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@Flexxxkovacs out here at the Oceana Nutrition Corner event in sunny Virginia Beach! Come check it out if you’re in the area! Also, take a look at our story for more exclusive content!


This easy, versatile dessert by @emmabethfit is one of our favorites! The toppings are limitless, and can be adjusted for anyone’s macros. 👉🏼 117 calories: 23p/5c/1f
•1 scoop Whey Optima Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie
•2-3g xanthan gum
•blender cup of ice
•1/3-1/2 cup of water
Blend! You can add water gradually if needed.


Brand new bottle, Same delicious taste with the same great stats! 💪🏼🔥 Our liquid L-Carnitine is the best way to lose visceral fat while gaining natural, healthy energy! ⚡️Thanks @advance_sports_nutrition for this awesome image 💚👍🏼


Never forget where you started - @mr.fjfranco 💪🏼🔥 No one borns with a fitness body. You have to work it, you have to earn it, you have to sweat it.
It's something that anyvary is able to do but not anyvary is willing to put the effort to achieve it.
It takes discipline, commitment, perseverance, patience and organization.
It's not about having a special talent, is all about hard work.


From gym clothes 💪🏽 to scrubs 💊💉... then back to gym clothes. It’s a rare sight when you see @_kat_mom_ in anything else! All that hard work is paying off, keep crushing it!


Start your day with Envié which features 72 vital nutrients 💪🏼💚 We start with essential vitamins and minerals. Then we add amino acids, 9 super greens, 7 more antioxidants, and finally digestive enzymes. Each raw source is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. 📸: @advance_sports_nutrition


Our brand ambassadors @kmathewson_fit and @kurtsmith_fit after an intense hamstring workout. Next step is to break out the BCAA Optima and relax 😎
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Get your Tuesday started right by building up those delts! Our brand ambassador @susietazzi will show you how! 👇🏼
WARM-UP:  Spend about 5-10 minutes walking on an incline or doing some light cardio to get your heart rate up. Then, do some dynamic stretches. From there, begin your weight training session with:
Standing OHP- go nice and light focus on warming up those delts while ensuring full range of motion and proper form. 3x15
Upright Row - Grab a barbell and focus on engaging your delts as you row the bar up to your chin. Aim to increase weight as reps drop.4x15-12-10-8
OHP to Behind the Neck Press- Go light, this is a BURNER. Make sure you have a spotter near by when trying this movement out for the first time! 4x10
Barbell Front Raise- try to keep the bend in your elbows minimal as you raise the barbell up. 4x10
Lateral Raise- use dumbbells and focus on contracting those delts. 4x10
Alternating OHP- keep your inactive arm at a ninety degree angle while your working arm is pressing. 4x10 each side
Rear Delt Flies- bend over or perform these seated and focus on squeezing those rear delts to lift the dumbbells. 4x10


Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Whey Protein is the perfect late-night snack! 🌙 📸: @kaizenlife


Our brand ambassador @emmabethfit’s #MealPrep Monday is looking right 💚💪🏼🔥
What’s your favorite Whey Optima flavor? Let us know below 👇🏼


If you’re a coffee lover like @nataschaencinosa you will LOVE this recipe!
• ☕️ 8-10 oz unsweetened American coffee
• 🍶 unsweetened almond milk to liking
• 2 tbsp sugar free chocolate syrup
• 1 scoop of ISO Optima
• A dash of cinnamon
• 3 Splenda packets
• 1 tbsp chia seeds
• Add ice and blend!


Happy #FlexFriday 💪🏼🔥 Our brand Ambassador @Super_swole gets his Friday pump from our #TruPre preworkout blend! Hope everyone has a great weekend!