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when it comes to #vegancheese, do you guys sometimes miss the "real thing"? or not anymore? let's be honest and share our best tips to overcome our dairy addiction in the comments below 😊🌱 #throwback to exactly one week ago, when i was feasting on one of the most outstanding vegan cheese platters of my life, thanks to my talented friend (and amazing chef!) @veroniklacombe. i managed to snap that inception shot while @sameravenelle was also trying to immortalize the platter and i just love how it looks! (do you? it's so different from what i usually do!) that cheeze platter was only one of the many amazing services @veroniklacombe prepared for us on this memorable sugar shack themed brunch (if you watched my stories last weekend, you already know what i'm talking about!) can't wait to share more shots from it with you guys, but in the meanwhile, go check @soyaetchocolat @chic_et_vegane and Vero's feeds for more sneak peeks of it! 🍁

cheese spread featuring vegan (and all canadian!) cheeses from @mainvegandeli @georgianbayfrauxmagerie @vegnature and @zengarryveg! served with jelly & jams from @lacuisineparmelanglois and @madepices (not featured in the pic)

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Montreal, Quebec

When the sun had been shining all day and all you dream of is tropical weather...and fruits! who else has been enjoying a little bit of the sun rays today? ☀️ (to be honest, i've been working in front of my computer all day and enjoyed the sun just a few minutes this afternoon... but i wish i had more!) sending extra hugs to everyone of you for all the warm bd wishes from the last days, whether it was through stories, DMs or comments on my last post! you're awesome guys! 💛

best wishes from Montreal, Odile xx

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Montreal, Quebec

cause sometime all you need is hot chocolate, a cinnamon bun and some cookbook inspo! any cookbook addict? let me know what is your fav one! ⤵️ i'm ending this other year on the planet just the way i wished it! if you're watching my stories daily, you already know about that amazing vegan sugar shack brunch my friend @veroniklacombe did on Saturday, then that inspiring shooting afternoon with @joeysplate yesterday and finally a new tiny tattoo today to fill my sleeve thanks to @chloepokes! and tomorrow, i'm spending some time with my friend @christinedrouin and ending everything on Wednesday celebrating my twin birthday girl @mariemichelleec! i'm a lucky and very happy girl! 😁 oh and i've got my first official birthday wishes thanks to @thezestylime earlier tonight (if you haven't seen her stories, go check it out now!) and it just put a big smile on my face! love you Rebecca ❤️ with that busy weekend and those busy days ahead, i hope you'll excuse me for not being as fast at replying to all your comments and DMs 🙈 thank you to everyone of you who also tagged me and/or reshared me lately. it gives me so much joy, you have like no idea. and finally, thank you to everyone of you for making that platform the way it is, aka a amazing and caring community ❤️ #vegancommunity #everythingislove

much love from montréal, Odile xxx

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Café Thérèse

the weekend is finally here and all i can think of is a big bowl of warm porridge with all the toppings! and you, what's in your plate this morning? let me know in the comments ⤵️ the truth is i'm about to pig out on one of the most epic vegan brunch of my life today! when your friend and amazing vegan chef @veroniklacombe invite you to a vegan #sugarshack brunch, you simply say YES, bring you ass asap and eat everything she'll feed you 😂 gonna share sneak peeks of that maple feast in my stories for you my loves, but make sure to check her stories too, as well as @soyaetchocolat & @sameravenelle, cause both will be there to enjoy the feast! but you might be jealous too, just so you know 😂

talking of sugar shack and maple syrup, i'm also bringing this big bowl of oats to my friend @valises_et_gourmandises maple party! or more precisely i'm bringing those caramelised apple on top cause i used a shit tons of maple syrup in there to make them! and then added extra maple syrup to my bowl before devouring it of course! and now i simply wish you were there too Aryane, at that sugar shack brunch! can't wait to see you and Martin in May! 😊 #arysmapleparty

also in my #porridgebowl: @pranabio walnuts and white chia seeds, @daiyafoods green yogurt and @pana_chocolate cinnamon chocolate!

wishing you all a lovely weekend guys! much love (and #maplesyrup) from Montréal, Odile xxx

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Montreal, Quebec

happy #womensday my loves! i've already seen and read so many inspiring posts on my feed, just adding some more love and #girlpower💪 to what's already been said! let's celebrate women not only today, but EVERY single day of the year too! ❤️ been busy all day with a very exciting shooting (sorry if i havent posted much sneak peeks about it in my stories, need to keep it secret for now! have you seen what I did with my leftovers tho?🤔), but stopping by to share these buckwheat cream and soy yogurt parfaits with you! tag a friend (or maybe a woman?) with whom you would want to share that extra jar!

