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Zehra Sajjad

University has officially started since monday and though I had a break of almost 11 days. Yet I wasn't mentally prepared to start again.

Super exhausted and super demotivated πŸ˜₯

More than that after avoiding for as long as I could, I finally took a Saturday class and that means no long weekends anymore.

I was and still am yearning for a refreshing break and sleep.

Khair! I still am demotivated and need all the luck for this semester but a realization hit me. I have started sixth semester that means just 1.5 years and In shaa Allah I'll be done with my undergrad.

Now let that sink in. I clearly remember a day during my first semester and I was whining to a senior and a good friend, 'how I still have 7 more semesters' and she added that sophomore and junior year would feel like they are never ending but even then all this will pass soon.

And now here I am already studying an elective planning about internships. God!

So girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen, if you are stuck in a time which seems like there is no good happening any time soon and days have forgotten to pass then hold on!

Nothing stays forever.

Things might get burdensome but believe me you can carry that burden and In Shaa Allah you'll be fine. Just hold on because good days are coming.

Love and prayers 🌼


Zehra Sajjad


You know what's equally preferable for us girls after food? Good and affordable dresses, makeup and accessories. That is why sales are our extreme sport! Anyhow when I got to know that @rivajcosmetic has pretty affordable and good quality matte lipstick I HAD to get it! πŸ’„

I have applied both these shades first time for my cousin's wedding and let me tell you they both have become my absolute favorite! Totally making them part of my university routine.

Application at first is a bit troublesome you may have to apply it a couple of time to get them on BUT that doesn't matter as it stays for 3-4 hours! Quite smooth and perfectly matte. πŸ‘

Rating: 4/5

They are available at probably every supermarket like Imtiaz and etc and costed me around Rs. 350.


Zehra Sajjad

Halkay bolo log sun rahay hay.
Ahista hasso larkio ki tarah
Aram say chalo

To all the girls who are called out and have to refrain themselves from laughing the way their heart wants. Who get excited but are shut down in matter of seconds because their voice is not 'lady like'. Those who are constantly reminded that we are less human and more a gender.

Its okay. Next time that happens, laugh a bit louder and say SO WHAT? Walk the way you want. And don't ever lower down your voice unless you are planning a murder.


Zehra Sajjad

Abs are cool y'know but donuts are cooler. 🍩

These treats from @easybyfatsos definitely won our hearts.


Zehra Sajjad

A year full of experience and learning is finally coming to an end. With last two days left of 2018 I am saying goodbye to this year with a satisfied heart Alhamdulillah.πŸ˜‡ This year taught me many lessons out of which the most important one was Self-love.

2018 taught me to experience and go out of my comfort zone. To not sit back but be confident in my own skin. To learn and discover. With the ups and the down, this year has been a good ride over all.

How was your 2018? And how excited are you for 2019?


Zehra Sajjad

Walking through the lanes with your girls, laughing on little things and pizza is the way to fix the damage brought by finals. 😌

The girls and I planned on having a little break from books and just chatter before the break starts. That's how we landed at Famous O's Pizza. The place is though small but really cosy diner to enjoy your casual day. The staff was really hospitable so full points for that! πŸ’―

Now the food, we ordered Nashville Hot Chicken Strips as the starter and Hot Mott from the pizzas. πŸ”ΈThe chicken strips were crispy and were more like the zinger strips. Nothing extraordinary but nice as starters. They were served with sauces.

Rating: 3/5 πŸ”ΈPizza that was Hot Mott was good but not good enough, you guys get it don't you? We heard a lot about their pizza but this one was okayish for us. Probably they have better things stored.
Rating: 3/5


Zehra Sajjad

Exams and stress are probably the first pair made in heaven. No wait. Made in hell. And if you have history of anxiety or stress they just increase tenfold during this time. πŸ˜₯
So to fight these days here are few tips I am looking forward to follow and are making myself work on it. Try if you think they'll help you.
1. Get started with the hardest task first. It will take time so pick that.
2. Concentration is the key to success but how to concentrate is the issue. If you struggle then the time is right to practice it.
Set 10 minutes for yourself and in these 10 minutes your book and you are best friends. You'll get distracted, something interesting would pop up in your mind but now is not the time. (Remember: we are already quite behind and the dare devil in you needs to get done with syllabus.) 3. Try waking up earlier, even if you are a night owl, try waking up at th crack of dawn once. Rush for a quick half an hour walk and believe me you are refreshed for hours.

