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Here with totally random thoughts which can get pretty chaotic at times.
Let's look at the world more than it already is!


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Your action speaks louder than words. Jisnay bhi kaha tha bhai sahi kaha tha. 🙇

Our university appointed a new member in their security team. If you are a university student in Pakistan you must be familiar with a not so welcoming attitude of management. However, being welcomed by someone from the team with a smile every morning really brighten up our day. I'll not mention the name but appreciating such gesture towards hundreds of youngsters is something important. Its nothing too big but its nothing less either.
So sir, thank you for adding positivity to our day. 😊


Zehra Sajjad

....Bhai ki dulhan kali 100 nakhray wali... This definitely has been a part of everyone's childhood. Its unbelievable how we instill such things in a child's mind.

We are one hypocrite nation istg! Matlab k body-shaming kay against awaz uthayai gai magur body shaming bhi karay gai. Racism per tauba but phir bhi racist. Or sub say best to kala gora kuch nahi hota phir bhi bag mai fair and lovely.
If not all then a good proportion of us are like this. Bura mut maniyai but accept keraingai to shayad hum behtar hojayai. Kion k ap manay, ya na manay patla honay ka gora honay ka junoon hay hamari awam ko or to or hud dekhay kay ek famous makeup artist nai to is baat ko apni advertising ka idea he bana liya. Takleef daiti hay yai baat jub apnai talent k bajayi hum filters per ghaur kertay hay. Dukhi hota hay dil jub "khubsurti" he maqsad bun jati hay.
If you haven't seen the ad then good for you but what #Kashees did was highly unacceptable!


Zehra Sajjad

There is nothing as too much clothes, right? That is the reason that #CranberryWardrobe is the beginning of a woman led venture which focuses on both eastern and western dresses. Pick up a style in your desired color and let them design just the way you want it!


Zehra Sajjad

This modern age is a conflict between eastern and western. There is religion and there is culture. Either you are labeled as too "maardern/liberal" or you are a "conservative." And Elif Shafak rightly gives this situation a picture through her words in Three Daughters of Eve.

A Story about the Sinner, the Believer and the Confused. 📚

I would say the writer really knows how to mirror the reality of todays world and make you question quite a lot of things. The one thing I love about Elif Shafak is she challenges her readers through her plots. The book revolves around Peri and her life in Turkey and Oxford. This one was definitely worth the while. 🙆


Zehra Sajjad

Who doesn't love glam and sparks? But if you observe our social media life majorly consist of all that is glitter but not gold. The smiles hiding the pain, the good hiding the bad, there is originality yet there is less truth.

It is instilled in us to just show the glamorous side of ourselves and sadly that shows how much materialistic our society has become. There is nothing wrong in showing the sparkles, the nice and brighter side of life, but we also can't deny the fact that it has increased complexity among our generation.

I'll be honest, for a person like me blogging became a real challenge between producing good content and staying original to myself. I am not sitting on cafes every weekend, I don't have tons of makeup only enough to look decent, I am not really good at reviews and neither I have much excitement that can make this feed fun-loving for you lot so it takes a lot of thought on what to bring out here because bringing out something which audience can relate to is the real task.

This thought bugs me so much but it became troubling when @onthegowithnimrah spoke about one of her followers who wanted to start a makeup blog but didn't because she didn't have high end products. Yes the result will be a little different but one can't deny talent.

So I wonder what are we lacking and what are we putting out? That is the reason #LessButNotLittle is a beginning I would like to initiate. It will have everything and anything that you like BUT which all of us can relate to. A lipstick under Rs. 500, a good shirt from sale, DIY masks, thought of the day, a story you encountered anything that you know is for everyone.

It's a ground for anyone who wants to explore themselves. I call all my fellow bloggers to share what they like and felt good about with #LessButNotLittle.


Zehra Sajjad

How spontaneous and daring are you? 😃

Well if you ask me then you are definitely going to be disappointed. I have always stuck with rules and at times its kinda boring but better safe than sorry right? Like during exams I avoid going out. I will waste my time sleeping or panicking but for me its better than spending a day out.😅 So now when a person like me had this crazy idea on going out right before my last exam not only my friends, but I was equally shocked.

Nevertheless, a few minutes of discussion and the four of us were on our way. We were panicking because we had to return within two hours considering 3/4 of us had an exam left while there was also a thrill, at least for me it was! 🙈 Good thing was that @vintagecafekarachi was and still is offering their breakfast deal that we availed.
Luck was definitely on our side! Lol! Khair, the deal is up till the last of October if you want to go and offers a free breakfast main on buying one.

