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Don't flatter yourself, I'm in love with everyone


Overwhelmingly thrilled that I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the dreamiest of dreamboats @travon on bisexuality, freedom and his fresh, groundbreaking new show 'Him or Her' for a special pride edition of @gaytimesmag! Thanks to the whole team at Gay Times for the opportunity 💖Make sure you grab a copy you lovely creatures 💫


Fuck metroids get money ⚡️ #SamusAran for @cybilshouse #drag #MetroidPrime


I got to gush and wax sentimental to @absolutuk (head over to their insta) about my writing and my favourite nightlife in London, including @cybilshouse | @thecybilwar, @vfdalston's manifesto, @dollarbabyparty, @pxssypalace, @bodypartyldn, & @thebattymama!)
(Thank you to @jackgoodetailoring for the dreamy, dreamy look and @craigobernard for taking the dreamy photos and @no_ufos for interviewing me!💖)


Heaven bless the platonic touch ✨


Massive massive thank you to @absolutuk @pernodricarduk for sending me this vodka bottle with my literal fucking face on it as a little spring/Easter present! Deeply, truly iconic ✨And the bow I'm wearing on it is @jackgoodetailoring! 💖


You're all terrible and I love you. [1]
————— [Shot on my #dianamini, 2018]


You keep that love letter in your back pocket like a failed Chekhov's gun 🥀


love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love love me


Soft boy 🥀
@gaytimesmag outtake by @rachelking_photo
• styled by dreamboat @hausofdarkwah


I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to the very, very wonderful @octarell_again for @huckmagazine, about artistic responsibility, how the carceral state weighs on black life, his work and winning an oscar for #Moonlight ✨#linkinbio


Are you not entertained?💫 — by @saraldn & @burneece for @pxssypalace ❤️


Shot by the dreamy @didudietho for her zine #Thisguise, featuring some of my poetry go get it you're all terrible and I love you ✨


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