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Running to Mother, where it all begins. #tawiz #motherofall #runningtomama #afghanistan


The tiniest red dot on the bottom left, my backpack climbing up 🎒 and Paul @outofedenwalk ahead of it, our eyes on a high pass, the only way out of this valley. Twelve years ago I walked the same path with @paleyography, not sure of how we would make it across into Pakistan, alone in the world with our donkey. Time has blurred my memory but these mountain beauties stand strong, my emotions unchanged. The djinns are alive and well. On assignment for @natgeo, story coming up next month. #afghanpamirs #hindukush #karakoram #pamirknot #bordercrossing #djinnworld


With photography it’s very much about what happened then, the context is what sticks most. That man came out of a dark corner, wanted his picture taken and then disappeared as soon as I had taken it, into the fading day, unnamed. I just remember the daze in his eyes, my confusion. #afghanistan


Through sea buckthorns, off to look for the village’s calves. #afghanistan #seabuckthorn


Hot springs are precious... what a gift to have hot water year round. Ato Mohammed and his dad, shortly before walking back home, down the valley to their village. Looking at their faces, it’s fascinating to consider the implications on human migration. Think of our history, of all the ancient paths that have been taken to reach every corner of the earth, all the drama and excitement that must have taken place (and still is taking place) - from an upcoming @natgeo assignment walking across Afghanistan with the amazing and humbling @outofedenwalk #redhair #afghanistan #butdidyouaskpermission?


Moonrise over the Hindukush. On assignment for @natgeo #mountainworld #afghanistan #bordermountain #pakistanisontheotherside


The many pots of Bibi Hawa, master at orchestrating the cooking, heating and hosting. From an upcoming @natgeo story with @outofedenwalk #afghanpamirs #firecooking


Rare moments of sneaking out of the van early, still fogged up and finding a path in the forest... Check out my Insta Story about our life on the road with @paleyography - Shot with the new Xiaomi/Google phone. #Xiaomi #XiaomiGlobalLaunch #MiA2 #MiA2Lite


The river shore around a haircut. The change of style, dryness in the air, water play and the strands of hair flowing down, all not easy to let go. Check out my Insta Story about our life on the road with @paleyography - Shot with the new Xiaomi/Google phone. #Xiaomi #XiaomiGlobalLaunch #MiA2 #MiA2Lite


We have been living in a van for the last 4 months with @paleyography , travelling across Portugal. Check out my Insta Story today and here some pictures from a « day in our van life ». In such close quarters (the 4 of us live in 9 square meters), watching the older/younger brother relationship of my 2 sons is fascinating. Much power at play. Watching them as they move and trying to find balance. Shot with a Xiaomi/Google phone #Xiaomi #XiaomiGlobalLaunch #MiA2 #MiA2Lite


We arrived at night, guessing our way up a steep hill, there was a house but no light - we called out. Darvish eventually arrived, he remembered me from 12 years ago! He gave hay to our donkeys and invited us inside. We sat next to the fire. Gul Dista, his daughter in law, was drying her hair in front of the open hearth, quiet moment like no other. On assignment for @natgeo with @outofedenwalk in Afghanistan #facingthefire #hairdrying @natgeocreative


Stones of silence. Looking south from the edge of the Hindu Kush before it turns Karakoram. Over the horizon, our destination, Pakistan. On assignment for @natgeo with @outofedenwalk in Afghanistan. #hindukush #karakoram #mountainworld