Oscar ✒️@oscarconspiracy

Abstract Lettering Artist / Ęurope.


Using parts of my newest alphabets for my new Artwork!👁️🔭
Inspired by old astrologic calendars ✍🏻🖤


' Page 6.' 👁️
Another Page of my Sketchbook. Since a few months i'm sketching up Ideas for new abstract letterings. I got asked a lot if there's 'one' alphabet of mine, which creates the main part of my works. I pay attention to a different Design for my artworks. So for my Letters. I'm trying to draw them new often. It's hard to come up with new stuff sometimes. So i decided to take this little book with me and write ideas up when i got new inspirations, without pressure on finishing projects. Time went over and now
the booklet is nearly filled. I got a bunch of new structures that i will use for my upcoming works. I'm happy to share some raw material with you. For the next pages stay up to my profile, for sure i will publish more in the near future! 🖤❇️


' Adumbrative Collision ' 👁️❇️
Thrøwback to one of my Personal favourites!🖤 What do you think about pattern workş?


' Mindscape. '✍🏻
Working on a new multicoloured Artwork! 🖤 Mixing Acrylics by @montanacans 🤙🏻Enjoy! ☕️


' Thę Universe is in Ůs.' 🖤♦️✍🏻
Finished my new Artwork in Paper!
Thoughts? 👊🏻


Still takin' Time on finishing this Beauty ✍🏻♦️
How are your thoughts so far? 👁️


Worķinğ. ✒️👁️❤️
Launching new Scripts into a new Artwork! Let's see how combinations come out 🤙🏻
What do you think?


' FrĖaķ. ' 👁️👊🏻,
Sketchbook stretchin'..✒️


' Do you like magiç? ' 👁️🖤
Payed lots of attention on details for this one🔍 Multiple layers for colouring effects!
Tell me what you think👊🏻


Still workin' hard on this Øne.👀✒️👊
You like the colours?❤️


Finally back at Wørķ. ✒️❤️👊
@montanacans Acrylics


Sketching up ideas!
Different Typ3 Design ✒️🎬