Paul Müller@paulmuelller

Austria,14 🇦🇹

WTF!! QUAD FRONT LANDED NDB!! 🤩 also got twisting back and landed quad full!!😍
+ different song cuz im sick of flipping songs 🤣
And a beautiful clip by @davidflips_


TRIP BACK X TRIP CODY ON MY TRAMP!😍 happy about this!! Also trying to post twice a week now so stay tuned.🤩 Btw i got a new cam cause my old one got stolen so a dope edit is gonna be out soon!!!❤️❤️😍


WTF 1234 IN KABOOMS!! On g!! Lined it with @jake.lm but it didn’t fit in the edit might post it raw soon! Dope sesh @evanjrocha s house w/ @eliasrietzler @jake.lm miss the boys☹️❤️


WTF!! QUAD KABM TO STOMACH!😍😍 Dope sesh a few months ago at gravity lab w/ @niklasreiter24 @moritz._.lm ❤️and so many more (can’t remember everyone who was there so sorry) Learned trip cody to stomach and almost landed kaboom fullin triff 🤙❤️❤️


HUGE EDIT CREDS TO THE LEGEND @lukassmueller ❤️❤️
Probably my best gtramp clips and quad cody because i love this clip haha
TAG @gregroetrampoline @skybound.trampolines


WTF!!! QUAD CODY NDB!!😍❤️ This is really old but @niklasreiter24 never sent me the clips so I couldn’t edit haha
@evanjrocha @robin.ha @jake.lm @flip.lip


STANDING QUINT KBM!!😍❤️ dope sesh at airparc from few weeks ago!! Guys im so motivated atm so posts are coming and I also have so much insane stuff to edit rn so yesss 😍😍❤️


QUAD KABOOM LANDED ON GTRAMP!!!😍😍 So happy I did this omg. @niklasreiter24 @evanjrocha and @jake.lm ALSO DID FUCKING CRAZY STUFF🤩
Edit: @s4muel.robert


Such a dope sesh w/ @niklasreiter24 @jojo.jennerwein @_jan.albrecht_ @_johannesluethi_
Really happy with that trip cody landed 😍😍
Also i have so much more to post so stay tuned!!🏝️
@angelo.ft @jonaslutz16 @moritz._.lm


QUAD KABOOM LANDED NDB! Finally did this😍🤩 Also had such a dope time with everyone in Switzerland!!!
Miss all my boys☹️
Quad full by @freerunning.tramptricks and quint by @noeflipz really happy that i finally met him
@nilsflipper @trickita @ln.shn @konste_popee @niklasreiter24 @robin.ha @bysimi_


1 2 3 4 5 IN KABOOMS!!😍😍 I’M BACK! Special thanks to @angelo.ft @eliasrietzler for motivating me to do this wouldn’t have done it without them!!❤️❤️Couldn’t get this last time but this time I got it SO HAPPY WITH THIS!! @niklasreiter24 @moritz._.lm @th.flipz @freerunning.tramptricks @davidflips_ @_jan.albrecht_


QUAD FRONT NDB ON GTRAMP!!😍😍 so happy with this! Dedicated to @niklasreiter24 cuz he motivated me to do it❤️ w/ @_jan.albrecht_ @jojo.jennerwein also tb to this song😂 @angelo.ft
#crossgames2018 @gregroetrampoline @crossjumpsgymnastics