One Over

Simple, natural, organic. Made with skincare ingredients, we are the white t-shirt of makeup. Simply pair with jeans and a smile! #beautyisbalance

Clean and simple. Two colors. One easy palate.
What are your plans for the long weekend?


Full of electrolytes, coconut water is wonderfully hydrating as well as an amazing taste enhancer. Sweet and refreshing, this smoothie will give you the natural boost you need to make it through the day.


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It’s a beautiful day for a ✨GIVEAWAY✨

In partnership with the lovely ladies @ouifresh we want to help your lips stay fresh and hydrated all summer!
To Enter:
1: Follow both accounts @ouifresh
2: Comment below which 1/1 LIP OIL shade you love the most!
Crimson Breath.
Rose Dorée.
Scarlet Bloom.
Naples Nude.

1 winner announced tomorrow, all 4 shades, happy and healthy lips!! #beautygiveaway


For busy women, from busy women. Simple, Natural, the real you.


Words from our founder on what REAL means to her: "At the same time, I realized that I am not super mom. I can't cook homemade meals every night, run a business, and be hyper-conscious about what products we include in our lives. I needed balance, time with friends, and also time for myself. I needed to be real."


LIP OIL LOVE! Say hello to; Crimson Breath, Scarlet Bloom, Naples Nude, and Rose Doree.


Not beholden to trend or age, 1/1 is dedicated to helping woman around the world love who they are, naturally. We enhance natural beauty so you can radiate with your unique confidence every second, of every day!


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. " DA VINCI

Simplicity makes us happy on the inside. Less clutter in our minds and our hearts ultimately leads to a clearer view of the world around us and the ability to love oneself deeper. To use, that is where true beauty lies!


Did you know all of our products are vegan? The main ingredient in our Lip Oil is olive oil. Incredibly nourishing, it protects and smooths your lips with vitamin A and E!


Beauty is Balance. 
One step at a time. 
One breath at a time. 
You are perfectly imperfect and we love you that way!


Dab it here, layer it there. Mistake-proof makeup, our sheer color cosmetics line adds a healthy glow to your perfectly imperfect complexion! We keep it real, we keep it simple, we keep it YOU.


Are you summer ready? What are you looking forward to the most?
A few things we are looking forward to this summer:
The farmers market! 
Beach days! 
Fresh salad from the garden!
Bike rides with the family!


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