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Last time I played golf was 12 years ago. Me and my dad had a private lesson @ Vegas to celebrate his 60th bday. Was a fancy and special celebration. But so was this one with my lovely mother, baby sis & my hermano. It's nice to have family & friends visit and create cheerful memories! 💕 u @mariachi_locoo @cecylebrn @nellyprieto144



Speaking of the universe and how gets all the ducks in a row to take a few minutes to say hi & give a hug in a random airport to your baby sister #7
Love you beautiful, glad I got to see you. :) @estrella_starbuck


How do you quit the mind?
How can the mind be still if I am running around all the time?
The mind can heal if u just give it enough time. Time to play, time to sleep, time to be still.
What type of Mindfulness practice are you cultivating today?? Namaste! 🙃



In my experience strength doesn't only come from hard work. Strength comes from your ability to be flexible, to let go, to take care of yourself, to ask for help and to play. Keeping homeostasis in your life is key to a healthier and happier you.
What do you think?
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Morning!! Morning!!! Morning Pages! 💕
If you know my story or pieces of it, you know that "The artist way" by Julia Cameron changed my life. It taught me how to love self and trust my gut. It's been more than three years when I started I still keep learning for the best way to write my morning pages and go to my artists dates.

Yesterday, I got the meet the real @juliacameronlive not the one my mind created. She is not what I expected, my inner "rebel" tells me she is this, that and more. And I am learning, as Julia suggested to just say thank you to that friend of mine and trust the process.
I feel different to be in #kripalu this time, is a different kind of experience to digest. I know I am a different person everyday, and I learned this morning at my 3.30am pages that the universe is trying to tell me something and that I need to listen.
What is the universe trying to tell u this morning?
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Hello June!
Full moon and a new month are always a great time to set intentions.
No matter how grounded I feel there is always a day or two that I feel... Humm...I am not sure how to describe it. Something like a mix of feelings, low energy, boredom, unsatisfied, unloved... and I now that when I hit my mat with compassion, meaning observing with out judgment, great things come out. To be honest, I don't practice as much as I would like, but I just keep coming back to my mat... Everytime is different, every time is challenging to stay present, but at the end everything is rewarding.
My goal for June is detox. I have already worked on it in May but more work still needs to be done. Is a life long practice.
Don you have goals for June? I would love to hear about them.

Namaste, Monica


What storm are you facing today???


After 11 years of being a Yoga student I decide to take my practice into a deeper level last summer. This photo was taken at the middle of my training by my beautiful yogi sis, today I hardly recognize my body. I am so #thankful for my healing process, for being able to help people heal and for all my teacher and Angeles in this journey. And to be officially accepted to the Integrative Yoga Therapy at @kripalucenter
How is your favorite yoga teacher or coach? 🌝 #Namaste


For me getting out of your comfort zone is not just doing #crazy #shamming or #dangers things, but actually making a #commitment with yourself of being a better #human everyday and not letting #fear block you from being the best version of yourself.
Thank you J for this amazing tour and for being my personal photographer!!! 💕 🙃
How about a Yoga class out here? .
. .
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Celebrating @ladyrose_eptx bday!!!! 💕 🙃 ✨


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