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This is a bit of an Instagram hotspot here in Doha; the ceremonial court is home to graduations, concerts, celebrations…and with some imagination it’s also an outdoor gym (and in the heat here you’d definitely sweat this much)! #EducationCity @Qatarfoundation #SponsoredPost



This is the wavey roof of the Woods Bagot designed Science & Technology Park. It wasn't until I was exploring Doha's Souq Waqif where I saw some Falcons stretching their wings that this idea came to mind. Funny how some ideas come about #EducationCity @qatarfoundation #SponsoredPost



Towards the end of last year I went over to Education City which is kind of like a futuristic, gigantic university campus. It's home to some exciting tech, medicine & research hubs and they've done a pretty sweet job with the architecture here, which I guess is why I was invited over because it's an architecture fan's playground. There's a plethora (you might be able to tell I got "word a day" calendar for Christmas) of different styles & quirky buildings, so over my next few images I'll be your guide around campus - starting here at the @weillcornellqatar lecture hall (or egg as I see it) just infront of Rem Koolhaas' amazing @qatarnationallibrary #EducationCity @Qatarfoundation #SponsoredPost



Have an Exxxxcellent Christmas guys!



I'm in Finnish Lapland on the hunt for the Northern Lights (head to my insta-stories to see a glimpse of them). As magical as the nights are, the days aren't bad either. At this time of year the sun doesn't appear over the horizon so sunrises linger into the afternoons and fill the day with these pastel colours #whpmagical

Thanks to @feelfinnair for bringing me over on their direct flight from London #feelfinnair @levilapland #levilapland



Look who's made her way back to London (this time arriving on the string of a kite). There are some pretty big names joining Emily Blunt in @marypoppinsreturns (including Meryl Streep), so immerse yourself in the most practically perfect cinema experience and enjoy the songs brought to life by @IMAX's sound system. The film is out now in IMAX cinemas across the UK & Ireland (including the screens here in London) #marypoppinsreturns #IMAX



This week I escaped the festive madness for a moment and tucked myself away in the Tottenham Court Road @starbucksuk to make something special with these two cut-outs. Tap (quickly) through my insta-stories to conjure up some Christmas magic & bring these two together @starbucksuk #RedCups



It's almost Christmas so I ventured out into London to take a festive snap with London's most famous chimney. Check out my stories to see the behind the scenes of how I put together this idea & edit with the @surface_UK Matte Black Surface Pro 6 & Surface Pen #anythingbutordinary

Also thanks to the man who was looking out from the Switch House viewing platform and didn't realise by being there he was the perfect addition to this idea.



It's December and that means it's time for #2018wrapped! I didn't think my top five would look like this- my most listened to artist of 2018 is Ludovico Einaudi. I should explain- I listen to a lot of piano music when I work (although I didn't realise I listened to quite so much). Go check out my story to get your own @spotify wrapped card to see if there's any surprises in your top five. I clearly need some music recommendations for 2019, so comment below if you've got a wrapped card with some artists on that I should know about #spotify #ad



Want to feel immersed in the underwater world of Atlantis without getting wet? Standing in the middle of Dublin after a torrential rainstorm is one option but another (more comfortable option) is catching Aquaman on an @IMAX screen. I can't claim he'll actually look as tall as the Dublin Spire, but with 26% more picture only in IMAX, he'll definitely be bigger than on any other screen. The film is out now in IMAX cinemas across the UK & Ireland (including the two screens here in Dublin) #aquaman @aquamanmovie



This is probably going to be the easiest competition question I’ll ever ask but hey I’m feeling generous (well, the team from @chilicinemauk are feeling generous). If you can name who this movie character is then £25 to splash over on could be yours. Write your answer below in the comments and a winner will be chosen at random (it won’t be me choosing, so no bribes). If you’re struggling then there’s a MASSIVE clue in my insta stories. And if you don’t win then never mind, there’s still 50% off your first movie available over on @chilicinemauk ‘s non-subscription service (Competition now closed) #ad #chili #chilimovie #chiliuk #dontjustwatch #nosubscription



When this wheel opened in 2001 it was the world's 2nd tallest ferris wheel. I just went onto wiki to see where it is in the rankings now- it's 13th. So in 17 years we've built 11 even bigger ferris wheels around the world. I didn't realise there was such a market for gigantic wheels. Forget cryptocurrency and gold, huge Ferris Wheels are where it's at apparently! #TokyoTokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #DiamondandFlowerWheel #SponsoredPost