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LET YOUR LIL YONCE OUT!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ miss y'all πŸ’– @gerardcosmetics Holiday 2017 collection is here πŸ’„β„οΈπŸ’„Glitter lipsticks in Rose Gold packaging,Β new BBΒ Plus Illumination CrΓ¨mes and more🎁 Shop using MY code PalaGlowΒ 30% off Β onΒ www.gerardcosmetics.com#GCGLOWΒ // PRODUCT DEETS :
I used BB illumination cream in grace apply before your foundation .
Foundation : #marcjacobs in remarcable
Black beauty blender : @elciecosmetics
Glitter lipstick in Hollywood blvd : #gerardcosmetics
Highlight palette by @gerardcosmetics


Sweet serial killer.. πŸ’‹πŸ–€


πŸ’‹ I'm so excited for beanie season


B A T T E R ⚾️ U P !! πŸ’– hi 😘
-----------------------------------Thank you @foxylocks for these luxurious locks in latte blonde β˜•οΈπŸ’πŸΌ I feel pretty in it πŸ’– use code FoxyPala for a free gift with purchase eyyy ! Make deets up next πŸ’– #foxylocks #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup


CATFISH 🐠🐟 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜­ the power of makeup ! Y'all here for the NATURAL GLAM or BOLD GLAM ???


😎WHICH #sunglasses IS YOUR FAVORITE??? SUNGLASS haul featuring $5 sunnies by @sunglassspot !! Yes only $5 !!! I love all but My favorite is the last sunglass it's my go to 😊


πŸ’– this music make me want to be at Disneyland 🏰β™₯️ a short clip how I use the @hismileteeth whitening kit! The best in the world πŸ’Ž it's all natural ingredients , vegan , and won't make your teeth feel sensitive! πŸ’–AND PLEASE CHECK OUT THEIR GIVEAWAY!!! They are sending the winner to NEW YORK βœˆοΈπŸ—½For a NEW YEARS TO REMEMBER @hismileteeth !! #hismile #smile #hismileteeth #teethwhitening


SUMMER HEAT in Cali feels like hell .. πŸ”₯β˜„οΈ Who else is ready for FALL ? 🍁


BOMBEST ORANGE lip color EVER β˜„οΈ X COLOR CORRECTING WITH LIQUID LIPS 🍊 !!! KYLIE X KOKO in the shade " DOLL" Seriously finding the perfect orange color for my tone was struggle ... But honestly I wasn't too happy with the formula collapsed on my lips and separated.. however , learned how to manipulate the product by being patient and adjusting the amount of the product I placed on my lips. 🍊


BROWS , FAUX FRECKLES AND MORE πŸ’Ž PRODUCT BREAKDOWN :: brush for the concealer and cut crease is 242 brush from @maccosmetics // concealer is nw25 studio finish by Mac // brow product is #Dipdown by @maccosmetics // angle brush is 263 by Mac // desert cream contact lenses by @desioeyes //


I DONT MISS OVER LINING MY LIPS!! lips by @joannathenurse πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ πŸ’‰ A lot of you loves ask where and who do does my lips and I have no problem sharing my filler journey with you guys at all! This time I did a full syringe of #restylane on my lips then full syringe of #restylanelyft on my cheek and Botox #dysport on my fore head all done by My girl @joannathenurse πŸ’‰has and I couldn't be any happier with my results! I was nervous at first but boy it's amazing.. I love how natural she made it look!!i honestly love it all ... the Botox did not hurt, the results sets within a week and it was crazy not seeing those lines on my forehead .. the restylane Lyft on the cheeks did not hurt at all either it had a weird feeling like small popping noises when it entered but that was all no pain, the lips is bearable the only uncomfortable part is the bow of the lips it's the most sensitive.. my lips had a slight reaction to product after but went fully down the next 2 days but it's normal and results are so good! @joannathenurse is a genius , so kind to ALL her clients.. and top of that her work speaks for itself.. she always listen to my request but adds in her professional opinion so you can receive the best results suited for your features! Plus she such a genuine person.. I trust her 100% and I'm so glad to be her patient. Thank you to @drpeternewen 's staff you guys are incredible!


