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I have a new fine art coffee table book coming out this summer and I can’t decide if this picture should be in it or not? Hundreds of thousands of King Penguins fill every square metre of beach and valley floor of St. Andrews Bay, South Georgia, Antarctica. To stand on this hillside looking down on this density of penguins is nearly impossible to process. It is truly one of the most overwhelming and humbling moments I have ever experienced. With that said, sometimes emotions affect our judgement as to whether it is a good photograph or not. You can’t hurt my feelings. Yes or no and feel free to say why. #gratitude #nature #penguin


Happy #WorldWhaleDay. Killer whales are much more appropriately referred to as orcas and are not whales at all. In fact, they are the largest member of the dolphin family. Did you know that there has never been a recorded case of an orca killing a person in the wild and yet they are one of the most feared animals on this planet. We must change our perceptions of these beautiful, highly intelligent, gentle and vulnerable species. For those of you who expressed your desire to see the orcas of Norway protected from oil exploration, I thank you everyday. I am so excited that @sea_legacy is going back this November to continue on with this important campaign. With @goranehlme and @cristinamittermeier #gratitude #nature #naturelovers #adventureswithpurpose #conservation #underwater #instagood #picoftheday


You can’t get much more love and attention than this. Parents hover over their ever growing chick. Parents will go to sea for days or even weeks at a time to feed on ice fish and krill. They store this food and then walk the long ten miles back to the colony to feed their single chick. This piece is currently hanging as a large fine art print in the @paunicklengallery #happyfeet #emperorpenguins #MPA #20by2020

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Happy Valentines. And that goes for interspecies relationships also. From all of us at @sea_legacy thank you for joining us on this journey #valentines #love


There is no place I would rather be in this world. I have shared this before but we are getting ready to do some serious diving with Steller sea lions off the coast of BC with @sea_legacy. These are the moments we live for but conservation impact is our ultimate goal. Join the tide with @sea_legacy and follow along.
Video by: Sean Ruggeri @snapamap


He was massive. Later, I assessed the size of this tracks. I could stand with both feet in my size 10 winter boots inside one of his paw prints. In Inuktitut, Tumiit means paw prints and I love how I have always followed in the tracks of these nomadic carnivores. #bear #polarbear #giant #beauty #nomad #Tumiit #explore

Arctic Norway (Svalbard)

Standing on the shores of South Georgia, Antarctica was intense, beautiful, emotional and humbling. I felt incredibly fortunate to visually feast on such a paradise. #expedition #turningthetide with @sea_legacy #penguin #naturelovers #nature


If you get the chance to visit @paulnicklengallery, in #Soho, #NYC make sure to take a moment with this image, "Home Ice Advantage", which shows two Chinstrap penguins taking a break before continuing their swim offshore to begin their lives at sea. This piece shows a dynamic relationship that is under constant and increasing threat from climate change. Ice is critically important for penguins: it is their perch, their safe haven from predators, their launch pad. But ice—especially sea ice formed by frozen ocean water—is also essential for krill, the staple of the penguin diet and the entire Antarctic ecosystem. Warming temperatures and rapidly melting ice have seen some penguin populations drop by more than half in the past 30 years. We cannot let images like this become relics of the past.

This piece is available in limited edition from the @paulnicklengallery in the sizes 20" x 30" and 40" x 60". Check out their page for more updates on fine art by myself and other fantastic conservationist artists! #TurningTheTide


I post pictures of fat bears, average bears, well fed bears and when I photograph them, I post pictures of starving bears also. So, here is a fun moment of a healthy mom sharing her seal kill with her young cub. #natueintheraw #bear #hunting #nature #naturelovers #adventure


You know you have had too much milk when you can’t keep your tongue inside your mouth. #seal #milk #overfed #turningthetide with @sea_legacy

Magdalen Islands

Do you ever wonder what lies beneath that "thin blue line" of the oceans surface? With @sea_legacy we realize that not everyone will get to explore the worlds oceans so it is our mission to bring the oceans to everyone through the power of visual communication. Here, @aprilbencze gets close and personal with a large Mola mola sunfish off the coast of #BritishColumbia. The waters off of #BC are some of the richest in the world and yet they have next to no protection. @justinptrudeau must realize the fragility of these underwater worlds when approving potentially catastrophic projects like the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Together we must stand up and speak for these species, cultures and their complex homes. With @cristinamitteremeier #oceans #sea #beneaththethinblueline #naturelovers #photooftheday #picoftheday #beauty

British Columbia

While on a @sea_legacy expedition last summer, we were fortunate enough to witness these belugas swim, some with their calves, into a shallow water estuary. It is important that when arctic sea ice melts we do not see this as an opportunity for new industrial opportunities but rather, see it for what it is; as a loss of habitat for the species that rely on the ice to exist there. We are #turningthetide at @sea_legacy. Come join us!