Relax into Relief
The Neck Hammock is an innovative cervical traction device: improve your posture & help reduce your neck pain.

A replacement Napping with the Neck Hammock can save you money and let's face it, who doesn't love waking up feeling brand new after a quick power nap. (Link In Bio)

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#WCW Lindsay Sudell, level 3 FST Stretch Therapist, and founder of LA’s premiere boutique assisted stretching studio: @simplystretchla in Venice Beach, CA. Along with treating some of the biggest names in pro sports, Lindsay also has created her own essential oils line and pain relief creams: @simplyessentials as well as representing @lululemon Santa Monica, for being such a badass female entrepreneur, and giving true meaning to the term: #girlboss Oh and she has also been on 3 CrossFit regionals teams and continues to be a role model in the fitness community.


Pinched nerves can be very painful and physical therapy bills, very expensive! Unlike others, the Neck Hammock can alleviate that tension in just 10 minutes, 1 payment and did we mention, almost anywhere!

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Take it easy and relax into relief with the Neck Hammock!

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There's no better way to cool down after your work out than with the Neck Hammock!

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If alleviating that dreaded neck pain isn't's three other reasons why the Neck Hammock is perfect! ✔️ Eases neck pain in 10 minutes or less! ✔️ You can take it anywhere! ✔️ It's a one-time payment!

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IS YOUR NECK STRONG ENOUGH? Cervical traction is an effective way to reduce neck pain from compression. But what if your muscles are too weak? For many, weakness in the deep neck flexors (stabilizers) is another major reason for neck pain. When the large, superficial muscles try to take over and do the job of both movement and stabilization, the result is pain and dysfunction 😩• GOOD NEWS: The Neck Hammock was designed to both Stretch & Strengthen, making your neck bulletproof to injury. A simple but highly effective strengthening routine is TABATA chin tucks: 1) gently tuck your chin until you feel a comfortable stretch in the back of your neck 2) hold x20” 3) gently release and rest for 10” 4) repeat 6-8x 5) upon completion, I recommend just relaxing into The Neck Hammock as you will feel a much deeper stretch, since the muscles will be in a state of fatigue and will release 😴💆‍♂️💤💤


Everyone needs a little traction in their life! Traction is extraordinarily effective in minimizing and even alleviating neck pain and has an excellent reputation in the pain management fraternity across the world. With the help of Neck Hammock, it is quite easy to perform traction at home without any intervention by any therapist or doctor. (Link In Bio)

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Major compression means major pain! That's why we invented the Neck Hammock, so you can relax and relieve that dreaded text neck.

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Before the Neck Hammock, neck pain was just a common problem with a few solutions. Now, all it takes is 10-15 minutes of you relaxing at home, or anywhere really, to achieve the relief of cervical traction!

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Even pups love the Neck Hammock!!! #NeckHammock #Puppies #Relax


@heatherhippensteel lying back and relaxing with The Neck Hammock.