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Heading Home: The babies @r.e.s.c.u.e follow their Samburu warrior caretakers home for the night. These dedicated animal lovers are helping save these cuties who lost parents to poaching or human/ wildlife conflicts across northern Kenya. They are also creating a conservation model at the same time with @nrt_kenya. It is amazing how quickly views can change: one local Samburu told me he used to fear elephants but now loves them like his children. #elephants #orphans #hope #wildlife #conservation #kenya
Video @pedromcbride edit @michellescreative


I still get this excited when it snows...sometimes. #puppy #photobomb #colorado


The West: Headed to the headquarters of the Navajo Nation to try to understand how tribal traditions can be balanced with economic Sustainablility - all part of my ongoing film project #DustintheBlood No matter how many times I drive this iconic rd, it never ceases to amaze me. #monumentvalley #bw #navajonatio

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Back at this place of awe giving a talk tonight for @goparks and the @usinterior. @kevinfedarkoauthor and I will do our best to impart what we learned on our 750+ mile hike through this magical public park. #grandcanyon #dustintheblood #humility #nature

Grand Canyon National Park

Feeding time: I had the privilege to spend time at the @r.e.s.c.u.e elephant orphanage this summer where a small group of dedicated animal lovers are helping save these cuties and create a conservation model at the same time with @nrt_kenya. It is amazing how independent each of these orphaned elies are - some are sweet and gentle while others want to wrestle all day. You can learn more about this remarkable program at the link in my profile. #elephants #orphans #hope #wildlife #conservation #kenya #africa video @pedromcbride edit @michellescreative

Sarara Camp

Your spirit and light will be missed far and wide, Hayden.


Feather of a Delta: The Colorado River delta in Mexico no longer connects to the Sea of Cortez. In its wake are artery-like drainage patterns that remind us of a wetter time before a changing climate and over allocation left their drying mark on this river lifeline. But there is some good news - a new treaty with US and Mexico will create water savings for restoration. #hope #chasingrivers #aerial #coloradoriver 📷 #archive @pedromcbride

Colorado River Delta

Patterns of life: Icelandic river delta seen from above. I've been making a documentary film lately, which feels at times, as chaotic as this volcanic delta-- and the world we share. Sometimes, amidst the chaos though, we find clarity and a way. #hope #chasingrivers #aerial #iceland


Landscape of light and shadow: My mind often drifts back to this land of snowy silence. #grandcanyon #bw #nature #chasingrivers

Grand Canyon National Park

Last face a gazelle sees? Leopards are stealthy, secretive, and one of the strongest big cats, pound for pound. In my many assignments to Africa, I've seen very few of these amazing creatures and felt very lucky to spy one this summer. To learn more about #bigcats, and the challenges they face, check out my friend @stevewinterphoto. #happyfriday #kenya #leopard #nature #wildlife

Samburu National Reserve

Soaking up the silence of an early season snow flurry yesterday. #silence #winteriscoming #wilderness #iphone 📷 @pedromcbride #colorado always fun teaming up with @vitalfilms @natgeocreative

Maroon Bells–Snowmass Wilderness

Winter is creeping closer. Had fun shooting VR in the snow atop the hills of my home with @vitalfilms @natgeocreative. #maroonbells #bw #colorado #iphone

Highland Bowl