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‘Nobody’s Ting’ OUT NOW!!
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When he thinks you’re looking at him but you’re just daydreaming about food. 🌮🌮🌮


Tfw your second single has been out for a month and is almost at 40,000 streams!!! For so long I was scared to release music on my own, scared to share my thoughts in my music because it’s so personal to me & I’m sensitive about my shit lol! (@erykahbadu reference for those that know, p.s. her talk at @afrochicto yesterday was amazing and enlightening! S/o @thehoneyjam for hooking me up) All I can say is I’m so grateful for anyone who presses play and takes time to enjoy my art. I’m so proud of myself for just making the jump and putting myself out there, this is the best feeling in the world!! Thank you @spotify @spotifycanada and all the playlisters that added my song to their playlists around the world. Thank you to you guys for rocking with me and following/supporting my journey! So much more on the way!! 🙏🏽✨ #grateful #spotify #newartist #lifetimeinthemaking


*plugs in headphones* (cause phone speakers... that’s disrespect! Lol!) To say I’ve been obsessed with this song is an understatement, like melodically, the beat, harmonies, B is sitting in that pocket! Shout out to the team that made this song including Canadian talent. This is a masterpiece! #thecarters #beyonce #beyonceandjayz #otr2 #otr #heardaboutus #everythingislove #cover #coversong @jahaansweet @vinylz @illmindproducer @amnija_ @boi1da @beyonce @rnbaecollective


Put hoes in their place, bitch stay in your lane. 🛣️

#heardaboutus #everythingislove 📸 @dashdavis


Still I rise, Maya Angelou vibes. Just like the mountain goat #capricorn #thegoat🐐 what’s your sign?


I’m not a fan of thanking people via social media, but I had to share my thoughts... I just wanted to take a minute and thank every single person who has helped or supported me throughout my life/my creative career. Whether you made a connection happen, liked/shared/subscribed, downloaded/shared/bought a song, booked me for makeup, hired me to do social media for your business, put me in front of the camera and pushed me beyond my comfort zone, put me on a panel, asked me to model, collaborated in any way... I am grateful, you are not forgotten & one day that karma will come back to those kind souls that took a moment to help me and anyone else. I hope I have been helpful to you as well, or hope I can be helpful to you in the future and will continue to keep you in my heart and mind. Building a career in the creative arts is not for the faint-hearted & I’m so grateful for those that saw something in me and decided to help make it a little bit easier. 🙏🏽💕 #gratitude #thankyoutoronto #newthingscoming


Tfw you in the right place at the right time, in your right mind. You know? 🧠 #soul #throwbacks


One thing I’ve learned is not everyone vibrates the same frequency, it’s so important to find like-minded individuals that match your frequency. Don’t allow others’ detachment from their soul centre make you doubt or question that you have a connection with yours. Trust your instincts, follow your gut, it is directly connected and in communication with your brain for a reason. 💫💜


We have cuter pics together but I can’t upload them today... Happy Father’s Day Dad! Love you for many reasons, thank you for the tough talks and wisdom. You’re always the life of the party and the man everyone wants to be around & be friends with, you leave an impression on everyone you meet, you shine bright. Thank you for teaching me not to be afraid to shine my light & to be myself, most of all thank you for passing on the gift of music & art to me💜💜 (Ignore the liquor bottles we’re Guyanese) #410mccowanroad tings #aquariusdad #myauntswedding #thepartyneverstops 😂😂


Your talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God. 🙏🏽💫📸 @krushitvanzara


“HIKING” — 📸 @krushitvanzara