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Wingman: Thanks Dad for all the years of inspiration between grass runways and the sky beyond. You’re a great wingman. #happyfathersday #supercub #lowandslow #aerial #gratitude 🎥 @pedromcbride #sonyalpha


Striped Strategy: While many point to the confusion zebra stripes create for predators like lions, a new study shows that the black and white patterns create a natural cooling system thanks to micro airflows from the different heat absorption qualities between black and white. #Nature never ceases to amaze me. #zebraAC #zebra #Namibia #Africa #wildlife #archive 📷#Pete Mcbride


Shrinking Lifeline: This is more than a river — the Colorado is the lifeline for 40 million people in seven states and two countries in the southwest. And It is shrinking. Thanks to our engineering marvels, it no longer reaches the sea and this year it is already running below 50% of average runoff thanks to a light snowpack. Coming on the heels of two decades of drought, there is a thirsty future ahead unless we change our consumptive habits. #coloradoriver #aerial #climatechange #water #nature


Old Fashioned Story Telling -Live: Over the last few months, I’ve shared imagery and stories about our public lands, freshwater and the National Park system with @kevinfedarkoauthor across 12 cities to policy makers, companies and CEOs,, students and public audiences in the thousands totaling over 30,000. The highlights were many but talking to a theater full of 1500 4th graders (image 3 & 4) with their infectious laughs stands out. Public speaking can be nerve wracking, scary and exhausting, but also remarkably powerful. I’ve grown to love it because the power of the live story combined with visuals, can connect to people, especially kids, that might otherwise never learn of the story, issue, or challenge — and sometimes, that is the most effective tool to pushing the needle of change. Thanks to @grandcanyontrust @keen @benaroyahall @mesaartscenter @kauffmancenter @artsandlectures @patagonia @natgeo Live and many more who helped us, listened and engaged with our 800-mile #grandcanyon story on stage. #nglive #publicspeaking #gratitude #humility


While the mountains are my home, the oceans are an endless source of joy and inspiration for me - from surfing to spending hours chasing our aquatic friends. Let’s give them the love they deserve today and everyday. A good place to start is limiting single use plastic. #worldoceanday #oceans #planetorplastic #sharks #nursery #southpacific check out @chasimgcoral 📷 @pedromcbride


Braids of Life: Water patterns form the delta as a river seeks the sea. #iceland #aerial #travel #water #chasingrivers #archive 📷 @pedromcbride


Noting like old fashioned “TV” by the river - conversation and stars. I’m excited to talk about the power of place, western water, public lands and the magic of Grand Canyon tonight in Kansas City at the Kaufman Center for @natgeo Live - the last of 12-city/ 25 lecture tour this spring with @grandcanyontrust. For those in the area, you can find tickets in the link in my bio. #grandcanyon #gratitude #sonyalpha #light 📷 #petemcbride


Roots of a delta: The Colorado flowed to the sea for six million years but today the river dries up some 100 miles north of the sea thanks to our symphony of thirst, leaving a dried maze of tree-like patterns behind - a stark reminder of what used to be. #water #freshwater #coloradoriver #mexico


Chasing light inside this maze of rock that I once traversed by foot. Excited to be in the architect of this place, and travel its main highway — the Colorado River. #GrandCanyon #gratitude


Rocking and Rolling to River Time. So fun to be back in this geologic time machine. #grandcanyon #gratitude #whitewater #petemcbride


One of my favorite lakes in the world sits atop the Colorado River watershed providing water to some 40 million people and seven states downstream. The peak above is notorious for its climbing challenges, but the low snowpack this year, coming on the heels of a decade of drought, is equally alarming. #capitallake #water #gratitude #rockies 📷 #petemcbride


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