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Happy IV❣️


Current hair situation, no headband


Me in my thoughts while she makes cute faces 📸


“Say yacks” 😂


21 is the new number dawg. I’ve shared great moments at 20. I’ve also grew my hair out to this curly mess, changed my schooling focus, and changing my approach on a lot of things over time. I owe a lot of moments to a few people. One has been with me since the day I had spiky hair, we’ve never left each other’s side over anything. My girl has been dealing with my shit since the end of my junior year of high school, and does nothing but push me towards something greater than me. And some new genuine people along for the journey to get ours and that I spend more time with than at home haha. Love you guys. #ADayLate


He never knows if he’s going to the vet or for a hike. He’s still willing to risk it. This was a hike. Vet visit soon.



Congrats to the newly weds, best of luck


Old Habana's a different world. The burn of leaded gas throughout the city, government, culture, and amount exposure to the outside world is wild. Walking the same streets and buying bread at the same house as the locals. The Malecón at night is the place to be, many Cubans come out to enjoy an bottle of rum. What a time


Only a few things have changed with Manny, that's weight loss, hair, and some new vocabulary. The will he's shown to fight for all his goals has always been there. Discomfort seems to be comfort, you just may be that stubborn. The mindset to work around the stress leading up to boot would've been enough to make people just stop what they're doing to just quit. This is just the start. Welcome back dog


He's almost 2, meaning his puppy stage is coming to an end, but he'll always have the spirit of the curious pup he was when I got him. He just doesn't use the bathroom indoors anymore, still the same kid though #nationalpuppyday


You should see the smile on her


Spot! I'm 20


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