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Writes things. Changes a baby. It's a living. Website link is to me in a camp for Syrian Refugees...

The view from the judges' stands at the @mermaidparade yesterday...


A glorious photo from yesterday's Mermaid Parade of me and Ash, taken by our friend Juliet Blake.


Backstage at the Mermaid Parade...


A small boy in the hen house.


The Ace Hotel in NYC welcomed me last night with this. A hand-drawn little Lucifer in my room. Some hotels (and hotel people) go the extra mile. Thank you!


A moment of #GoodOmens behind the scenes. Our director, @douglas.mackinnon is saying to Sir Derek Jacobi, “Now, that yellow tennis ball is Aziraphale.”


All signed. Stealthily. Detroit airport next to A45.


This envelope arrived the other day addressed to Amanda. Two locks and a lock-picking kit. I hesitate to ask. I fear I might have married a cat burglar, superspy, or private eye.


He was having a very good day. But I live how much this looks like something from a classy horror film.


Riz Ahmed at the Vancouver Food Bank NinjaTED gig tonight.


The US premiere is at the San Francisco film festival this Friday. It will be in Cinemas in the US this Summer from A24. It's How to Talk to Girls at Parties, a story about aliens and punks in 1977 Croydon. It stars Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman and Alex Sharp. You'll like it.


Snow snowdrop and melted snow drop.


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