👩🏼🔬Chemist, Reseller, Landlord, PI Student
🏖️Saving for a vacation rental
📝Goal: $100,000 in PI Profit
💰1/1/18-4/30/18 Profit Status: $3,330.35

When you find a complete Lululemon outfit in one trip for $22ish 🙌🏼
Pro Tip: The top is missing the padded inserts, but I’ll ask for some next time I’m at Lulu. They’re free!
Pro Tip 2: If you find a piece with a broken zipper, messed up logo, etc. - buy it anyway! Free repairs when you take it in store.


A little present to myself for crossing the $10k mark in my sales savings account (includes rollover from last year). I bought a wallet with my husbands encouragement. Thinking purse when I cross the $50k threshold... I’m not normally into buying these expensive things for myself but I’ve loved Chanel for years bc of their quality. Plus their resale value holds so well 😉 I’m slowly transitioning from an overcrowded closet to one of a few quality pieces


When people complain about the high fees on Poshmark.. .

I had this dress listed on eBay at $28.99 with only 15ish views

It sold on Poshmark for full asking of $35

My profit after Posh fees is $28

I’d say that’s #worthit ! Just remember to price a little higher on Posh 💁🏼‍♀️


Hey everyone! It’s the first of the month so time to close out last month! I just finished processing mail, paying bills, and working on my Passive Income report. I got a little bit closer to my $100k goal! Here’s the APRIL 2018 breakdown toward my vacation rental goal:

I sold on eBay, Poshmark and Amazon with a total revenue of $3156.19

I spent $216.95 on inventory

After subtracting fees and inventory costs, my April profit is $2095.80

Bringing my year to date profit to: $3,330.35

Swipe left to see my profit trend graph for this year.


Have you read this book? I just started it and it’s very inspiring! I’m excited to see what I’ll learn from it. The author’s dad is the founder of H&R Block 😳 Oh and it’s free to download with an Amazon Prime account ✨🏆📚


Do you ever look at your dental insurance statement when it comes in the mail? I received a filling and a night guard last month and they charged me a “patient responsibility” of $278. Looking at this statement from my insurance, I should’ve only paid $144. I emailed them and got a refund for the difference. Don’t disregard these statements! Pay attention and get your money back 👍🏻


“Think outside the box”... and sell those boxes. You’d be surprised at the weird things that can sell online.


Can I give love notes without purchasing something??? Any tips?


Has anyone else noticed the NR boot clearance? I spotted a bunch of boots in the 80% off range.


I haven’t posted a picture in a while so just wanted to say 👋🏼 HI!!! How’s everyone’s weekend going? I was in Napa today wine tasting and got a few Poshmark offers 😍 so that was exciting! I recently bought these Cole Haan pumps for $99 at Nordstrom Rack. I’m a bit struggling with not getting a better deal on them 😭 I feel better when I get things on clearance since I’m getting more for my money. Does anyone else have this issue??? 👯‍♀️


Another incentive to cross post those items from eBay to Poshmark! Get yo 💰💰 guys!


Tadaaa! I love excel and creating formulas to help my little business. I have a few things that I’ve bought recently at a higher price and plan to return if it doesn’t sell. I don’t want to forget to return these items because I paid up for them!! I used to count on my calendar when the last day to return is, BUT why count when I can automate it?! To do this, format the purchase date column as date. Then simply type the formula as (=“purchase date”+”days to return”). In my example, I’m using a 45 day purchase window. I typed 44 in my formula to make sure I return early. I will then enter the dates into my phones calendar with an alert 🚨. I keep the items with the receipt in the same bag. This also helps with shipping since I type my SKU as i.e. “Bag1”.