cover. And these are the traditional habitats of polar bears." Photo Contest judge @jennafite comments, "Whether these bears are playing ot fighting here, Andrey did a great job of capturing this action!" #polarbears #climatechange #bearsofinstagram #snow #canada


Kathryn Greven |
"The Dunes in Namibia along the coast end in the ocean and are frequently shrouded in fog. Closer examination demonstrate a flock of birds flying through the fog." Judges @jennafite comments, "From the smooth sand dunes to the misty fog to the line of the coast and the crashing waves to the tiny flock of birds, Kathryn has created a very pleasing composition and different landscape image here. Well done." #landscape #photography #africa #namibia #coast #ocean #dunes


Mario Orosa |
Judge @jennafite comments, "Nature is everywhere. Mario has made a beautiful portrait here of a common house cat, a relatable character in many households." #catsofinstagram #portrait #light #cateye #beautiful


Fiona Betteridge | @333fiona |
Kingfisher, Kirkcudbright Scotland, UK. Judge Rolaine Ossman comments: "A really nice action shot. Motion blur of the wings and the water droplets splashing around this bird add energy to the frame." #kingfisher #birds #birdsofinstagram #actionshot #natureisawesome


Sometimes you to have to go to new heights to solve a problem. Using revolutionary aerial mapping technologies, we’re taking to the sky (even outer space!) to protect and restore the Caribbean’s coral reefs. 
Specialized aircrafts from @carnegieairborne, a 200+ satellite constellation from @planetlabs, drones and SCUBA divers are working together to provide the most comprehensive view of coral reefs in the U.S. Virgin Islands, helping unlock new solutions for coral health. It’s not too late to save coral reefs.—Photos & videos ©️ Marjo Aho
#IYOR2018 #CoralOn #coralreef


Jenna Stirling | @palsandpaws
"An Adult Green Anole on the hunt in my mother's backyard in Garden Ridge, TX. I spent many hours crouching in my mother's gardin watching the green anole explore, breed and hunt. This adult male was repositioning himself in the perfect pose to leap towards a bug on a neighboring leaf." Judge @jennafite comments: "What a lovely portrait. Such a pleasing composition. I love how the photographer waited for this moment when the lizard turned its head, and I love how Jenna used a short range of focus, blurring the background and allowing the colors to give a painterly quality that adds to this portrait." #portrait #lizard #green #texas #naturephotography


James Folder |
"I stopped to check on a deer that looked stunned but not bad off and I keep him off the road. I care about nature because everything around us is nature and we are part of it." Judge @jennafite comments, "What an unexpected image James has made of this deer. I love the rays of light." #deer #light #highway #citiesandnature #nighttimephotography


Paul Zizka | @paulzizkaphoto |
"We were on our Chronicles of Namibia workshop, wrapping up a wonderful evening of shooting in the Sossusvlei area. On the drive back to camp, this most simple composition caught my eye. I couldn't resist and stopped the group to get this shot. Sossusvlei, Namibia." Judge's comments: "What a lovely composition; I love the ying-yang quality of the sand dune that leads the viewers eye straight to a single, solitary tree." #namibia #africa #trees #desert #travel


Zach Stadler | @zachstadler |
Pristine Morning Off Moorea.
"I swam out to this sandbar off Moorea and photographed blacktip sharks every morning for a couple weeks. I was always dealing with high winds, strong currents, overcast, bad water visibility, rain and sometimes the sharks just didn't show up. On my last day in Moorea the conditions were perfect (quite possibly the best I've ever seen) and after nearly 2,000 shots I finally got the shot." Judge's comments: "Beautiful split shot.  The sharks look so graceful here, and seeing their shadows adds extra depth to the photo." #sharks #underwater #moorea #ocean #salty


Diana Buzoianu | "I was fascinated to observe how the swallows were making their nests. Beautiful creatures indeed and moving really fast. To capture their speed I've opted for a slow shutter speed." Photo Contest judge @jennafite comments, "Using a slow shutter speed here was definitely to Diana’s benefit in making this stunning photograph. The blurred movement reminds me of a painting; it is so pleasing." #birdsofinstagram #naturephotography #beauty #swallows #blue


Norman Rowsey | @Texas_Photographer
"This was taken this past Winter in my Texas backyard. This Yellow-Rumped Warbler was trying his best to stay warm! It never ceases to amaze me how resourceful and intuitive natures critters are." Photo Contest Judge, Rolaine Ossman, comments: "This little warbler is just a ball of feathers with a beak and a pair of eyes. The details of the feathers are lovely and it shows a behavior that I don’t often see in photos of birds. This portrait makes me happy." #cute #birdsofinstagram #texas #feathers #birdlover


Lorenzo Ragazzi | @lorenzoragazzi |
American crocodile, Jardines De La Reina, Cuba. 
Judge Rolaine Ossman comments: "The crocodile has a buoyancy in this photo that I think the photographer captured in the animals pose, and its head just surfacing above the water adds a little mystery as to what the animal is seeing and what its world is like topside. Beautfiul light, beautiful photo." #cuba #crocodile #teeth #floating #water #underwaterphotography


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