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Throwing back my Thursday to when I was in the middle of Swedish Lapland. My hands aren't in this one because the temperature was so low that I could barely take them out of my gloves for more than ten seconds (plus they kinda ruined the cool shadow effect from the cutout on the snow). This trip was so much fun and definitely one of the most memorable ones I've done. Thanks so much to @discovertheworlduk for taking me over there to experience the closest thing there is to Narnia #tbt @discovertheworlduk #withinthecircle #discovertheworld #swedishlapland #visitsweden #icehotel #Narnia


I was going to write a caption mashing together rockstar & starfish to make a bad pun, but since this image is a collaboration with the guys at @eyemartexpress who are all for expressing individualism, I thought I'd share some thoughts about the hobbies that shape us. As we grow up, at some point it's pretty normal to get a little tired of following the crowd and to start exploring our own interests and the things we're fascinated by. This was definitely the case for me- I was developing an interest in paper art and I was also discovering photographers who were doing things differently and those things, combined with wanting to explore London more, led to me finding my own style of photography. Being curious in those three things has allowed me to travel the world and play around with my imagination on nearly every continent. During my ride I've met so many people who are making a living through their passions and the thing we all have in common is that we're curious and endlessly fascinated in the things we pursue. So for anyone looking for the hobby that truly fascinates them, keep trying new things and you'll find the one that you want to chase. It's not just about the destination too- the journey of finding out what you like and don't like is a great opportunity to experience the world in so many ways. So every now and then, take a break from the Instagram crowd and go find the thing that makes you feel like a rockstarfish. Managed to cram it in afterall. #ad #sunnies #fastestglasses #beach #eyemartexpress #sunglasses


"Monument Bowling Valley". I took this one on my recent roadtrip around Arizona with @levanterman when we detoured into Utah to get some early morning shots of the sun hitting Monument Valley. I totally recommend climbing out of bed early for sunrise if you ever visit, the colour changes are pretty spectacular! I tried a couple of different paper ideas here but this one gave me the chance to use that pun at the start of this caption so I went with the bowling one 🎳#WHPimagination


Antigua: the perfect place to relax. Fun Fact about this island- there's 365 beaches here, one for every day of the year. I think I only managed to see about ten so I've got plenty of excuses to get back to this Caribbean paradise sometime. This concept was inspired by @lucaslevitan - please show his page some love. He has a brilliant creative mind! @antiguaandbarbuda #loveantiguabarbuda @traverseevents


Bringing the Millennium Falcon in to land on the helipad of Dubai's @burjalarab. Thanks to @jumeirahgroup & @disney for letting me do this - it was a pretty fun location to shoot! #MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay #StarWars #MillenniumFalcon #Dubai


We spent a morning exploring Goldfield, a little Ghost Town just outside of Phoenix. This area has become a tourist destination but there's been so many proper ghost towns we've driven past on this trip which are so full of character & photo opportunities. In fact throughout the whole trip there's always been something to stop and explore- a ghost town, a gigantic cactus, a quirky roadside building or a beautiful long windy road with an amazing backdrop. I can definitely recommend Arizona for a proper American road trip experience. Thanks to @levanterman for joining me & providing plenty of laughs. Please go and check out his page- he's a fantastic photographer #VisitPhoenix @visit_arizona @visitphoenix #Goldfield


Just before I flew out to Arizona I posted an insta story saying I was heading out that way. A few people kindly messaged back with recommendations including a guy called Justin (@chefbeckettaz) who invited me to eat at his restaurant @beckettstable. So on our last night in Phoenix me and my buddy @levanterman met up with Justin and had the best night at his restaurant. At one point during the evening he handed me an envelope & said "my son has written you a letter". It was the sweetest hand written letter about how he enjoyed my photos & adventures. So I rummaged through my bag and dug out a cutout I had used earlier that day & gave it to Justin to give to his son. I'm guessing since then his son has been trying to figure out how I used that cutout in a photo, so here it is 🚿 #FountainHills #VisitArizona @visit_arizona #visitphoenix @visitphoenix


Been meaning to visit Monument Valley for a long time. There's something about this long straight road that calls out "roadtrip" so me & my buddy had to include it in our Arizona trip (although admittedly this view is just inside of Utah). Wearing one of my favourite designs here by the beautiful guys at @artdisco. Thanks to my mate & brilliant roadtrip buddy @levanterman for the snap #MonumentValley #VisitArizona @artdisco


Playing in the famous beams at Antelope Canyon 👽 I've been here a couple of times now so I've picked up a few tips about when to visit & best times etc if you're interested in visiting- Firstly if you're chasing the beams, they start around early April & last until October, they're usually visible around 11am-1:30pm (it was a bit cloudy the day we went so I've accentuated the light for the sake of this shot). This was taken in Upper Antelope Canyon which is the more popular Canyon (beams do appear in Lower Antelope Canyon but they're apparently less predictable). With both Canyons you can only visit as part of a tour which you can book online in advance but as you can imagine the midday tours in peak season sell out really fast. There are longer photography tours available too but these sell out even quicker. So ultimately it's a question of taking an early or late tour and having more of the place to yourself or going when the beams are blazing but sharing the Canyon with a lot more people. Either way it's a sight that has to be seen! #AntelopeCanyon #VisitArizona #UFO #MyAZTrip @visit_arizona


I'm road-tripping around Arizona at the moment and on my way from Lake Havasu City to Route 66, I passed this quirky structure by the side of the road near Yucca. It's known locally as both the Arizona Death Star and the Golf Ball House. A huge housing development was planned here back in the 1970's and this place was going to be the glitzy restaurant in the heart of the development which also promised waterskiing and other attractions. However the project wasn't successful and in the end the Golf Ball House was the only structure that actually got built, so for years it sat lonely by the side of the road. The current (very friendly) owners opened a store next to the building, planted small aliens and various UFO's by the side of the road and renamed it Area 66 to attract visitors (Information found via @atlasobscura's website) @Visit_Arizona #MyAZTrip #VisitArizona


The last stop on my #Rampage around the UK was here at Stonehenge where I played around with the film's biggest star - George. It's been a cool adventure exploring my home country whilst doing something a bit different with my cutouts so thanks for riding along. Don't forget Rampage is out now across the UK @rampagethemovie #Stonehenge #ad


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