Charlotte, Ghillie & Odin too@olliesea_bengals

Ghillie: king of the castle. Odin: little silver prince. Charlotte: servant of cats, Sailor journalist 📷🎥🎙️📻. ❤️'s adventure & been around the 🌎. 🐾🐱

Got my hair done today!!! Super pleased with it! Thanks to Emma from @wingatespa!!! #wingatespa #wingatespaemma


I tried to nap today. Ghillie took that as using my lap for a bathtub. 🤦🏼‍♀️ #bengalworld #brownbengal #bengalsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #lifeisbetterwithcats #crazycatlady


I mentioned busy. The kitchen at my grandma’s old house is prepped (cleaned and cracks are filled) and ready for a fresh coat of paint. The Oliver’s are self sufficient and do it yourselfers. We are the handymen in this house.


Been busy at home seeing old friends but here’s updates of my kitties. Odin the #silverbengal absolutely LOVES my dad. Here’s a progression of him falling asleep between my dad’s feet. #bengalworld #bengalsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #lifeisbetterwithcats #crazycatlady


This piece of work is pretending to be a friend of mine — the real @warfighterframes — who also happens to be an active duty Marine and all around good guy. What this douchebag is doing is cat phishing older women to get them to send him gift cards. @instagram hasn’t done anything to stop it. Report this faker and protect my friend’s good name.


The mayhem to my chaos. @machinegun.mermaid


Went out to see my Navy vet pal today. It’s a gorgeous day even at 56°.


Good afternoon Boston! The New England menace has returned.


Good afternoon Pensacola!!!


One more leg of this journey. Destination to be determined. #traveler #navy #mclife


Flashback Friday - May 4th and 5th is Do No Harm! The first job of a veterinarian is just that - to do no harm. If you know me, you know I’m 💯% AGAINST the barbaric and outdated practice of declawing. It’s painful, unethical and causes so many problems. Many cats who are declawed end up in shelters because of litter box issues and other behavioral problems. This is my Ghillie with all his cute toes - claws and all. I will never ever declaw my cats or any pet. Ever. #bandeclawing #pawsneedclaws #donoharm @thecatlvt @citythekitty @pawproject


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