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You are beautiful exactly the way you are.

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Nude Yoga Girl

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"Eternity" Fine Art Print (in the photo). 20x28 inches / 50x70cm

Where can you buy my prints? (link in bio)
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Nude Yoga Girl

#NYGyoga Bodies make it possible for us to experience life. Bodies are diverse. We should value and honor the bodies of others and our own. ❤️

1. @dreaffogle
2. @bodyindubai
3. @redwolf_yogi
4. @favorhamilton
You are all amazing!

I want to encourage ALL body forms and shapes (you!) to share your nude yoga photos with me. Use #NYGyoga / @ Tag me or send a DM! ❤


Nude Yoga Girl

Photo & behind the scenes VIDEO from Bali! Which one do you prefer? 1 or 2 (video) 🌱
We stayed at the beautiful @villaflorimar / @theluxenomad on our Bali trip. #theluxenomad #thatvillalife


Nude Yoga Girl

❄️ -15°C / 5°F I just arrived back home! Where are you? 😊 And no, I don't exactly live in that cutest cottage. 😍


Nude Yoga Girl

It's so silent down here. ❤️ Have our lives become too busy? #underwater


Nude Yoga Girl

One question once a week... What do you see in your own reflection? ❤️
Amazing pool by the ocean at @villavedas / @theluxenomad #theluxenomad #thatvillalife #yoga #yogi #bali #artist


Nude Yoga Girl

Quit hiding your magic. The world is ready for you. ❤️


Nude Yoga Girl

Do you remember where you were two years ago during this particular time of the year? Could you have imagined about being where you are now, this life situation? I couldn't at all! So probably no need to worry too much about the future because we never know - we have just this day, this moment. ❤😌
This photo was taken exactly two years ago - when I last visited Bali before this trip!


Nude Yoga Girl

One question once a week.... How would you describe yourself in three words?
My answer - Sensitive, honest and creative. 😊
Ps. I'm in Bali now and I'm sharing my trip daily on IG stories!


Nude Yoga Girl

Which one do you like the most... 1 or 2 (close up)? 😊
We are leaving for our next photography trip tomorrow! Photos in warmer conditions and more underwater photography. Can't wait!! 😍
Photo taken at the beautiful and peaceful beachside villa @ban.sairee / @theluxenomad / @lvh_villas
#bansairee #theluxenomad #luxuryvillasandhomes


Nude Yoga Girl

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"Arctic Girl" large size 24x32 inches / 60x80cm
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Nude Yoga Girl

-15°C / 5 ℉ ❄️ Behind the scenes video ❄️ What do you think of the location? 😊 It was so peaceful, you can only hear the shutter... 📷