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💄We loved getting glammed up with the Glamsquad team at NEA this week!
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Welcome to the rise of affordable better-for-you goodness. When we popped-up in LA we didn’t focus on selling products, we focused on engaging our community. We thought of Kindness. Humanity. Community. Wellness. All of these factors play a role in the future of Brandless. We listen, we care, and we know the future is bright because of the community we’ve built. We know we want to be at the forefront of the future of retail. That’s why we’re here, selling Better Everything for just $3 and reframing the outdated CPG market and starting a movement that ushers in a new wave of consumer-activist culture and transparency: better-for-you products at the fairest price from a group of people that do good by doing well.
And although we won’t know exactly what the future holds for Brandless we do know we’ll always be in constant conversation and direct interaction with our community. We’ll always listen to them, elevate them, and be here to support them, especially when they have ideas on new products, new flavors, and how we can better live our values.

Thanks for letting us takeover, @neavc! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Brandless! #brandlesslife #NEAtakeover


We are improving access by offering better-for-you products at a fair, $3 price. But we know that not everyone has $3. That’s why we have partnered with @feedingamerica the nation's leading domestic hunger relief organization. Everytime you shop on Brandless, we donate a meal in your honor to Feeding America.

We also plan community events, volunteer guides, and more. As we grow, we continue to explore ways to leave a positive impact on our neighborhood, country, and planet through tangible acts of kindness—because to us, that's priceless.

As a team we love coming together to volunteer, whether it’s at the Feeding America Food Bank or going to a local soup kitchen. It’s important for us to live our values and give back to the community around us. #brandlesslife #NEAtakeover


A message from our founders, @TinaSharkey & @IdoLeffler: “We started Brandless because we believe everyone deserves better—and better shouldn't come with a higher price tag. We wanted to invent something fresh and new, a company that could reimagine everything but would start with the essentials, the things people use every day.

We believe that social good can and should live harmoniously inside a profit-driven business. One that puts purpose into every product and message shared. And one that models a new kind of relationship between people and companies built on integrity, transparency, authenticity, and democratized access.

We're not just building a company, we're building a movement. It's a movement that has the ability to impact lives, and to help create a future where everyone can afford better. And movements are never built alone. We hope you'll join us.
X Tina and Ido” #brandlesslife #NEAtakeover


@brandlesslife here taking over NEA’s channels today! Here’s a little more background on our company: Launched on July 11, 2017, Brandless is creating a new world order that gives people democratized access to premium everyday essentials, all priced at $3 or less.
Based in San Francisco, Brandless™️ is a new kind of company, a community that puts people first, believes everyone deserves better, and better shouldn’t cost more. Brandless makes hundreds of better-for-you, everyday essentials, including organic, non-GMO food, clean beauty and personal care products, non-toxic cleaners and home goods. We cut out the middleman and ship direct, eliminating unnecessary costs to provide high-quality products at fair prices.

Better stuff. Fewer dollars. It’s just that simple.
Isn’t it about time we all joined #brandlesslife?! #NEAtakeover


This Wednesday @brandlesslife is taking over. We will go behind the scenes at this startup making better everything, for everyone.
#NEAtakeover #brandlesslife


❗️ATTN portfolio cos! NEA team member @cdnshannaincali is getting a new laptop and needs to replicate her awesome sticker display.
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‪We had a great time hosting the #redefiningboundaries group this week for a thoughtful discussion on ‘Building a Better Industry’ featuring NEA’s @sydneylykes! ‬


Congratulations to @harvardhbs Northern California Association Entrepreneurial Company of the Year, @houzz! 🙌🏼