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not gay as in happy but queer as in there's not a crop top and beret combo i haven't tried and my daddy didn't love me now I'm a slut


Delighted that I got to interview dreambabe @MunroeBergdorf on her activism, her politics, and her journey for @crackmagazine's August Issue⚡️ #LinkInBio #SISTERHOOD "She is the voice that launched a thousand thinkpieces. In a world of Trumps and Theresas and the kind of polite ineffectual centrism that lets Nazism and white supremacy thrive unchallenged, Munroe Bergdorf is gunpowder, treason, and plot." A huge thanks to the wonderful @_rachelgrace & @annatamarara for making this happen 💕




Feeling very 'Martha Stewart at home' 👨🏾🍳 #instax by @shamirah_makeup ❤️


Just a couple of B-movie extra gal pals 🎥 #cybilshouse 📸: @theogwinnie xx


Absolutely honoured to have been a part is this- to have got to sit down and have a conversation with @ladyphyll for the July issue of Gay Times; an astonishing wonderwork of a woman 💕
• Styling & Art Direction //@hausofdarkwah assisted by @__itsmesamir & @seyon__
Photography // @kofipaintsil
Grooming //@shamirah_makeup • Additional thanks to @wjconnolly and the rest of the team for giving me this opportunity again! ❤️


#AnotherOne! Dreamboat @eivindhansen turned me into one of his #FlowerBoys 💖


"I am a miserable thing, and all miserable things must die."

As originally printed in @didudietho's Thisguise zine, excerpts from my upcoming anthology project #ThoughtsOnABodyTooLongCurated, #1 & #5.

Disclaimer: Poetry is the bit of my writing that I'm always hesistant to share — it always feels the most vulnerable, the least finished, the most deeply personal — and also the work most prone to sliding into triteness and platitude.
#poem #queerwriting #newwriting #instapoetry


"HUH! HUH! I'm acting!"
Channelling Tammie Brown for my moment of on-screen passion with the prettiest boy my eyes have ever seen...and also @henryfelix19 is in there somewhere, for 'Four Quartets' (dir. @marcoalessifilm, 2018) #KissingWhiteBoysAsPraxis #ThisIsTheFutureThatLiberalsWant


'The Creation Of Sodom', Oil on Canvas, @kevin_kp (2018)
• Me choosing to serve looks over books at @mightyhoopla last weekend


Anyway come to @hardcklife queers, where I'll be available for palm readings, expositions on the merits of vintage velvet double-breasted satin shawl collar jumpsuits, and discussions about the queerness of drones, Diana, the colour taupe, and blue ventolin inhalers 💫
Shoutout to @peteraf for making me look pretty cute 💖


Overwhelmingly thrilled that I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the dreamiest of dreamboats @travon on bisexuality, freedom and his fresh, groundbreaking new show 'Him or Her' for a special pride edition of @gaytimesmag! Thanks to the whole team at Gay Times for the opportunity 💖Make sure you grab a copy you lovely creatures 💫


Fuck metroids get money ⚡️ #SamusAran for @cybilshouse #drag #MetroidPrime