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Todays Old Faithful is from Vancouver, here is Jeevn with the story of Banjo! Banjo recently turned 11 years old. We adopted him when he was 6 weeks old. He is a pushy, determined, protective and loyal little buddy. Despite his age, he is still the fastest dog at the park and is probably the only dog that can bark and poop at the same time. Now that's multi-tasking! We lost his older brother, Sammy, last year. We didn't think we were ready to adopt another dog but Maya found her way in to our lives. It was an instant connection with them and Maya helped lift Banjo out of his grief. Now Banjo spends his days acting like a proud little papa. He supervises her, plays with her, and makes sure she is using her puppy manners. Often they can be found snuggling together for a nap or getting in to mischief. Banjo has finally channeled his bossiness in to something productive and it suits him well.


Today’s Old Faithful is also from our past trip to Vancouver! Here’s Ash with her story about Luna: “ Luna is turning 11 years old this August, but she doesn't let that stop her from still acting like a puppy whenever she sees the forest, a body of water, a ball or the perfect stick. She was adopted when she was 3 years old to be her new owners trail running partner and help with her dog walking business. But she was a very naughty dog. She used to like biting other dogs and causing general mischief. Now, after a lot of hard work and training, Luna is a crucial part of the business. She sets the pace and helps teach the dogs what a perfect 'heel' looks like. She's turned into the most wonderful dog and her owners best friend, it just took the right amount of love, patience and training.”




Canada day at #thejays game :) #toronto #canadaday #torontobluejays


Gertie taking over the UP express train :) #toronto #ttc #thesix #gertiegirl


Hi Gang! Today’s Old Faithful is from our recent shoot in Vancouver! Here’s Beano: Beano is a 12.5 year old Shepherd mix. He’s sensitive and patient with all children and animals. He’s a pretty serious guy but his fun side comes out when he hears a siren to howl at or when he has one of his many many stuffed hedgehog toys. Beano is the perfect example of canine loyalty and has been a pleasure everyday I’ve been lucky to share with him.


My lil couch monster 🤪


Happy Pride 🌈 ft. Milo :) #pride #pup #milo #sharpei #toronto


To celebrate the first day of Summer I want to share the coolest pool party you never got invited to :P These dogs were all from Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, a rescue organization outside Toronto, as well as a guest rescue dog (Gideon in his own ball pool) from Save our Scruff in Toronto. I was commissioned to do this portrait as part of a fun ad campaign to help promote the rescue organization and rescue dogs in general.
If you are interested in rescuing any dogs or to maybeee be invited to the next one please check out these great rescue organizations:
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After some ink shortage problems I am finally printing this years Vancity Old Faithfuls! What a good looking bunch! #oldfaithful #olddog #seniordogs #vancity #vancouver #bc


It is with a heavy heart that I let you know about the passing of Colonel Sanders, one of the original Old Faithfuls, and an obvious favorite as he has been the smiling little mug you see as the avatar of the Old Faithful facebook page. Here is Morgan with some words about her special little man:
When Colonel Sanders died the world was less a magic hot stepping prancer. He was A beauty and filled our hearts with soooo much joy and life. Colonel had radical style and and the moves to match. He lived a life rich in love and adventure. Modelling Jeremy Scott, he graced music video shoots, magazine covers and when he was a pup he hitchhiked to the Yukon. He snuck into many hotels, buses and grocery stores posing as a baby. His life is so greatly missed and our home is so much emptier for his loss
We love you magic man. #rip #oldfaithful #seniordogs #chinesecrested


Need a last minute gift idea for Father's Day? How about a gift certificate for a Portrait Session from a fellow dog dad (this is my Gertie!) PM me for details!!! #toronto #ontario #thesix #dogsoftoronto #fathersday