here is my secret to good skin and it's under $5!!! This avocado oil I have been using for about year now is my saving grace!! You can get it at any drugstore.. also loving @hudabeauty new chrome lips!! So pretty! Used the #morpheXjaclynhill palette on the eyes , yes the formula is amazing , created a green to color correct my redness on my cheeks using the #anastasiabeverlyhills lip palette.. obsessed with #benefitcosmetics countour stick!! It's delicious! let me know if you guys need any more deets lol!! #palafoxxiamakeup #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup


Omg I MISS YOU GUYS, my IG !! How are y'all? 😭😭 Ahhhh have to
Show share this product with y'all , probably the best lip plumper out in the market!!! @plumpit results are undeniably there. Although I have fillers it's the best tool for me to maintain the fullness and exaggerate my lips when needed πŸ’– First step is to use the volcanic ash and charcoal scrub to message and scrub the chap lips , then follow through with the lip balm to protect and nourish the lips , then click the bottom of the lip plumper I say about 2-3 times .. this product does sting but don't be alarmed it is just processing on plumping the heck out of your lips!! And yeeeee your lips are fuller , juicy and pouty!! Ps... it did not leave my lips chapped even after a week of application .. this plumper lasts about 24 hrs! // feel free to check out their page @plumpit they have a ton of before and after photos of different size lips so you can relate them to yours πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–// PRODUCTS USED lip liner : boldlybare by #maccosmetics // liquid lips @doseofcolors in rosebud // and YASSS @artistcouture for the metallic lips


TEAR DROP BRUSH DEMO !! ☺️πŸ”₯ featuring @eloisebeauty !! You can do you foundation with basically three swipes I'm just extra!! And bye bye dark circle's using color correcting a orangey red, there is also my Coachella nochella look at the end // star dress from @shopmonilove πŸ€— hope you guys enjoy!! #palafoxxiamakeup


Yasss family here is my FRESHHH BOLD edgy look perfect for spring using all @RimmelLondonUS MAKEUP! // the Scandaleyes mascara is gonna give you so maximum volume , the max density brush is designed to dangerously bold eyelashes.. oh and it's long wear and easy to take off!!! The Eyeshadow is the Magnif'eyes eyeshadow palette in " 002 London Nudes Calling " Affordable brilliant makeup! If you want to #EdgeYourLook like mine go to my IG STORY for more info!! #RimmelRebel #rimmellondonus #ad


PRESS PLAY 🎬 and double tap that ❀️ // Here is my full foundation routine featuring The Siliblenderℒ️ by @citraco Literally used it on everything πŸ–€πŸ˜Ž You can use it with both liquid and cream makeup, you can also use it to APPLY the setting powder :) It doesn't waste or absorb product so you get maximum usage. It's so easy to clean you just wipe it with a makeup wipe and it's as good as new! #citraco #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup


My bold & edgy look featuring @RimmelLondonUS Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara!! Groovy hour glass brush for bold build dense lashes, plumps each lash in one stoke, extreme volume!!! P.s. Wearing the magnif'eyes shadow palette 002 London nudes calling on my eyes also used it to CREATE FAUX freckles. LIPS: pink chic with nude delight #RimmelRebel #EdgeYourLook #ad


Oh hiii y'all πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž FAUX FRECKS // RETRO BOLD LOOK πŸ–€πŸ’Ž executed this whole look using only a drugstore brand lol! Affordable makeup :) who want the DEETS?! πŸ€˜πŸ½πŸ–€


