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New Merch Dropping in July 😎


#repost @kenzoalvares R.I.P. 🌹 I was about to post this video project a lil later but after hearing this sad news😔 i felt like posting this to honor him! The feel i had while creating this is almost the same feel i have right now posting it. Almost like i saved it😔 R.I.P @xxxtentacion my condolence and strength to his family and friends🙏🏽! Thanks to all these incredible dancers who visualized my vision and feels! @_robinbenjamin @jodygeijsendorpher@remenbenjamin @jowhavdlaak @lolabckrs@sergiovsreis @valerybouwknegt @jamahlheljanan@jamayldonevan @senna.amarnis@charlottemeynendonckx @ninthebergje @chantaldeboerofficial !

#xxxtentacion #digsternl#sad #rip #GETDIGGYWITHIT

Film & Edit by @dnzl.mohlmann


R.I.P @xxxtentacion 😢
May your music live on forever!

Danced by @thefuturekingz #ripxxxtentacion #xxxtentacion


#throwback to this lovely choreo from @sannebothee at Workshop Last year 🌹 #orokanaworld #summervibe #jonnafraser

Song by @jonnafraser - Lover & Bestfriend


#studentenbelike Wanneer je morgen weer om 9uur moet beginnen 😢😭.... en dan heb je altijd die ene klas genoot die maandag ochtend altijd veels te blij is haha! Welke maandag student ben jij? @urbanexpression_


😍 Watch this!
Choreo by @soniasoupha 🎵@kojofunds - My 9ine
#orokanaworld #dancehall


Here is a little Flashback of @soulcypherbattle part 6. New info about SC part 7 coming very soon! #soulselected #soulcypherbattle #orokanaworld


Hola! Samen met @topnotchnl & @strictlyfamilybusiness hebben wij de #SFBmandingochallenge afgetrapt 💃🕺wil jij ook meedoen met deze challenge? Ga dan naar hun Insta voor meer info. #orokanaworld
Dansers: @devantedw @vennydjc @raphael.mccartney
Choreo door @sannebothee


Hii there! It's Thursday so that means it's time for a #throwback 😏 this was the time when we turned the @mcdonaldsnl to our Dance Studio 🔥🕺💃 __________________________________
Dancers: @lucianohiwatofficial @jeemsofficial @kidlock21 @neha_akhtarr
Film & Concept by @orokanaworld
The song is called: NORI by @ronnieflex010
#orokanaworld #lucixjeems #mcdonalds #nori #freestyle


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