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National Geographic Fellow and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek is walking across the globe in the footsteps of our ancestors. #Edenwalk


"Yes, you have read a thousand books
But you have never read your own self
You rush to temples and mosques
But you never tried to enter your own heart"
—Bulleh Shah, 18th century

Wazir Khan mosque, #Lahore, #Pakistan.


Memorizing the Koran. Wazir Khan Mosque, #Lahore, #Pakistan.


Empathy. Patient and social worker in mental health hospital, #Lahore, #Pakistan.


"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players…"

Puppeteer, #Lahore, #Pakistan.


Fabric dyeing quarter. Walled City of #Lahore, #Pakistan.


The Punjab is a vast agricultural oasis. At Usman Rice Mill 2,000 bags of basmati rice are polished every day. #Pakistan


While Mohammed Saim, a farmer, scythes clover for his animals, he chats with his wife on a phone tucked into his cap. #Pakistan


Until recently, most of life’s dramas, triumphs, and grievances were acted out in public. The Grand Trunk Road is such a stage. // Read the latest dispatch at the link in our bio. #Pakistan


Interview with Majid Ali, rickshaw driver, 40, on Pakistan's Grand Trunk Road. WHO ARE YOU? I was a dacoit (robber) for about five years. Then my pir, my religious advisor, reached into my heart and changed me. I have a different heart now. WHERE ARE YOU GOING? I will continue working hard here. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I was from Faizulabad. But the economy was bad there. So I moved here. Now my sons run a mechanic shop for motorbikes. I drive them as a rickshaw driver. I donate rides to poor people whenever I can. Poverty is a very harsh reality of life. Some people can’t even afford a 10-rupee fare. If you give, God will respond favorably to you. If you expect to get something, you need to give something. // See more stories from Milestone 54 at link in bio. #Pakistan


Ghosts in the glass. Sheesh Mahal—17th-century mirrored palace built by Mughals. Walled city of Lahore, #Pakistan.


Dobe ghat, the traditional laundry quarter of old Lahore, #Pakistan.


Dreamed colors. Walled City of old #Lahore, #Pakistan.


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