bringing these babies to my friend Patricia @nourishmybliss #breakfastblissparty! not sure if you're a buckwheat lover as much as i am, but i know for sure you love pretty and colorful parfaits and breakfasts Patricia! so i hope you'll love these! oh and congrats on hitting15k girl! 🎉

cranberry and banana buckwheat cream inspired by my friend @oneslicemore, topped with @fermentpassion soy yogurt (that you can buy in refundable glass jars at @epicerieloco and @vracetbocaux), quinoa puffs and pomegranade seeds

special thanks to my friend @therawberry for sharing my pics on her feed today along with the sweetest caption about our friendship! Love you Marie 💕 but also @lovelyeevi @plantastybites & @lazysha for tagging me in their stories today! and thank you all for your feedback about two topics i spoke about lately : #zerowaste + bralette. you rock girls! 💪

best wishes from Montreal my loves, odile xxx

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Montreal, Quebec

how I wished my spices cupboard looks like #inmydreams ❤️ i rarely post things captured with my camera phone or that aren't properly food photography (even tho spices IS food, right?). but i wanted to talk to you about buying in bulk and #zerowaste. i'm lucky to be living in a city where doing such a thing is pretty easy. only in my neighborhood, i have two fully zerowaste stores at less than 15 min of walking distance (@epicerieloco and @vracetbocaux), but also other bulk stores and one of the most amazing markets of mtl (hello @marchespublicsmtl). i won't say i'm perfect, i do buy packaged stuff (or receive some from companies) here and there, but whenever i can, i try to diminish my impact on the environment with what I buy. #reduceyourfootprint

if you're looking for some inspiration regarding that subject, follow my friend @conscious_cooking but also @soyaetchocolat! They both share great tips and inspirational photos, the first one in English, the second one in French! and both show you it's possible to do so and still eat fully #plantbased! #veganinspo

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Vrac & Bocaux - Épicerie Bio Zéro Déchet

kombucha porn, from me to you! ❤️ any kombucha lover/brewer in the room? 🤔 let me know what are your thoughts about kombucha in the comments below ⤵️ in only two days from now, i'll be teaching my first ever kombucha workshop and i can't wait for it! and i wrote a small ebook for the occasion that i will be giving to the participants. it's in french tho, but once my fermentation workshops will be done, i'll translate it and make it available for you my loves. along with my tepache, kimchi and saeurkraut recipes! and maybe my sourdough too? 🤔 let me know if you would be interested by such an ebook and how much you would be ready to pay for it! always happy to have your input guys ;) gens de Montréal, si ça vous dit d'apprendre à faire votre propre #kombucha, mais aussi découvrir c'est quoi le #tepache, il reste toujours de la place pour mon atelier de mercredi sur les boissons fermentées au @esquina.baracafe! je vous mets le lien eventbrite dans mes stories pour vous inscrire! j'espère vous y voir en grand nombre! 😁

thank you guys for all the love on yesterday's post! and don't forget to tag me if you ever try my hazelnut & chocolate porridge recipe from @pranabio ebook (link to it is available through my bio)! also special thanks to my friend Ken from @vegeheroes for sharing my porridge bowl! you always know how to put a smile on my face with your captions Ken! 💛

much love from montréal, Odile xx

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Montreal, Quebec

put your hands up in the air if you're a nutella lover like me 🙌 cause who doesn't love chocolate AND hazelnuts together? right, @plantastybites? 😄
but the truth is there's no nutella in there, which means no dairy and no palm oil yay! #govegan 🌱 simply the most amazing hazelnut butter (thanks to @pranabio!) and some good quality cacao and dark chocolate! and here you are with some decadent nutella porridge! which is totally fine to have for breakfast too hihi 🍫 could be a great way to start your Monday tomorrow, don't you think?

you can find the recipe (in English et en français) in the new ebook @pranabio just launched! you simply need to subscribe to it! 😉 gonna share the link in my story + bio for you my loves! so glad to be part of it along my friends @loounie and @la_cuisine_de_jean_philippe! 😄 #madewithprana

sending some extra love to my friend @therawberry who actually send me some lovely dish clothes last Xmas, and I finally got the chance to use them in one of my shooting (hence today's post!) And it happens to be porridge too, which we are both crazy about hihi 😄 another entry to your party #therawberry30k maybe? 🤔 even tho you're getting closer and closer to 40k now! so proud of you my friend 😙

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Montreal, Quebec

homemade sauerkraut, tahini and roasted veggies on sourdough : this is what i call toast perfection! what's your go to when it comes to toast toppings? are you more salty or sweet? 🤔 let me know in the comments! #stuffontoast

gonna share some toast inspo in my stories that made me drool lately! feel free to tag me in your next toast shot so i can have a look at it! cause who can get tired of some #toastporn, right?

