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We are incredibly proud of our niece, Nicole Elattrache, and her amazing accomplishment for the powerful DUKE BLUE DEVILS!! @nelattrache1


Hard day at the OFFICE! #RAMBO 5


A couple years ago SISTINE doing a happy Gilmore routine! Sophia and SCARLET can swing just as well! I'm the worst of the group!!You make your daddy proud! #golf @sistinestalllone #sophiastallone #scarletstallone


These are shots from ESCAPE PLAN 3 ... It's down the road a bit but it's a good one…#emmettfurlafilms #warriors #exercise #lionsgatefilms


Sorry for showing off but I really like the intensity of this photo .. Love how photographs freeze time so you can go back many years later and relive those special moments…


Like my character, I believe The search for SELF -WORTH is a never ending search , a constant battle with your confidence!!! , So don't get too discouraged, it's normal !! …keep punching !


Keep up the good work, Love mom and dad


On the final day of filming ESCAPE PLAN 3 with my oldest friend and director JOHN HERZFELD. I look beat up, because I am! Badass movie. Toughest prison I have ever seen!#escapeplan3 #emmettfurlafilms #exercise #warriors #fitness #carlfbucherer#therealdanielbernhardt


Everyone in life has their very own personal mountain to climb ... #workout #exercise #boxing #Creed2 #healthyfood


Sometimes the truth really hurts!! @scarletstallone


Is there anything SISTINE can't do well? I thought I could beat her in golf… Not so sure about that anymore! @sistinestallone #exercise #workout #golf


I would like to thank the producer, the directors, the cast & crew for such an enjoyable experience, It's very very rare when you meet a group of strangers and BOND within a couple of hours and then suddenly it's OVER , but what you have is a great everlasting memory… thank you Milo and the gang!!! #thisisus #