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Game development company focused on creating Badass games!
Founded by a 15y/o!
Game to be released soon!

Enjoy a tiny bit of our exclusive soundtrack!
How is the game looking? We'd love to hear more from you!


Hopefully soon enough, we will share this through the game.
While that is in work, enjoy a score that only the best will see in game!


Here is the BadassCutieBirds #dankmeme I have been working on! It is okay if that's too much dankness for you to handle, I get you ;) School has been taking a whole lot of my time, but I've been doing quite some progress on the game!


Nice views from our Bird Store! Earning them all will be challenging!


This is a very important day for us here at Paz Games.
Why? Well, it is the birthday of our favorite artist: @wagnerjtamborin

I am thankful to him every day, for all the help he has done with the development of Badass Cutie Birds! Definitively recommend checking out @2dversestudio to see more of his work!

Feliz Aniversario Wagner, desejo tudo de bom pra você!


Getting some coding done! Who can guess how many lines long is the script responsible for keeping reward times?


Regarding our last post! Happy #aprilfools!
This means that no, we are NOT stopping Badass Cutie Birds development!


We. Are. Back.

This news comes after a long inactive period on our part, so this is our appology, for all of you who have supported us!
I, Fritz, had an intense start of year,with a lot going on. This took away all my time from Paz Games and my games development. Anyways, I am back!


Happy New Year to everyone!
We will try to publish as many games as we can in 2017! How about you?


How important is #typography in #design and #gamedev, in your opinion?

Have you ever designed a #font you would like to share? I'd love to see your works!


Vacations can't stop me from thinking of Paz Games! Here is the logo I drew in Black Sand Beach, Vík, Iceland!


My Desktop Wallpaper!
What do you have as wallpaper?

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