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Photo by @amivitale. Elephant guardian Naomi Leshongoro with orphan baby Pokot at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary @r.e.s.c.u.e. Naomi cared for and released five elephant calves before Reteti opened in Namunyak Community Conservancy last year, and now continues her incredible work with the Sanctuary team. #womeninconservation #saveelephants #dontletthemdisappear #elephant #retetielephants


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“More from the Mpala Research Center and Conservancy fam trip.
Lakini the most shy of them all is the Grevy Zebra. Still not sure whether it is shyness or fear or maringo tu. Whatever it is, they need to get over it. They are endangered, yes, but not sliced bread. Mapedho mingi za kukataa camera wawache. .
Can't wait for the actual Great Grevy Rally happening this end month. We will be going to help conduct a census on these slay queens of the animal kingdom.
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The Great Grevy’s Rally is only 3 weeks away and you only have a little time left to register for the last few spots available! Help us collect information on these beautiful and endangered species while enjoying a wonderful weekend in the bush! We still have some AMAZING offers for Laikipia lodges available only for the GGR! Get in touch today! #earnyourstripes 📷 by Suzi Eszterhas


Photo by @amivitale. A group of Samburu, who are semi-nomadic pastoralists, stand looking over the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy from the Mathews Range Mountains. Namunyak's 850,000 acres contain higher populations of large mammals than any other landscape (protected or unprotected) in Kenya, including the second-largest elephant population in the country, with more than 6,300 individuals. Conservation efforts here are focusing on both preventing habitat loss and stopping the spread of poaching, lead by the local communities.

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“The men were against it, they thought us women were shunning our traditional responsibilities. But as soon as they saw us go into town and buy nice clothes and food for our families, they asked how their wives could get involved in what we were doing!” Seki recalls the time she first got involved with @beadworkskenya. Known to her friends as ‘Catherine’, Seki lives in Westgate Community Conservancy with her husband and five children. 
A typical day for Seki starts at 4am, when she milks the family’s herd of camels and goats. After household chores she goes out with the donkeys to fetch water for the home. “If the kids are on school holidays, I can bead from 10am to 4pm, because they can help with the house and livestock chores” she says. “If they are all in school, I’ve got less time to bead.”
Seki’s husband is a teacher and local Chief. In the beginning, he was one of the few men who supported her women’s group in joining BeadWORKS. As others in the community started seeing the benefits, attitudes shifted. More kids were in school, there was better food on the table, more businesses were opening – all driven by empowered women. “My daughter had a problem with her eye. The hospital bill was 6,000 KSH (US$60). My husband’s immediate reaction was ‘we have to sell a goat to pay for this.’ But we didn’t need to, I had enough saved in my BeadWORKS kitty to pay for it,” Seki says proudly. 
The link to conservation is never far away. Through the Conservancy, the @grevyszebratrust directly employs women from the group to monitor Grevy’s zebra in the surrounding area. “When we see the men in their ranger uniforms, we feel proud that we are taking care of our conservancy’s resources.” #conservation #womeninconservation #samburu #beads #enterprise #beadworks


Incredible shot from @thekenyancamper in Marsabit National Park.
A vital wildlife refuge and watershed, Marsabit NP is surrounded by NRT-member community conservancies: Songa, Shurr and Jaldesa. They are critical in helping to protect the park’s forests, water systems and other natural resources, which support local livelihoods and diverse wildlife species. #leopard #marsabit #safari @the_big_north #whyilovekenya


Photo: @kieran.avery #sunset in Biliqo Bulesa Community Conservancy #camels #africansunset #northkenya


Photo: @grevyszebratrust. The Great Grevy’s Rally is back! There was an incredible turnout of citizen scientists in 2016, and together they helped build the most comprehensive picture of Grevy’s populations to date. Since then, drought and conflict have affected much of the Grevy’s range, so we’re calling for another count - and this time we’re including the equally threatened reticulated giraffe. This is open to ANYONE in Kenya, and is a fantastic opportunity to explore north Kenya’s community conservancies - the only requirements are a car and an adventurous spirit. So come join us Jan 27th and 28th 2018! More info in link in our bio. #grevyszebra #citizenscience #zebra #zebrafoal #kenya


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Photo by @amivitale. Soil is crucial for addressing climate change. But it's often an unsung hero in the climate story. As part of our partnership with @nrt_kenya, we’re working to make changes in rangeland management to increase soil carbon, leverage carbon markets, and provide revenue for community rangeland trusts. In northern Kenya, rangelands are managed mainly through the types of grazing animals, the density at which they are grazed, and the frequency by which they are rotated to other parts of the system to avoid overgrazing. These healthier, better-managed grasslands sequester more carbon from the atmosphere, provide better habitat for wildlife, and better pasture for livestock. Here, Samburu women plant seeds of native plants in areas where they’ve removed invasive red thorn bushes at West Gate Conservancy.
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Repost @tarnbreedveld - rangers in Sera Community Conservancy looking sharp! #rangers #dreamteam #wildlifewarriors #seraconservancy #northkenya


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After moving to Westgate Community Conservancy, Shivani of Ewaso Lions approached the Conservancy Warden, Stephen, and asked for a small team to work with her and help find lions. Stephen found a young, smiling 19-year old warrior - Jeneria (middle of top photo). In the early days, Jeneria was very shy and quiet but that has quickly changed and he is now a fearless leader. Jeneria came up with the concept for Warrior Watch in 2010 where he decided that the best way to save lions in Samburu was to engage the warrior demographic. Jeneria now works with 19 warriors (including Letoiye and Yesalai pictured here), stops other warriors killing lions, collars and tracks lions, attends to difficult conflict incidents when lions have killed livestock and engages with the community on a daily basis. The warrior team is a remarkable and formidable force for conservation in Samburu under Jeneria's leadership. #Samburu #conservation #lion #wildlife #warrior #warriorwatch Top photo taken by Kris Norvig.