4. Next, Pick a room with good ventilation and natural light. Lock yourself with the immediate needed books, water bottle, and some healthy snacks. Never sit empty stomach because then it's the hunger you'll only think about.

5. Don't forgot to take short breaks. Set a target duration and then get up for 5-10 minutes. Stretch, refresh, and replay.

6. Lastly turn off phone and internet. Socializing is not the priority. Even if you need to ask questions to that genius friend write them down. Call them during the break and figure it out.

7. This is the prime time that you need to fuel yourself up with goodness so take good care of diet. Take all three meals properly with family. Refresh yourself along side. And if you are following morning walk good but if not take out 20-30 mins to do basic workout. It will literally boost your energy to continue.
Study hard and Party harder! 😎

P. S. If you have been a PRO at procrastination like me and leaves everything for the eleventh hour. GOOD LUCK CHAMPIONS.


Zehra Sajjad

Dream or Dream Cone, what's the difference after all? 😌😍


Zehra Sajjad

"She looks like shit"
"Hey! don't say like that. what did she even do to you."
"Why does it matter? She is a public figure and should expect these comments." .

Duly Noted. .

But highly unacceptable. .

A few days ago Aiman Khan got married and a few days before that Deepika also got married. 2 completely different celebrities from 2 very different sets of backgrounds. Unfortunately, one thing which was common between them was Social Media. .

We got to see their pictures and their looks and everyone from famous fashion critics to all those who made an account a day before shared their feedbacks. It's fine and we expect it because when you share your life on social media it is understandable that wanted but more than that the UNWANTED criticism would be making its way towards you. .

That's how social media life works after all!
EVEN THEN, if you are someone which is using the power of expression in a way that you can only criticize through words which are utterly disgusting like "shit", "copy ker rahi hay", "shakal dekho kesi lug rahi hay" "zehr lagti hay" and etc.
So just one question, what pills do you take to get this low and lifeless that you get pleasure in expressing your UNWANTED criticism in such disgusting way?



Zehra Sajjad

There are some places which hold memories and a part of our hearts as well. This is the picture of Senior Library from my school. A place where we were scolded multiple times, where we built friendship stronger than any but more importantly I found my passion for books and writing right at this place.

I was a late bloomer when it came to reading but this place opened the doors which would be wide open for life, In Shaa Allah. I discovered my reading genre, passion for books which I was sure I would never have, literally. And my vivid imaginations. πŸ“šπŸ’­ Share your journey of being a reader and your favorite place down below.


Zehra Sajjad


Final Submissions: βœ”
Presentations: βœ”
Final exam just around the corner: βœ”
Anxiety: βœ”
Broke: βœ”

Seriously, guys fall is more about falling grades, isn't it? πŸ˜₯
Anyways while I was struggling to keep up with the university I came across this extremely affordable deal from @beezerbytz. Now for a person like me food is everything and if it's economical then it's definitely a win-win πŸ’ƒ

This deal offered:
4 Burgers + Fries and Drink in just Rs. 1100.

We got two Beef Smoke House and two Crunchy Chicken Burgers. The beef patties were a bit dry but overall the burgers were good.
Smoke House: 4/5
Crunchy Chicken: 4/5


Zehra Sajjad

I recently turned towards black coffee for breakfast but can it compete chai? No.
A cup of chai really fix everything! Anyways how's the weekend going peeps? I am stuck with A LOT of submissions and presentations and all that semester ending jabs but am I doing it? 😳