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Stepping into spring! #🌱#🌸


Warm quinoa salad with grilled carrots, sweet corn, and halloumi. Tossed with some harissa and cilantro. #Lunch !

I'm not much of a planner or someone who prepares meals ahead of time for the week. (I want to be though!) The one thing I do often make ahead however, and never regret, is a big batch of #quinoa or other healthy grain.

Sometimes it'll end up in a cold #salad, other times in a hot soup. Or it gets eaten with a curry, a stir fry or is made into a warm, healthy-ish grain bowl like this one.

How do you plan your meals for the week and curb unhealthy eating? Any advice?


Salmon "tenga" curry -- a Sylheti-style Bangladeshi sour fish curry that I just tried out and am adding to my meal rotations! So much tangy goodness!

Even though I grew up with Bangladeshi cuisine all around, Sylheti food is quite new to me. I'd always heard about "shathkora", a type of bitter-sour citrus used in Sylheti curries, and the mysterious 7-layer teas from Sylhet but have unfortunately never traveled to this beautiful northeastern region of my country nor experienced the unique cuisine firsthand.

I don't know when a trip to #Sylhet will be in the books so I decided to try making this fish curry for myself. It's reminiscent of the light Bangladeshi fish curries I'm used to, but has a lovely piquancy that is new to me. (I normally eat my Bengali food with a lot of lemon/lime wedges on the side so I loved the sourness!).
I've learned that this dish can be cooked with a multitude of souring agents, including tamarind, raw green mangoes, jujubes (boroi), tropical olives (jolpai) and tomatoes. It starts off with lots of fried garlic, which is also not something I'm used to in the Bangladeshi or #srilankan dishes I typically cook.

I made the dish with tomatoes, mango powder and lemon this time but looking forward to trying other variations. It makes a delicious spicy and brothy curry, ideal for a rainy Monday like today. Recipe from @afeliaskitchen which I discovered thanks to my friend at @monis_kitchen -- thank you for sharing your wonderful cuisine.

Someday hopefully I will visit Sylhet but for now this is a going to be a repeat in my tiny New York kitchen. :)

If you have any recommendations for other regional Bangladeshi dishes I'm missing out on, please message me! Appreciate any future travel tips too.

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Missing the Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year) festivities in Bangladesh!

#Flashback to last year around this time when I took my husband out to experience his first Pohela Boishakh on the streets of Dhaka. Some of my relatives who are students at Dhaka University showed us around that day and it was such a memorable time.

It started with an early morning rickshaw ride to Shahbag, from where we walked to the চারুকলা Institute of Fine Arts whithin Dhaka University's campus. We enjoyed the sea of red and white saris and panjabis everywhere, drank sweetend "cha" at a roadside tea stand and had some of this "kacha aam bhorta" (raw tangy mangoes tossed with chillies, salt, lime and "kashundi", a Bengali mustard sauce made with soaked, ground mustard seeds, mustard oil, vinegar and spices), all while taking in the festivities and spirit of celebration around us.

I love the colorful traditions and festivals that we celebrate in Bangladesh and am happiest when I am able to share these with my husband and others who appreciate Bengali culture or are new to it.

To those of you celebrating the Bengali New Year tomorrow - শুভ নববর্ষ!

And a happy new year to everyone else observing other regional South Asian new year celebrations, including the Tamil New Year and Sinhalese New Year in Sri Lanka -- wishing you the best of the season!

The week after this we were in Sri Lanka last year and also fortunate enough to partake in some of the beautiful Sinhalese new year festivities there. Will save that post for another day!

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Nothing like simple "daal, bhaat, bhorta" to satisfy the Bangali soul.

Tempered lentils, rice and a medley of spiced, mashed vegetables (like these mash potatoes laced with mustard oil and chillies and tangy tomato "bhorta'") is among the simplest of Bangladeshi comfort foods. I'm craving some badly today!

#tbt photo from one of my supper club dinners last year. I had fun playing around with the presentation of these simple dishes, while keeping the flavors intact and true to what I grew up with at home in #Bangladesh and abroad.

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If you’re anything like us, you crave comfort food on Sundays. In our Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan home, nothing beats a spicy curry for comfort food!

I don’t always feel like doing hands-on cooking though, so for days like these I turn to my easy oven-roasted chicken curry.

While this roasts itself in the oven for nearly two hours, I catch up on Netflix (while husband does the laundry 😬). It makes for the best kind of Sunday night, if you ask me.

The recipe is now on my website -- grab the link from my profile!



Peyaju (onion fritters) from my visit to @koraikitchen a few weeks back.

Hooked on this cute little Bangladeshi restaurant that opened recently in Journal Square -- finding myself wanting to head to Jersey a lot more often these days. 😬 With all my favorite things on the buffet, plus the draw of cha (tea) and mishti (desserts) -- how could I not?! And I'm not alone, everyone else I know who has gone seems to be a fan too.

Please do yourself a favor and check this place out if, like me, you love Bangladeshi food and have always wished for a restaurant that serves authentic, delicious food, is clean, comfortable and prides itself for its Bangladeshi roots. This place is it!

Shout out to the mother & daughter duo (with the best names -- ask them about it!) who own and run this place. It makes me happy to see people doing such a beautiful job sharing the best of Bangladeshi cuisine and culture. I love it and will be back here soon!

Check out: @koraikitchen



Daydreaming, as usual, of #wildflowers and wonderful places.

Is spring here to stay yet? Keeping my fingers crossed...
#throwback #happyhumpday


To those of you feeling the Irish charm today: happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope you find all the leprechauns, rainbows & pots of gold. And a few pints of Guinness. 😊

Remembering this lovely trip to Ireland a while back.
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#nofilter California dreamin' 🌸


Of lentils, labneh & a #latergram.

#Reposting an old #recipe.

Here's what I used in the salad, good for two people as a meal by itself:
- About a cup of cooked bulgur, drained well -- cous cous or quinoa should also work well or if you're avoiding grains you could throw in some diced grilled chicken
- Half a packet of cooked French lentils
- Two scallions, chopped
- Handful of tomatoes, halved
- Big handful of parsley, chopped
- Handful of mint or cilantro, chopped
- 2 or 3 small oranges, peeled and diced
- Small handful almonds, chopped
- A tablespoon of crumbled feta
- Half a pomegranate

For the dressing, I used a bit each of the following, to taste:
- Pomegranate mollasses (substitute with balsamic vinegar or other tangy dressing/condiment)
- Harissa (substitute with your favorite hot sauce)
- Lemon juice
- Olive oil
- Salt

After tossing everything together, I topped the salad with creamy labneh spheres that I made at home but you could always top with more crumbled feta.


#Spicy vegetable, #cashew & paneer pulao to get me through the day at home. ❄️🌨️


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