severus buchanan snape🐍⭐️@pawfessorsnape

▪️service dog | influencer | happy boy
▫️ft. his half staffordshire sister
🇩🇪 german dog owned by a scottish girl 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

APPARENTLY i own a cat😐🐱


severus is the size of roxy’s head, this has been a PSA


yes the leash is in my pocket😛
second outing of the day and this little guy met a wonderful family who was looking for a toy poodle themselves! i let the daughter pet him and gave the parents our breeder’s info🤩it’s sweet how many people come up to me wanting to know where i got him because he makes such a great impression on them!
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recalls at @petco 🖤 also check that swerve he did when he didn’t find a treat in my hand😂 #lolNOPE
(his leash was only off for this recall and my brother is standing at the other end of the isle to ensure he stayed between us. service dogs must be able to follow orders off leash in case it’s ever necessary. please practice off leash recall in controlled situations only.)


here’s another fun #chewyinfluencer review! a couple months ago, we got the @merrickpetcare Fresh Kisses Dental Chews to review, so this month we decided to try the Greenies Dental Treats! i’ve heard loads of great reviews for the Greenies, so i went into this optimistic...UNTIL, i noticed that the first ingredient is wheat! so is the second🤔if your dog is fine with wheat, and you don’t mind feeding it, that may not be a red flag for you! but, my dogs thrive best on a grain free diet! with that being said, the ingredients list for Greenies is MUCH longer (though it does boast its natural contents) than the simple 3 line ingredient list on the Merrick alternative. now, as far as effectiveness, it’s a bit hard to tell. severus has clean teeth and scentless breath to begin with, but i will say that they both seem to do their job as far as i’m aware. although, if your dog gets major build up like one of my elder ones, these alone aren’t meant to fix that, but they can help prevent it (along with brushing regularly)! all in all, this is one of the few times i’d have to say i don’t totally recommend this product! while Greenies seem to have a more well known name and are cheaper, if you can afford it, i’d recommend the Merrick alternative. and look, you all know i love Merrick, but this isn’t biased. as a canine nutritionist, my loyalty lies with what is going to be healthiest, and in this case, i feel that the Fresh Kisses have a bit of an upper hand. BUT, with that being said, i’d still give Greenies a 4 of 5 stars, as they’re not bad at all, and are a slightly more affordable option!
*we received this product free of charge from in exchange for an honest review🖤