Paul Brushaber@paulfromtheinternet

•bassist in Jean Pool•
😎 New Jersey

I have molasses in my ears. ☄️


💁‍♀️ #tfw you get your bass set up real nice-like, your faulty effect pedals replaced, your car repaired, and your taxes done all in time to start recording an amazing album with your friends in @jeanpoolmusic ⚡️@ponderrosa_studios big shout out to @psycho_patteh for bass-techin’ the heck outta my stuff. •••also, I got offered to lay down some last minute solo tune-age tonight!••• At @boontunes with some of my favs. @tulavera @shredflintstonetheband ••• #nipslip 📸 @dieterunrath


This Saturday is March 10th which is 1 Year since my first ‘paul from the internet.’ solo gig. ⚡️💛 As fate would have it, I have another solo gig on March 10th this year!! 💯💯 (thx TDC) also, thanks so much for the support over this past year! It’s been really REALLY GÜD❗️tyilysm 💛 I have lots of new material for this gig so come listen to me sing at the meatlocker on Saturday with a solid lineup! 😈 🚪@7 🎶@8 📸 @brainhues


Did a thing with some friends. 🤪 @leastman12 📸 @sophiazuckerphotography
Come see @jeanpoolmusic in NB Friday night. (DM for the addy, zaddy) and celebrating @deadassaj ‘s birthday on Saturday at @boontunes! 👾⚡️😈


🖕🏼🤪 I love rockin NB w/ JP. @jeanpoolmusic @jeanpoolplease 🎥 @alexr0d


Lez go! 😈⚡️🦓🐘🗿 📽️ @dirty_fingercrails


Over the weekend we celebrated @odd_jerz birthday! 🎂🍻💛 Happy Birthday Bard! 🥁 🍗🎼💯🆒


Two thousand seventeen was lit but two kay eighteen boutta be even liter ♻️🚮 thank you for your love and support. 💛


Tonight’s the night❗️💫🗣️@jeanpoolmusic is honored💯 to be playing @tulavera ‘s album release show with @whinerbb ⚡️⚡️⚡️ come to the meatlocker tn to hear the sounds and see the sights and do the things. 🎶🤩 📸 @dieterunrath


Happy Friday, beautifuls❗️💁‍♀️ There’s a cool little video in my bio of @jeanpoolmusic playing one of our new songs, Trials, at the @saintapnj “does everyone feel good in their shoes? 👞.....don’t crease ‘em.”- @grandmaswarmhugs


Playing @tapewormsmusic ‘s tour kick-off was an amazing experience. ⚡️Thank you all so much for the support and cheering me on even when my string broke!🗿I️ felt the love. 💛Tonight, @jeanpoolmusic is playing a hype show with @livingtraditionnj and @thedaddiesofficial at Robs place! (Dm for address) 😈 thanks #duckandcoverradiohour for putting this bill together! 📸 @anthonyvitocosentino


Playing an acoustic set for @tapewormsmusic’s tour kickoff tonight at @boontunes around 8pm. Come through if you know what spaghetti tastes like. 🍝 extra points if you know how many legs a centipede has! 🐛 📸: @madeomagic


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