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Be original when hanging with the crew. Made To Order Collection. *Link in Bio*


Well, while we’re waiting for Spring to show up here’s a good Spring Break story for you. Back in 2000 (before JD was in the band) Marc, Benj, Richard and I took our first (and last) vacation on the bands dime. Sorry Jerry! We headed to Jamaica and one night we found the most laid back spot that was probably someone’s backyard more than an actual bar. There was a small stage with some drums, a keyboard (watch out @mikelparis Richie can slay), a bass guitar, and a mic so we asked if we could play a few songs and started jamming. Before we knew it a huge line had formed and all these local singers waited one by one to come up and perform with us. It may have only been like 5 or 10 guys but the way my memory serves me we played up there for hours. Definitely one of the coolest “gigs” of all time. - @chrisculos #tbt


All your favorite O.A.R. fan gear is available at LiveOAR.com including these best sellers. Link in bio!


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Posting in b&w because this guy cut his teeth at CBGB’s. Meeting Elliot Easton (HoF) of The Cars was a real treat. One of my favs. It was a pleasure meeting Adam from @lowcutconnie. Good luck tonight. Thx to @jonhein @robertabooey1 @brenthatley and @sbrandano for having me on. Much appreciated. @sternshow


There's no 'off season' for @jerrydepizzo. Keep an eye out for what we're up to at home while we get ready for the #JustLikeParadise Tour...


On this date in 1999, the band held our #SoulsAflame CD Release Party at The Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH. This was the first show that band manager, Dave Roberge, booked on behalf of the band.


On this date in 1999, the band was featured in @theohiostateuniversity newspaper, @thelanternosu.


We now know when summer starts for OAR. We will be at Milwaukee's Summerfest on July 6th. #JustLikeParadise Link in bio.


Thanks to @Fender @fenderbilly for delivering! Miles from @gardenofdreamsfoundation is loving his new guitar and so are we!


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Last weeks @gardenofdreamsfoundation #concertfordreams was one of the most amazing events I have ever been a part of. Lots of prep went into it so when all of the artists walked out on stage they’d know we had their songs dialed and they could just kick ass. And they did. And now I’m totally missing practicing all of these songs. What a night @rrtfb @gavindegraw @kingdmc @gracevanderwaal @nateruess @mattnathanson @stephen_kellogg @googoodollsofficial @countingcrows @billy_norris @iamrachelcrow

Repost from @blazinry who captured a bunch of my favorite moments, thank you!


There were so many moments at Concert For Dreams. @gracevanderwaal for one, was incredible.


Let us pay Birthday tribute to the man @benjgershman for always bringing the heart to the party. And also because he slays.


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