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This is the place where I end up, squeezed between a spiritual leader (the “mukhi”) and a grieving husband. Men all around gorging on delicious pulao, in quietness. Every part of a Wakhi home has its name, and the “loop raj” is the place for guests, close to the fire and away from wind draft. Sitting anywhere else for a different perspective requires much diplomacy; I gave it a try. #mencave On assignment for @natgeo @natgeocreative


Packing it up for another long day in the barley field. Bakh Shoh. On assignment for @natgeo #afghanistan #afghanstyle #farmerlook


The best sort of snow dust mixing with the smell of our sweating donkeys. Dodging bad weather and looking up to the peaks; always something higher. On assignment @natgeo @natgeocreative #afghanpamirs


Some of us do get guided by colors and I was quite impressed by this gold dress. I thought the setting was amazing, in the shadows at dusk wearing that gold dress, tea heated up and me shaking when I took the picture. There is some blur to it. One of those borderline images that didn’t make it in the final edit. This is Bakh Shoh’s sister standing proud by the “dildung” (the hearth). On assignment in Afghanistan for @natgeo @natgeocreative #barelyanylight #favoritelight


We met the day before, he was cutting barley with sisters and uncles. I returned early morning, walking near his home, wanting in... Bakh Shoh again! His resting face, waiting for tea. But then he could crack up and laugh, or do quick dance moves, listening to his little orange radio. Then back to resting face. Can you imagine? It’s a photographer’s luxury to pick a moment, yet know there is more to it. In fact there is always more to it, that’s why you need a story. On assignment for @natgeo in Afghanistan - @natgeocreative #itscomplicated #unpublished #portrait


Shades of pink, mother and daughter collect the wheat straws that remain scattered on their field, after yesterday's harvest. Every bit of every grain counts, carried on the back of men. There is an old word, “gleaning”, to describe this kind of work. In middle age Europe it was the right of the poor to pick for what was left behind in the fields. (thanks all for the insights in the comments) #evolutionofdiet #wakhan #afghanistan @natgeo @natgeocreative #unpublished


We walked and when Paul (@outofedenwalk) talked, i listened; he has a certain presence, preoccupied, here to say what he thinks, maybe not so to play games. The more poetic the better, and humble. Above us, « a lava flow of chlorophyll » i heard him say, took a note of it. We had been alone with our donkeys for days, lost in Afghan wilderness. You could hear the echoes of all beginnings, the lonely places and their infinite resources here to reset your mind. For @natgeo / @natgeocreative #riparian


A sprinkle of goats inside the herd helps the sheep moving. Shepherd knowledge is gold. Shepherding a dying art? Some images from a recent @natgeo story with @outofedenwalk - a walk from Tajikistan (Pamir) through Afghanistan (Hindukush) and into Pakistan (Karakoram), all mountain country. @natgeocreative #shepherd #everydayafghanistan


‎دست شما درد نکند - It was midday. Couple of weeks of altitude trekking and simple food got me lethargic, i laid under a tree. Khudo Boz came by all ready to cut barley, asked if I wanted to join. I lifted my camera, his outfit showing years of hard work. #toolazy @natgeo @natgeocreative


‎دست شما درد نکند - Fading light at Omina’s home, Afghanistan.


It’s good to be back posting after weeks on the road, currently living in a van with my family. Here, from my upcoming @natgeo story, heading to my tent and Bobo Jon brings back the home made ladder after stacking hay on his roof, following a day of threshing. Ghosts at dusk. Sherk, Afghanistan.


Edge of the village; a twirl and a break from picking wood with his sister. On assignment @natgeo


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