I'm Adam H, in OKC. Woodworking, painting, parenting, gardening, canning. Selling custom wooden signs and artwork on Etsy since 2015.

In March, I carved a fox for my nephew. I enjoyed the process so much I carved a second. It is stained, painted, and now available for sale in my Etsy Shop. Will post a photo of my nephews fox when he finishes his painting. #etsysellersofinstagram #woodcarving #carvingwood #fox #etsy


Back in February I posted a picture of a buffalo silhouette on live edge wood. I was not happy with the final product and was looking for ideas to change the piece. Thanks to @sahicks85 @lapwinglane and @heidi.lorraine.charles for suggestions. I cleaned off the watercolors to let the natural wood shine and added a southwest inspired pattern. It’s now for sale at my Etsy shop. #etsysellersofinstagram #liveedgewood #buffalo #bison


Finally had time to finish these two whale carvings and place for sale on my Etsy shop. Details in the bio link. Carved out of some reclaimed pine using a knife, files, chisels, and a rasp. After being happy with the desired outcome, stained with wood dye and sealed. The interesting part is the seal I used for each is different and impacted the color. The upper whale is a deep blue and is sealed with polycrylic, while the lower more “denim” looking whale was sealed with a spray lacquer. #etsysellersofinstagram #handcarved #woodworking #humpbackwhales #whales


During camping last weekend saw this beautiful twilight (see picture 2). Tried to echo the colors in this buffalo silhouette on live edge wood. Need to put a coat or two of lacquer on top to protect the piece and even out the shine. Will place for sale on my Etsy shop in the next week or two. #etsysellersofinstagram #sunsetpainting #liveedgewood #buffalo #bison


This is a repost of a picture taken by my wonderful wife @whiskeytangofoxtrotmama of our daughter playing at her new table. It was too beautiful a photograph, so I had to share. The dollhouse was built and designed by my father. The stools, peg dolls, and table are all projects showcased in previous posts. #carpentry #woodworking #parenting #handmadetoys


Thanks to my friend Neil for the Parris Island romaine lettuce. I traded him some Hungarian Heart tomato seedlings that I started from @bakercreekseeds seeds. Looking forward to the weather warming up here in Oklahoma. #organicgardening #startfromseed #gardening #squarefootgarden


Throwback to a previous project. Buffalo silhouette chalkboard on buffalo check print. Someone threw out an antique drawer face, repaired and painted the design. #reclaimedwood #buffalo #buffalocheck #chalkboardpaint #etsysellersofinstagram


When your nephew asks you to carve a fox for his birthday, you figure out how to carve a fox. He wants to do the painting, so I just need to finish smoothing out the rough edges. #reliefcarving #woodcarving #fox #handmadegifts #autismawareness


When G-Pa and Babka come to visit, we build items for the girls. This trip we made a play table to match their chairs, and a doll house. Thanks to my dad for teaching me so much about woodworking and craftsmanship. #carpentry #grandparents #qualityfamilytime


Back in September, I added a sharknado to a thrift store painting of a dock. It was awesome but lacked color. I got the great idea to add some fire to the dock, but it looked like crap and distracted from the sharknado. After some research and practice, I finally modified the fire. Once the paint dries (its oil, so it may take some time) the picture will be updated and for sale on my Etsy site. #thriftstoremonsterpainting #sharknado #oilpainting #etsysellersofinstagram


Working on my relief carving, trying to strengthen my skills. This is a very basic pileated woodpecker, wanted to keep the lines clean and inspired by mid century modern design. Letting the natural wood of the mount speak for itself. I enjoy the blend of natural and modern, but still need more practice on carving. #carvingwood #woodcarving #pileatedwoodpecker #etsysellersofinstagram


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