Oliver (OliPie)@oliver_thepugpig

🐾 Four year old pug
🌴 Living in South FL
💫 #BBAmbassador @buddybelts
🍪 OLIPIE @thewagginbarkery

Took off the hat for a more natural look😂


Friday outfit on point👌💯


I’m starting to think I’m a good luck charm! Yesterday I wore my Portugal jersey and they won!! Today I wore my France jersey and they won!! I wonder what jersey I’ll be wearing next🤔


For those of you asking: I’m good now❤️ as you can see the swelling is gone and my breathing is back to normal. It’s definitely very scary and we don’t want to go through it again. It happens every year even if he gets Benadryl or steroids before💉😔 Thank you all for worrying ❤️


I had my rabies vaccine today and I had an allergic reaction! Every year I’ve had an allergic reaction with BOTH my virus vaccines and my rabies vaccine 😔 Today the vet took extra precautions and I still had an allergic reaction!💉 Have any of you ever had an allergic reaction? Have you opted to not have any vaccines???


Came to the vet for my rabies shot today💉 how handsome do I look?!


Who are you rooting for in the World Cup? ¿Con quien vas en el Mundial? 🇵🇹 Comment below👇 #fifa #fifa2018 #worldcup #copamundial @unnuevodia @telemundodeportes #portugal


“Play wid puppy dawg, puppy dawg lick yuh face. Play wid big dawg, big dawg bite yuh…” 🇯🇲


If you’re happy and you know it stick out your tongue!🤪 #tot


Yessssss🙌 Mommy and Daddy said that next week they’re gonna take me to the beach! Playita timeee🌴☀️