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Playing around in Swedish Lapland & loving the golden afternoon glows around here @discovertheworlduk #withinthecircle #discovertheworld #swedishlapland #visitsweden

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

I'm about 200km north of the Artic Circle in a small town called Jukkasjärvi, home to the world famous @icehotelsweden. I'm here for a few days to do a winter survival course, search for the northern lights, do some husky sledding and spend a night here sleeping on ice. Plenty to keep me busy (and hopefully warm)! @discovertheworlduk #withinthecircle #discovertheworld #swedishlapland #visitsweden #icehotel


Had a wild ride in New Zealand and ticked off four of the #Ultimate49 bucket list experiences over here- thanks for the memories @topdecktravel. You Kiwis sure have one of the most friendly, buzzy, surprising & jaw-droppingly beautiful countries on the planet #Topdecker #NewZealand

Parnell, New Zealand

On the evening of 15 September 1914, Albert Mokomoko was scanning the shoreline of White Island, desperately looking for signs of life. One week earlier ten workers had been dropped off on the island to begin mining sulphur, but a few nights previously explosions were heard from the mainland so Mokomoko went to check on the men. He lingered until midnight, hoping they were perhaps on the other side of the island but when his optimism faded he turned back to report to the White Island Sulphur Company. The volcano, 50km off the eastern Bay of Plenty coast had only recently been opened for business and yet there had already been two tragic incidents on the island (one worker had vanished into the steam leaving no trace other than his boots). When Mokomoko reached the company’s office, his instructions were to return to the island with a rescue party but when the group landed they discovered only bare earth where the wooden huts once stood. There was in fact nothing to suggest that a sulphur factory had ever even existed on the island. Mud and rocks were cleared, but heat forced the group to stop searching before anything was found. Eventually it was concluded that a powerful mudflow caused by an exploding steam vent had buried the entire camp. To this day the remains of the men have never been found. ________________________________________________________
If you visit the island today you will find the ruins of another sulphur factory, built after the 1914 disaster but then abandoned in the 1930’s which now slowly corrodes under the sulphuric gases. Despite the tragic tales this island tells, it is an undoubtedly stunning landscape. I’ve never been anywhere else where I’ve heard the earth roar and seen steam vent so furiously from beneath the ground. I went over with @volcanicairnz who were brilliant at telling the story of the island and looking after us all (they even kindly provided gas masks). It's an active Volcano yes, but it's an incredible experience for anyone who is feeling intrepid. If you do come over, ask your pilot to tell you the story of Peter the Great #WhiteIsland #NewZealand
#Rotoruanz @rotoruanz @purenewzealand #Volcano

Whakaari / White Island

"Hey Daenerys- can your Dragons do this?" I went back to @rotoruanz after the Topdeck trip because I'd heard about so many other things I wanted to check out here, including having a traditional hangi meal with Maoris here at @te_puia. I also had the opportunity to shoot photos of the geothermal areas alone at sunset which was amazing (you might have been able to tell from my insta stories on the day that I was in my element) @purenewzealand #rotoruanz #tepuia #newzealand #gameofthrones

Te Puia - Rotorua, NZ

The scariest, most adrenaline fuelled activity I did in New Zealand wasn't bungy jumping, sky diving or exploring active volcanoes- it was taking two cameras & lens' out on the water in a wobbly kayak. I've never sweated with nerves so much! Luckily I stayed upright & managed to keep the camera gear dry to get this shot of Split Apple Rock in Abel Tasman National Park. This is definitely somewhere I want to go back and explore more- it's an area full of hidden beaches, caves, wildlife and bizarre rock formations like this one #WHPillusion

Split Apple Rock

Not a paper photo, but one that I really wanted to share. I'm not sure how many shots I took until I got this - 300, 400, 500? Maybe more. I was leaning over the bow of the boat with one hand on the railing and the other switching my camera to continuous shoot mode. Once we picked up some speed the dolphins appeared and seemed to want to race the boat, speeding ahead of us and occasionally flipping up out of the water to create this incredible sight @topdecktravel #Topdecker #Ultimate49 #Kaikoura @dolphinencounterkaikoura

Kaikoura, New Zealand

I loved Wellington! We didn't get too long in the Capital but I managed to cram in the incredible @te_papa museum before riding the @wellingtoncablecar up the hill to find the Gardens Magic Festival. I ended the night in a few bars with the Topdeck gang. A buzzy day 🤙🏻 @topdecktravel #Topdecker #Ultimate49 #Wellington #NewZealand @Wellington_NewZealand


Wellington has a few nicknames but when Peter Jackson made this his base for the production of Lord Of The Rings, it earned another nickname- Wellywood. It's here that that geniuses from nearby Weta Workshop dreamt up the designs for Gollum, King Kong, the aliens in District 9 & the Avatars in Avatar. I thought I'd use one of the City's landmarks to create a British icon to join the other screen stars here @topdecktravel #Topdecker #Ultimate49 #Wellington #NewZealand #Dalek #doctorwho

Beehive (New Zealand)

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is probably New Zealand's greatest one day hike. If you ever walk it you'll be led through lava flows, between steam vents and around emerald-coloured lakes whilst the shadow of Mount Doom chases your footprints. I scrambled, climbed and staggered my way through the hike with @niienkedegroot & @lianafitzpatrick and the rest of the awesome TopDeckers I've been lucky enough to explore NZ with on this trip @topdecktravel #Topdecker #Ultimate49 #TongariroCrossing #LordOfTheRings #NewZealand

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

I had to cheat a bit with some photo merging, but when I find a building like the @universityofauckland I couldn't not turn it into a giant slingshot. Check out my insta stories for a bit of behind the scenes for this one. (Taken at the start of my epic @topdecktravel trip around New Zealand) #Auckland #Topdecker #Ultimate49 #NewZealand #NZ

The University of Auckland

If you've been following my insta stories you'll know I'm exploring the real Middle Earth - New Zealand- with @topdecktravel to tick off a few of their #ultimate49 experiences. We started up in Auckland and I couldn't help but get a LOTR reference in right away with this one #ultimate49 #topdecker #NewZealand

Auckland, New Zealand