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13 people were recently arrested in Central Texas on counts of human trafficking and prostitution. Several massage businesses have been closed for investigation. (Link in profile for news story.) According to recent research from Polaris, illicit massage businesses bring in revenues of around $2.5 billion per year. To learn more about what the signs of an illicit business are, visit polarisproject.org. #ourrescue #endhumantrafficking


Jim Caviezel was in town this week to immerse himself in all things O.U.R. and prepare for his role as Tim Ballard in an upcoming feature film called Sound of Freedom. Thanks for coming out, Jim! Good luck with filming this summer. @timballard89 #JimCaviezel


Here’s @timballard89, Jon Schmidt from @thepianoguys, and @peterbreinholt at last night’s screening of Operation Toussaint. Thank you to everybody who attended this exclusive screening! Go to ourfilm.org to register for the online premiere coming JULY 10TH (Link in profile). #ourrescue #endhumantrafficking


She showed Jessica her carefully painted and decorated nails and said, “If I could do anything, I would help other girls feel beautiful.” This young survivor told Jessica about her dreams to work at a beauty salon. She was rescued with three other girls this past January during Operation Toussaint. We are grateful for our Aftercare team who spent the first 72 hours after the operation with these amazing survivors to help them feel safe. Link in profile for full story! #ourrescue #endhumantrafficking


Attorney General Mark Herring is making a difference in the fight against trafficking in Virginia by putting up billboards featuring the National Human Trafficking Hotline. These billboards are meant to target and inform traffickers, victims, and the public. The billboards are being posted on frequently traveled roads in hopes of reaching over 2 million people. Spreading awareness can be a very effective way to fight trafficking. We are grateful for everyone involved in this campaign! Img src: pilotonline.com. Link in profile for full story. #endhumantrafficking


Anna recently turned 18 and graduated from her aftercare home. Despite the difficult things she faced in her life, her hope bracelet continued to provide her with strength. Someone had donated some bracelets through @hero_bands for one of the aftercare homes we support. This small donation helped Anna know that someone cared about her and gave her the HOPE to keep going. Link in profile for full story. #ourrescue #endhumantrafficking


We want to thank everyone who joined us at the #ShineOURLight Gala in Newport Beach, CA, this past weekend. Special thanks to actor Jim Caviezel, @steelers Coach Mike Tomlin, and actress @marisolnichols for speaking and supporting this great cause.  Photo Credit @raecerettophotography


Remember Frankie? This special K9 works with Detective Pereira in California as an electronics detection dog, paid for by doTERRA Healing Hands through O.U.R. Last month Frankie conducted his first search, and located three pieces of electronic evidence! Pereira says he is invaluable to the task force, and “adds just another level to make sure that we don’t miss that evidence,” which is critical in capturing perpetrators of online child exploitation. See link in profile for the story behind how Frankie came to the Fairfield PD’s computer crimes unit! #K9 (img src: thereporter.com) @doterrahhf @doterra


#OURNEWS: 122 children and 28 young women were recently rescued overseas by law enforcement. We are partnering with local aftercare facilities to help these amazing survivors in their recovery process. Please send your good thoughts and prayers their way! We are deeply grateful for your constant support. Let these survivors know they are not alone, and we stand together with them!
Want to get these updates via text? Text “OURPRAYERS” to 51555 and you’ll be the first to know when we need your strength! #OURrescue #OURprayers


Do you have 3 minutes to spare? Best Company has partnered with O.U.R. and will donate $2 for every company review you submit (your insurance company, home security system, an airline you’ve flown with…) Best part? You can leave as many reviews as you'd like! #FreeWaystoGive #OURrescue See link in profile to get started! @bestcofinance


We at O.U.R. want to express our appreciation for the continued collaboration from the Utah ICAC Task Force (Internet Crimes Against Children), for their outstanding efforts to save children and seek justice for those who offend them. They’ve had a great year so far with operations to #EndHumanTrafficking. Comment “THANK YOU” to help us thank our local law enforcement partners! #Utah #ICAC


As announced earlier today, 10 girls were recently rescued during Operation Barbarosa. Here is a video from the operation along with a message from the survivors. Link in profile for full video. #ourrescue


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