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What’s good Bermuda?! @revolve #RevolveSummer


I have bad days, insecurities, and stretch marks too. :) Even though i don’t always share them on social media. We’re all human. 😊


Never not working. @editionhotels #miamibeachedition


Thankful for the women that i know. 💥 Last night at the @same dinner at @editionhotels #miamibeachedition


She gon make me move to Miami @editionhotels #miamibeachedition


Flower power. Build your own perfect bouquet @ 8481 Melrose Place!


Melrose Placing it as per usual. Love my neighborhood 🌺 🌹 🌸
@pinkoofficial #pinko


I’m better behind the camera. VAL BY ME. 📷 @vali__ @same


New kids on the block! Come see us!!! 8481 Melrose Place @same @same @same


Working on a big project in Palm Springs with @vitalproteins (a company I’ve been a personal fan of for a long time.) Very excited to be involved! #vitalproteinspartner #feedyourbeauty


WELCOME TO 8481 MELROSE PLACE. It’s hard to put into words how excited I am about this, and proud would be an understatement. Today @same opens on arguably one of the most important retail streets in the world (and my personal favorite)- Melrose Place. Our neighbors are Balmain, The Row, Glossier, Isabel Marant and Alfred Coffee just to name a few. It’s a real dream come true for me. We are still a baby brand, a team of just 4 working around the clock to make this all come to life. I’m stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed but every morning I wake up excited in a way I can’t explain because I get to do what I love. It’s fucking hard and everyone who ever told me don’t give up in the first 5 years of starting a brand- you were right. I understand it now so clearly. It’s not the easy influencer paycheck or perfect picture you see on instagram. Its not endorsing a product you barely have anything to do with. Its not clocking out at 5 and turning your phone off. It’s working 16 hour days, 7 days a week for free. It’s turning down jobs, travel, giving up weekends, holidays and even relationships because I so badly want this to be amazing. We’ve made big mistakes and people have let us down, but we are learning and we are growing. We haven’t taken a dollar from anyone, and not to say that won’t happen in the future, but to have made it this far completely on our own and build a reputable brand from the ground up in just a few years is something I’m very proud of. Still to this day we don’t have a PR team, an investor or even a social media manager. Being self funded means having a limited budget aka means having to literally do it ALL. I’m the photographer, social media manager, PR team, designer, creative director, overall team mom, coffee fetcher, handyman, brand strategist, makeup artist, on a daily basis- just to name a few. We still have a long way to go but I’d say this is a pretty good start. @jessmair and @ritzyfitzy my epic team couldn’t do it without you guys.
Thank you all for supporting @same. It would mean the world to me if anyone stops by just to see the store or say hi to us, we’ll be there til the end of August! Cheers to making your dreams come true 💕


Melting point.