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Living the dream in Hawaii! Making art & soaking up the rays.

Sydney the Wonder Dog (aka Sydney the Lionhearted), chilling on this fine Sunday morning. He knows we’re headed out shortly (gotta get a Shingles vaccine and then off to the beach). He can’t relax when he knows we’re leaving him, but the little guy isn’t a fan of the beach so we don’t even try to bring him anymore. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #sydneythewonderdog #honolulu #islandlife #dogsofinstagram #myboy #ourlittlebuddy @shakarandey


Fun Fact of Life in Hawaii...they don’t do the traditional pink and white solar nails like you get on the mainland. Blows my mind. You have to get the white tip painted on here instead of them just using white gel powder to do the tips. Weirdest thing ever. So any nail techs there wanting to move to Hawaii, trust me when I tell you that you could make a killing, just by bringing that particular skill here! I’ve only found one tech on this rock who does a mainland style pink and white, but she’s on the other side of the island. 😩 So today I had them do it their way and paint on some white. Just because I so love the look of a French manicure. It’s too expensive to get this done every time, tho, so it’ll be back to colored nails next fill. Oy! Somethings just aren’t the same here! But hell - it’s Hawaii. I reckon I can just deal with it. 🤷🏼‍♀️😁 #manicureday #frenchmanicure #pinkandwhitenails #socleanlooking #yeahiusedasmoothingfilterforthispicture #dontjudge #islandlife


Look out, Honolulu! Randey bought me a moped. 😳 It even has a “trunk”. That means I can use it to go shopping. 😂 #moped #scooter #easyrider #nowtogetSydneysomegoggles #vrrrrmmmvrrrrmmmvrrrrmmm #ohtheplacesiwillgo #isthereaweightlimitonthisthing
@shakarandey @madddymoose


@vaehbug_mom Show this to your mom. ❤️


Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Fixing to walk down and get my nails done. I’ll be walking in sunshine - FINALLY! It’s been a rainy spring here in Waikiki! #waikiki #honolulu #islandlife #walkwalkwalk #nailday


I never show the view of the other direction from our lanai. I’m usually too busy soaking in the view of the Ala Wai. This view is pretty cool, too, though. City life -there’s always lights and noise and action. I love it. #randeyandmeinwaikiki #brightlights #citylights #citylife #alwayssomethinggoingon #youcanalmostseetheoceanfromhere @shakarandey


Hallelujah, praise the Lord. It’s been 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days since I’ve had a taste of nirvana. (But who’s counting?) Randey found me a source on this island (@villagebeer), though, and picked me up a case of these beauties. Screw the kegerator. I’m drinking the good stuff tonight. Ayinger Dunkel, tonight you’re mine. Y’all don’t bother me. Imma be marinating in beer heaven for the next little bit. 🍺 👼🏼 @shakarandey @jacobsteedhayes @thetomtucker @theyoungs_14 @ayinger.privatbrauerei #dunkel #ayinger #itsbeentoolong #awholecasejustforme #myhusbandlovesme❤️ #islandlifeaintalwayseasy #iwishmybuddytomwasheretocelebratethishappinesswithme


This. This right here is what it’s like living in a tiny apartment when you’re a hoarder....er, I mean, collector, of stuff. Lots of stuff. Sooooo much stuff. It feels like I’m constantly shifting things around, trying to put everything away. Any new addition causes a breakdown in the system. Everybody looking to come visit better get a move on because I’m fixing to turn the spare room into the store room. I’m spending way too much time bitching and not near enough time beaching. Clutter is the bane of my existence right now. 😡😩☹️ #hoarder #shiftmanager #needacleanout #toomanysurfboards #toomuchjunk #imdrowninginstuff #ijustwanttogohangoutonthebeach


Life on the Ala Wai. Love this view with the lights on the water. #alawaicanal #hawaiilife #randeyandmeinwaikiki #honolulu #waikiki


What we’re currently serving in tap 1 of the kegerator. A little local flavor to sip while hanging out on the lanai. Wish you were here, @jacobsteedhayes and @thetomtucker! #honolulubeerworks #localbrew #cocoweizen #kegerator #islandlife #goodstuff #beerislife @shakarandey @minnsas


One of the joys of Hawaii...easy access to Candy Apple bananas. Smaller than your average banana and packed with flavor. Can’t wait for the grandkids to taste them! #candyapplebananas #hawaiilife #bananas #snacks #isitwrongtoeatthewholebunchatonetime @shakarandey @somer2324 @ryfry_03 @madddymoose


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