Nazzi Twazzi@nazzitwazzi

MIZ187 WORLD🌎 FOREVER! PIP husband ❤️[email protected]



Openings call to book 2157382039 located 3000 N Stillman St


I got on off white in all black They don’t get it tho 😌


Only the strong survive


Damn man....... speechless lost for words #restup


Frontal cap! Can u find the lace? It looks super natural to me!who next to get FRONTED?! Call to book now 2157382039


Just up can’t sleep thinking bout u tears soaking my pillow! I smile everyday just to hide my pain knowing deep down inside my heart is saddened I’m just sitting here dropping these tears on the baby s I hold him and kiss him man I’m ready to give up but when I look at him it’s like how can I give up on this handsome fella he’s what’s holding me together if it wasn’t for this precious gift only God knows where I’d be! I Just want U back man! I fucking miss u #mizworldforever


The bangtail! Call to book 2157382039


Blunt cut middle part weave cap! Call to book! 2157382039


Shit hit home! My boi Sy is a lyricist! He’s so hot and the most under rated his one right here I felt I wrote it bc its the story of my life
Been through so much I feel like God got a problem wit me
Yea some shit break me down but I play tough!
If u live in this city u betta pray Nicca


God sent me an angel from the heavens above; sent me an angel to heal my broken heart! #mylilbrokebestfriend


Bitches googling my fit! It’s just different don’t try this shit at home 🍐riot


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