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Innalillah wa innah Illaihirraujiun. Runtun hati apabila mendapat perkhabaran tentang pemergian anakanda Bella, individu yang sentiasa berada di belakang dan menyokong saya selama ini.

Besar hati Lofa jika kalian semua dapat meluangkan sedikit masa dan sedekahkan al-Fatihah buat anak syurga ini. Untuk Bella, kuatlah memeluk takdir ini dan menerima ketentuan Allah seredhanya. Insya-Allah, anak Bella itulah yang akan memimpin Bella ke syurga di akhirat nanti. Salam takziah kepada Bella dan keluarga, semoga segalanya dipermudahkan.

Allhummaghfirlahu warhamhu wa'afihi wa'fu 'anhu wa akrim nuzulahu wa wassi' madkhalahu. Amiin


Something resembling a beautiful love story; Lancôme and me 💕


Always on the go and have less than 10 mins to do your make-up? You’re not alone! So, this is how I always do my make-up when I am on the go. These products from Lancome are my favorites and they sure make my life a lot easier when it comes to make-up! Share with me your tips to get ready in a flash! #LancomeMY


Don't look back, just carry on, and the shadows will never find you.


Being wander-fully lost in Hong Kong and not once complained about it!


Sometimes, I feel like travel isn’t defined by the places you go, but by the people you meet xx @abbieszhang @thisisgimenez


Bold colors and gold accessories are a match made in @swarovski heaven! #swarovski #brillianceforall #fosmy @swarovski


Explore, experiment and evolve. #under30summit .
Giving the black power suits a run for their money in this off-white power suit from @rinrata_brand ! #under30summit @forbesasia


Here again for Forbes #Under30Summit happening now in Hong Kong! Forbes has again proven to be a great platform for great, young minds to gather, network and learn from each other. Had the privilege to try a few cool inventions at the booths here, so proud seeing the youths doing great things!


A house filled with kids, delicious food and great friends? Count me in! Spent the last weekend of the open houses at my friend’s and had a lovely time! ✨


@athishakhan’s back means my sisterhood is now complete! Took the time to spend with them just before we welcome another bundle of joy to the family! @noornabila @littlemisskhan


Calm is a super power 🖤