on my toast 👉 homemade tahini, sautéed smoky mushrooms (sautéed in tamari and liquid smoke), homemade red sauerkraut, green onions and sesame seeds

slowly getting ready for my upcoming fermentation workshop tonight at @esquina.baracafe, the first of three workshops (in 🇫🇷). keep an eye on my stories, i might well share some sneek peaks about the workshop over there! et pour les interesséEs, vous pouvez toujours vous inscrire aux 2 prochains ateliers (kombucha & tepache, puis levain) via le lien actif dans ma bio 😉

big kisses from Montréal, Odile xxx

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Montreal, Quebec

happy friday lovelies!
thank god it's the weekend! 🙈 anyone else got a super busy week? seems like it's been like that for the last couple of weeks already... wouldn't say no to simply chill out, drink tepache and do NOTHING 😂 who's with me? 🙋‍♀️ #happyhour

can't wait for tonight's vegan meet-up at @cafetherese, organised by my friends @ehvegan! wonder who else will be there! sounds like a great plan to start de werkend and chill out a little bit tho hihi 😄

pour les intéresséEs, je donnerai un cours sur les boissons fermentées (tepache et kombucha) au @esquinabaracafe le 7 mars prochain! toutes les infos sur mes ateliers de fermentation sont dans mes stories highlights, mais je vous mets le lien eventbrite direct dans ma bio 😉 le premier cours est mercredi prochain, sur la choucroute et le kimchi! et si vous vous inscrivez aux 3 cours, c'est 140 au lieu de 170! écrivez-moi en DM pour obtenir le code promo 😄

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Montreal, Quebec

did you get your daily dose of sunshine today? 🤔☀️ vegan or not, we should all take #vitaminD supplement during the darker months of the year. i usually take mine from oct-nov to march. just make sure to buy a vegan one tho, cause not all vitamin D are vegan: while vitamin D2 is derived from plant sources, vitamin D3 can be derived either from lanolin (sheep’s wool) or lichen (from algae). and if you don't want to take any supplement, make sure you consume enough of fortified products on a regular basis. when summer will be back, simply go out enjoy some sun hihi! 😄

now back to my citrus spread! 🍊🍋🍊 it might not give me any vitamin D, but it surely put some sun in my day! i've been sick twice in the last week, so you bet i'll need all the #vitaminC i can take! another great source of vitamin C are most fermented foods, such as saeurkraut, which comes with all the good bacterias to make your guts happy too! so all and in, i plan on drinking lot of orange juice and eating all the fermented foods that i can in the next few days!

this citrus shot (from which only blood oranges are missing) was inspired by all the gorgeous ones i saw on my feed since the beginning of the year, including the ones from my lovely friends @rainbowplantlife & @bos.kitchen! gonna share some of my favorite through my stories for you my loves ;) 💛 #inspiremyinstagram

have a lovely (and hopefully sunny!) thursday guys! about to run some errands this afternoon with my friend @veroniklacombe for an upcoming and exciting shooting! much love from Montréal, Odile xx

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Montreal, Quebec

what do you like to put in your grilled cheeze? i mean other than the cheeze and the bread obviously! 💁‍♀️ #toasttuesday

after last week kimchi ingredients #flatlay, here's the #kimchi itself in all its glory! one of my favorite way to have kimchi is pretty simple : with plain rice and tofu lol #simpleaf 😂 my second fav combo is with cheeze #veganofcourse : with mac'n'chesse or, almost as tasty, in a grilled cheese (even better with hm sourdough hihi)! if you've never tried that, you're definitely missing something! the tangy taste and spiciness of the kimchi is incredible with the creamy and fat of the cheeze!👌 give it a try, you'll thank me later ;) and if you want more kimchi inspo, check what my friend @stuffontoast did today! #droolingmode 😋 🇨🇵 parlant de levain & kimchi, juste un petit rappel pour mes ateliers de fermentation au @esquina.baracafe plus tard ce mois-ci et en mars! le 1er atelier (28 février) sera sur le kimchi justement (!!!) mais aussi sur la choucroute, le 2e (7 mars) parlera de tepache et komucha et le dernier, mais non le moindre, (14 mars) sera consacré au levain! après les trois cours, vous pourrez apprécier votre grilled cheeze au kimchi avec un bon verre de tepache hehe 😉 je vous mets tous les détails pour les ateliers dans mes stories et le lien vers le premier cours dans ma bio!

PS : grilled cheeze featuring my homemade sourdough + kimchi, but also @gustafood americano cheeze and seitan roast. i know it's hard to see, but believe me, they both made my grilled cheeze incredible! 👌
PSS: tbig thank you to my girls at @crowded_kichen for reposting my pink chia parfaits otday, but also to @therawberry for making my porridge recipe & to @thezestylime for trying out my waffle recipe! love you girls! ❤️
PSSS: i'm sick all over again, so no grilled cheeze for me today, just lot of liquid and veggie broth! hope you're not sick my loves xxx

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Montreal, Quebec