Bambi the glazed nose reindeer. πŸ˜‰ FRONT FACE PHOTO πŸ‘€ #imbetterangledtho#wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #fauxxia The DEETS 🌭 : eyeslahes are Stella by #kokolashes @mymakeupkit.store with my #fauxxia lashes // lips are "currant" liquid
Lips by #anastasiabeverlyhills w/ plum crazy by @gerardcosmetics code " Bambi" to get 30% of your purchase πŸ’‹


✨✨@GLAMGLOW to the rescue and the Freckles are out!! First step apply #SUPERMUD clearingΒ treatmentΒ to your skin. This is great for treating and clearing your skin while alsoΒ refiningΒ pores on my nose.. it needed help! Second step: apply #VOLCASMIC matte glow moisturizer. I kid you not it’s in my top 3 fav moisturizers ever! It hydrates the skin leaving it refreshed and matte, but not drying. Perfect to apply your makeup on afterwards. Makes the makeup application look flawless. You can find both products at @Sephora and GLAMGLOW.com #Glambassador #ad✨✨


HOLY BROW GLO UP !!! πŸ’–βš‘οΈ BROW TUTORIAL βš‘οΈπŸ’–πŸ€— // DOUBLE TAP THAT πŸ‘πŸ‘ how to go from NOOO brows to FULL brows.. creating hair strokes for the gradient front.. // I bought the brow gel from #eylure cosmetics in dark brown at target ONLY $12 and 263 angle brush from #maccosmetics // the highlight magic is by @ourfazinali X @artistcouture in illuminati // lips πŸ’– is serenity and nude hydramatte by @gerardcosmetics use code :: BAMBI to get 30% off love you fam!! hope you guys enjoy! Much of love #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #palafoxxiamakeup #brows #makeup #makeuptutorial


you are my favorite hello and hardest goodbye ☁️☁️ Made my own headboard , cost me only $20


Playing with my NEW YEARS LOOK, going into 2017 LITTT πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž using my favorites from @gerardcosmetics slay mini spray and lips using nude lipiner / hydramatte in serenity and gloss in angel cake my favorite lip combo!! ⭐️⭐️ USE MY CODE : " BAMBI " to get 30% off you'd purchase!!! πŸ’Ž// BEANIE is by @loveyourmelon πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž check them out y'all! #buyabeaniefightcancer


Ah bare face !! But here is My OLIVE for the Holidays makeup look using ONLY @deckofscarlet new palette Nō00 , love it! So convenient and pretty!! The palette comes with 3 eye shadows , 2 cheek colors 2 pencils (lip and eye) , 2 lip cremes!! Rockin! Follow the link in bio to Check out @deckofscarlet subscription makeup ! #deckofscarlet #palafoxxiamakeup #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup




πŸ‚πŸŒ»hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving πŸ‚πŸŒ» my dark fall look Contacts :: freshlooks - sterling grey lips :: @gerardcosmetics - metallic "underworld " (my fave) // When purchasing use code " Give45 " to get 45% off any regular priced items πŸ˜› !!! #GCLOVE #gerardcosmetics #palafoxxiamakeup #wakeupandmakeup


⭐️ USE MY CODE : " BAMBI " to get 30% off your purchase!!! @gerardcosmetics πŸ”₯πŸ”₯




Yeyyyy finally got my hands on @GLAMGLOW #YOUTHMUD!!!! It's your skin’s " facial in a jar".. it exfoliates , brightens and leaves your skin feeling soo smooth in 10 mins!!!! My new addition to my regimen in skincare!! βœ–οΈ I freakin love it! you can find this gem at @sephora!!! #HELLOSEXY #youthmud #glambassador #ad


βœ–οΈSHORT HURR DONT CURR BLOW OUT!!! βœ–οΈ I love how innovative #problogroup is!!! Detachable brushes that clips to hold so my hair can set longer yeyyy!! I don't typically blow my hair out and very inexperienced but this was fairly easy once I got the hang off it!! The results are fantastic! Love it! βœ–οΈ #palafoxxiamakeup #problo #blowout #hair #wakeupmakeup