What I ordered was Chicken Fajita in their omelets category. A serving of omelet with cheese, chicken chunks and veggies. They gave sausages and potato cubes on the side. Dish was enough to fill me up as it was said on the menu. The taste was nothing too extraordinary.

Rating: 3.5/5
Damage: Rs. 775+ Tax

Yet the fun I had that morning was undeniable. I guess it's okay to be spontaneous now and then. 🙆


Zehra Sajjad

The world acknowledged #WorldMentalHealthDay yesterday while I studied for my papers.

But here I am today for those who have been down the rough path, who have cried in darkness, who doubted themselves, who find it hard to love themselves, who over think about the tiniest of situations, who have been pulled down a thousand many times and anyone else that knows the pain of mental illness.

I just want to say, YOU are courageous and powerful and you are a warrior. Our generation is stuck between a revolutionary phase, we have been underestimated and undermined, we saw the world changing, we became the runners of an ongoing race. Yet we tried to break every barrier. The ones before us had a different life and different struggles. They were no less yet we can't deny that we were demanded to do more. To be better, to be extraordinary and that got us. We are the generation which has been targeted by the rapid changes in the lifestyle and we acknowledged our weak points.

Cheers to us for being a fighter and never giving up, yes we lost some souls, but we also became those who understood the importance of mental wellbeing rather than making it a taboo. We learned to lend shoulders to those who needed. There is still a long way to go yet I am pretty sure we all have a burning fire in us that is there to guide.

So pat yourselves for standing still, for wiping your tears and fighting through it all. Just know that your are seen and you are appreciated and loved!


Zehra Sajjad

Whenever I am mad at my brother for anything that he does he becomes "apka beta" in my complaints. Apkay betay nai yai kiya ya apkay betay nai yai kaha. Forgetting that he is young blood as well and also stuck between the rights and wrongs of society.

It wasn't until few nights ago when I discussed a few things with him, the discussion turned heated and cooled down. I was coming from the side where girls are passionately moving ahead to make their marks. He was coming from the side where he has to accept this and acknowledge it no matter how much our culture and people tell the boy in him not to.

People say it's mothers who train their boys to be better men. Where it's absolutely right I guess we as females are also responsible to enlighten the men around us be it in form of a sister, a friend, a daughter, or just a fellow human being.

The moments that he listened and agreed, presented his points and listened to mine, I knew that from now on he is not just the son, he is a brother and I am his sister and a guide.


Zehra Sajjad

Its okay to forget about calories every now and then 🍝


Zehra Sajjad

Make the world a better place
One cupcake at a time 🍰


Zehra Sajjad

Here's to the book which successfully ended my reader's block.

When Breath Becomes Air made me realize 2 things.

1. Be spontaneous; which means don't push away your dreams. Do whatever you wish and explore the possibilities.

2. And never forget the end; remember our time here is limited. Not all of us are going to reach the mark of 90s.

A book about life and death and all that is in between.


Zehra Sajjad

Can anyone tell me what can be done to skip the university stress altogether! Kids if anyone is deluding you with "Just two more year" kinda things, laugh out loud for real! Cause this never ends. But you gotta do it! 😣

Anyhoo, after not getting time this past week where I was just busy thinking about what we'll be talking ahead I am finally here!

Btw, does anyone know where we can apply for biannual vacations? Your gurl needs it. I miss my beauty naps y'know! Khaair. This is the continuation from where we last left off.

So, did you guys thought about how we might be hurting ourselves and what we gotta do for that? I came up with a few pointers which we need to work on and if you have anything to add then comment section is waiting for you guys!

What are the basic points of self love? If you ask me, the answer is simply anything at all that fills you with gratitude and makes you happy. Now, no one is going to be 24/7 happy. I don't think so that's even possible. But what is possible is not staying stressed 24/7.

And what you can do about this is mentioned below:
1. Start with yourself, make sure your physical health is good.
2. Figure out the biggest wrong twist in your story
3. Start being active for real. Cat videos and stalking is nice if done an hour a day but not whole day.
4. Start doing what you love, writing, cooking, makeup, drawing, singing. Take out time for this to take your mind off things.
5. There is no proper method of self loving. Self loving is anything that makes you happy, that clears the blurr of your mind, that detoxifies your brain, that you enjoy.

I can go on and on but Instagram has a limit and wordpress don't. I have written pretty detailed stuff in the link above if you would like to read. Because concluding it, I can say stress is inevitable especially now but guys there is no one who can take us out of it except ourselves. And we can only succeed when we'll have a clear mind. 😌